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  1. Donkey


    Did you see him in 1994? That team is considered the greatest AAU team of all time with Bryant, Vince Carter, Rip Hamilton, and Tim Thomas all playing together.
  2. Donkey

    Mixed Blessing? Lunchtime musing

    Good points, but I wonder if Gallegos' graduating had more of an impact than realized. Even though Gallegos did not put up the numbers his senior year like he did his junior year, he still was a legitimate scoring threat. Coaches had to game plan for him. Also, Gallegos was a 3pt threat which opened the floor for Petteway and Shields. Also consider that Pitchford, another 3pt threat went from .410 to .289 from behind the arc. Teams were just not as afraid of Nebraska's 3pt shooting in 2014-2015. That clogged the offense. Leslee Smith's injury also made an impact. There was no offense and limited defense in the post with Hammond (true frosh, needed a year in the weight room), Rivers (undersized), and Moses (knees). For 2018-2019, Gill's loss is somewhat mitigated as he seemed to wear down as the season concluded. The offense improved when Gill was shooting well. Evan Taylor was solid off the bench and it will be interesting to see who can hold down that role. However, like in 2014-2015, it really comes down to whether 3pt shooting stays the same/improves instead of regressing.
  3. While those things matter, (and Louisville has them) a good number of schools can compete with Louisville in those areas and a great number of them would love to have the intangibles I listed.
  4. Pretty much. A "down" year for a school like Louisville is to not make it to the Sweet 16 (which Pitino did 8 times in his career).
  5. 1. Coaching stability. Louisville has had 2 coaches in 46 years. Both Crum and Pitino had bad seasons but never worried about getting fired. The fans are actually patient out there. 2. Metropolitan area: Louisville is the 14th biggest metropolitan area in the country with direct flights all over the country. 3. NBA arena. With no NBA team to compete against. Heck, Louisville is the big show in town. 4. Solid non-conference schedule. A guaranteed game against Kentucky every year with frequent match ups against Indiana. Also, the local mid-major schools (WKU, Murray St, Southern Ill, etc.) help the RPI. Louisville and WKU play almost every year (while Kentucky will do everything it can to avoid WKU). 5. Central location. Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville are manageable drives away. There are daily direct flights to Washington DC and the New England area (e.g. access to lots of prep schools). 6. Knowledgeable fan base. I lived in Kentucky for a few years and found the locals to be very knowledge in basketball (without regard to whether they were Kentucky or Louisville fans). I have heard the stories of Indiana residents and their fascination with basketball and have been more impressed with Kentuckians. 7. ACC. Always a huge draw for coaches and players.
  6. Donkey


    I agree it will be less common, but very few guys were redshirt over the last 15-16 years. Miles has only redshirted Sergej and Fuller the entire time he has been here. Gallegos, McCray, and Edwards (maybe Myles Holley) were the only recruits who redshirted for Doc. I remember Doc complaining about losing recruits who refused to redshirt and basically stopped pushing redshirts afterward. Gallegos, if memory serves correct, requested the redshirt between his sophomore and junior years. It paid off well for him. I also think saving redshirts is a good idea to protect against injuries. If the kid gets hurt 1/4 of the way through the season, he should be able to use the redshirt there. Always felt bad for McCray when he lost a year after only playing 3 games.
  7. Donkey

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Actually second round picks are quite valuable, and the player holds more bargaining power than a late first rounder. It is true that first round picks are automatically guaranteed money for the first 3 years; however, all first round picks compensation are based on a sliding scale meaning the player is unable to negotiate a deal. There is no set compensation structure for second round picks, and agents are able to negotiate salaries informally prior to the draft. There have been a few instances where players receive more money as a second round pick than a late first. The majority of this money is also guaranteed which includes the signing bonus. Further, second rounders, more often than not, get more say in where they are selected due to the way the NBA Draft is set up. Unlike the NFL, NBA prospects sometimes shun the combine and it is not uncommon for players to withhold medical information from clubs the players don’t want to play for. Clubs like Sacramento really struggle drafting players as a result. It is also common for agents to shut down visits/workouts once a favorable club has guaranteed it will draft the player and favorable contract terms have been worked out. Also, a second rounder can always opt to go overseas for more development. When they come back, they can negotiate their salaries (unlike a first rounder). Conversely, NBA undrafted free agents are largely space fillers for summer leagues and preseason. Their contracts are not always guaranteed even if they make the final roster leaving them the first players cut the minute depth is needed at a position not filled by the player.
  8. Donkey

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    Posted less than 24 hours ago. https://pittsburghsportsnow.com/2018/04/24/guard-xavier-johnson-recaps-visit-to-pitt/ "What’s next for Johnson? He told PSN that he’ll be making a visit shortly to South Carolina and others could follow. Johnson wants to make his college decision before graduation, which is on May 31. He put Pitt near the top of his list. “Right now, it’s a tie between Pitt and Nebraska,” he said.
  9. Miles wanted a full, three year extension. He did not get it. Miles has been in a precarious position for a couple of years now. A year ago, Miles was told Nebraska had to be dancing in 2018 or he would be fired. Miles has a job because (a) Nebraska finished 4th in the B1G; (b) the belief Nebraska should have been in the tournament and was screwed by the committee; and (c) a good amount of talent is supposedly coming back.
  10. I doubt a P5/Big East school would seriously consider Miles. Nebraska’s facilities and fan base are known and respected commodities. Schools like Minnesota will see that Miles struggled at Nebraska and move on. I do see Miles catching on at a mid major like New Mexico. The smart, more established mid majors will not hire the next up and coming coach. They hire a more established coach who isn’t going to look around and recruit for his system. The sad thing is that Nebraska’s bereft tradition leaves fans accepting Miles 2017-2018 season as a high water mark. Meanwhile, LSU fired Johnny Jones, a good coach who built North Texas into a solid program, despite having a markedly better record than Miles over a shorter period. Sorry for the rant. I guess I am tired of rehashing whether we should continue to allow Miles to built his bridge to no where (or at least what seems to be a plan of unfulfilled expectations).
  11. Donkey

    Husker Athletics Priority

    November 27, 2015. Nebraska v Iowa (football) and Nebraska v Cincinnati (basketball). Games were right after each other.
  12. Donkey

    Contract Extensions

    Robin Washut has reported of at least one recruit who was set to sign with Nebraska but backed off when it was pointed out that Miles contract, at the time, expired in 2020. Washut has not identified the the kid but has stated the recruit signed with a BIG school. Speculation is that the recruit was Eric Hunter who went to Purdue. Opine all you want, but I trust Robin Washut’s reporting. Coaching stability matters to kids. The easiest way to overcome it is by having coaches signed for 5 year periods.
  13. The phrase “dumpster fire” gets thrown around too often similar to how everyone uses the term “perfect storm”. Moos is definitely mishandling the situation, but the result will hardly be a calamity. Sadly enough, worst case scenario will be no different than where we were a year ago, eg losing 10+ conference games and worrying about losing to schools like Incarnate Word. 2017-2018 was an exceptional year for Nebraska but most other schools, 22-10 is an average year. I agree Moos needs to make a clear, unequivocal move. Moos did not create this mess, but he must fix it. He is gambling that the mess will fix itself. Lots of people take that gamble and end up with mediocre results. Moos wants Miles to prove himself to get the extension. A second consecutive winning season shows Miles is building something. A losing season in 2018-2019 means this last season was an aberration, and Miles is gone. Bad strategy. If Miles had been taking his job seriously, Xiaver Johnson would be a nonissue. The kid was Miles #1 recruit and it is being reported that Miles did not have much of a relationship with Xavier. That raises red flags. Miles is the head man. Kids should want to play for him and not just an assist coach. If the kid is not loyal to Miles, will the kid follow Miles coaching? No inside info, but Kenya Hunter leaving is likely more about Kenya than Miles and Moos. This situation is not the first time an assist left to coach with one of the Hurley clan. Dan Hurley is considered an up and comer, and UConn is a good school with a national reputation. In the history of college basketball only 8 of the national championship matchups featured schools not from the Eastern Time zone, and Kenya seems to want to get back to the east coast.
  14. Donkey

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Yes, it would dent our APR: https://informedathlete.com/how-gpa-affects-di-student-athlete-transfers/ However, I do not think it is a matter of concern. Unless some of these transfers have GPAs below 2.6, the transfers should have no affect on Nebraska's APR. To my knowledge, most of the transfers went to four year schools or were graduate transfers.
  15. Donkey

    What to do with Miles contract?

    Option #3 is the worst choice of all. If you have not noticed, few kids have been talking Nebraska the last few years. Miles was recruiting Roby, Morrow, and Watson their sophomore years and was in on Jacobson,Allen, and Nana their early junior years. We are not hearing the buzz from sophomores and juniors like in previous years. Evelyn, Smith, Horne, and Jordy were recruited and signed late in the process, and only Jordy has panned out from that group (assuming he stays). Kids are going to see a program in flux and will cross Nebraska off their lists because of the uncertainty. In one year, Nebraska could easily lose Watson, Palmer, Copeland, Roby, and Jordy which will likely comprise of 95% of next year's squad scoring. It will only be worse if Nebraska has to replace its coach as well. To maintain the program, this year is critical to recruiting, and Moos just gave all of the other schools ammunition for negative recruiting. I could care less whether Moos took Option 1 or 2, but Option 3 gives the appearance Moos cannot make a decision.