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  1. Marion’s attitude/toughness was very underrated. I am not sure Roby will ever get to Marion’s level.
  2. I watched that game on NET. I think Benson had 2-3 kids with D1 scholarships that year. Didn’t Hastings have a post player who had a low D1 scholarship? I remember Hastings playing hard but Benson was just dominating.
  3. To be fair, no one cared when Deverell Biggs, Sergej Vucetic, Nick Fuller, Nathan Hawkins, Tarin Smith, Jacob Hammond, Jack McVeigh, Jordy Tshminga, and Bakari Evelyn left. That is an average of slightly more than 1 player a year leaving. Most people were upset when Walter Pitchford, Andrew White, Ed Morrow, Michael Jacobson, and Jeriah Horne left. Its one thing where a player leaves when it is clear his playing time will be limited. Its another when the player will be getting high minutes and still chooses to leave. With Hoiberg I expect more people leaving who fall into the former cate
  4. I am not worried about height. Hoiberg does pretty good with length and athleticism. As for scholarships, Hoiberg will have 3 available next year. You do not want too much roster turnover each year. Plus, it would not surprise me if 1-2 kids leave a year under Hoiberg (which is not much different than Miles' normal turnover).
  5. I get the impression Hoiberg does not see Burke or Green as a PG in his offense. I could see a Mack, Green, Burke back court with Cheatham and Harris spelling the 1-2 spots. At the 4, I could see Hoiberg using a 6-6/6-7 guy. The roster already has Nana, Thor, and Davis but I see Nana (who is a great fit in Hoiberg's offense) going and have no clue regarding Thor (but I have heard for some time he has been contemplating leaving, even before Miles' seat got hot). Notice that the 3 transfer who visited last weekend were all 6-8/6-9 PFs (although one did play SF at UNLV)? Also,
  6. Well looky here: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/26487509/nba-union-talk-end-one-done Some good analysis on one-and-dones. We could see/hear something in the next 2 months because this policy change affects future drafts and potential tradable assets in the 2019 draft.
  7. It is very common for NBA teams to promise a player he will be drafted. However, another common practice is for a team to tell a player he is one of three players they hope to draft. I know of a few players who took that promise as a guarantee they will be drafted and were waiting for the call after the draft was over. The best barometer for Roby is to see how many meetings he takes after the combine and the more meetings the better for Nebraska. Teams who promise to draft players also require the players to not take meetings with other teams. Usually, the teams and players have already w
  8. The NBA Combine is May 15-19, hence May 29. I can see the NBA being concerned with allowing undrafted student-athletes to return to college. Bird was selected by the Boston Celtics with the sixth overall pick in the 1978 NBA draft.[15] He did not sign with the Celtics immediately; instead, he played out his final season at Indiana State and led the Sycamores to the NCAA title game. Red Auerbach publicly stated that he would not pay Bird more than any Celtic on the current roster, but Bird's agent bluntly told Red that Bird would reject any sub-market offers and simply
  9. Every day hearing something new. The most consistent rumor is Gates staying. No inside information, but I would not be surprised if that happened. Let's be fair though. Hoiberg has his main recruiter signed, sealed, delivered. The other assistants will be beneficial but will not likely provide an immediate impact unless they are bringing a big name with them (and none of the names floated have that). Nana is gone. See his twitter page. Its just not official. Thor has been rumored to be weighing a professional offer from an Icelandic team. Roby has unt
  10. Maybe he hurt his back while exercising in bed but did not realize it until he got up. ?
  11. To be fair Doc’s hiring was not typical. Collier was not fired but took the Butler AD position not long before fall classes started. Pederson had few choices and needed to move quickly. I am not sure whether a better candidate was even available.
  12. Looking at all the numbers, its crazy that 2-3 wins are all that keeps Nebraska from being on the bubble (and, IMO, in the tourney). I would only worry about the Non-Con SOS if Nebraska had lost to someone other than Texas Tech. 3 BIG Tourney wins with a semifinal loss (likely to Michigan St) would leave Nebraska with a Q1/Q2 record of 11-16. I kind of wonder how the committee would handle that analysis.
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