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  1. There it is, Robin tweeted it. Always sad to see someone get fired. Wish Tim the best
  2. We all will look back and appreciate what Miles did to this program. He figured out how to generate excitement. I fully believe this will carry into Hoiberg’s tenure and great things are ahead.
  3. And it will probably be one of the slowest days of the week. ?
  4. No that Fred isn’t as locked in as we thought. I could also be wrong if Moos fires him tomorrow and hires Hoiberg later in the week. I guess I’ve gotten used to thinking about the worst scenario as a Nebraska fan
  5. Getting a little nervous..
  6. I still am trying to grasp what this all means in regards to Tim. Can anyone help me out?
  7. This might be the last ride, guys. If it is, let’s realize it could’ve been way worse and applaud these players for playing their hearts out. But if it’s not, let’s beat those sweater vests on Tuesday. GBR!
  8. Only Nebrasketball would this scenario happen. Having the NIT potentially get in the way of hiring a head coach. This is going to end up with some mid major “up and comer” again won’t it?
  9. Ok Huskers... i thought this would be another Mississippi State but looks like they want to play. Crowd is amazing. I love Nebraska basketball.
  10. Let’s not forget Tim is a very good coach and was before he got here. He built up Colorado State, North Dakota State, etc. He definitely has what it takes and wherever he goes I’ll be rooting for the guy. (As long as it’s not against Nebraska)
  11. Definitely. I could see himself landing at a decent school next year and making some noise. I think he definitely has what it takes to win at a slightly lower level, it just didn’t quite work out here.
  12. I’m all in on Fred. He is one of the few guys i considered “home runs” and a guy i would be fine replacing Miles. I just don’t understand the timing and why if he has a deal in place not just fire him now and move on ASAP. Nonetheless, i am excited to see them play Wednesday and I hope Miles coaches his tail off.
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