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  1. I said Walker was not a lock, but Andre is not a lock either. I do think Andre could be the starter if his development continues at the current rate. Bryce and Trey are locks unless something unforeseen happens. If Edwards comes, he will play. I would not be surprised to see another 6’8/6’9 3/4 come in. I see Kobe coming in off the bench.
  2. There is no particular, specific need for the remaining scholarships. Best guess would be a taller Wilcher who would be a matchup nightmare at the 3 and could play the 4 if necessary. I think that is why Keon Edwards met with the staff recently. I was told all of the remaining scholarships had to go to guys who could contribute on day 1. Then, Kojenets committed with the understanding he would redshirt. Kojenets (Mayen) and Bieta (Walker) could fill specific roles in 2022-2023 with Kojenets having the ability to grow into a (Mayen/Walker) role later on. Banton is a good kid but
  3. From what I have been told, Walker is not a lock at the 5 as the staff loves what Andre can do. The idea of Banton at the 4 is not unthinkable; however, the staff wants a stretch 4 on the court to open the offense (hence Mayen, Briedenbach, and Kojenets). Banton does not fit that role with Walker or Andre on the court (unless one of them pulls a Brooke Lopez). Bryce and Trey will be the starters. The plan is to build the team around Bryce and Wilcher is a very good complementary piece to Bryce and Trey. There is a reason why you keep hearing about combo guards talking to the
  4. I would be very surprised if Banton starts. The original expectation was Banton would go pro in this upcoming draft, but shooting and other issues surfaced. The staff really wants Banton to excel but feels he is better off the bench. If Banton can calm down during the game, the offense will be a lot better especially the second unit. I could see Banton as a point-forward 3-4 coming off the bench to run the offense when Bryce or Trey come off the court (which would allow Hoiberg to play some of the 3pt shooters on the bench). I am very interested to see who will fill the las
  5. Everything I have been told is that Breidenbach is expected to play Day 1. Mayen is expected to start, but he will be pulled if the shots are not falling. Both are expected to be stretch 4s so Bryce has room to make plays.
  6. 1. Expect the open scholarships to go to transfers unless a high school player is an immediate contributor, e.g. no taking flyers like previous years on guys like Wood or Andre (although Andre was a good pickup). 2. Correct me if I am wrong but didn't Andre go to the same school as Tyty? 3. Breidenbach will play exclusively at the 4. Expect Walker/Andre at the 5. 4. Shef Smith could run the point (along with a few other guys who could transfer in).
  7. Marion’s attitude/toughness was very underrated. I am not sure Roby will ever get to Marion’s level.
  8. I watched that game on NET. I think Benson had 2-3 kids with D1 scholarships that year. Didn’t Hastings have a post player who had a low D1 scholarship? I remember Hastings playing hard but Benson was just dominating.
  9. To be fair, no one cared when Deverell Biggs, Sergej Vucetic, Nick Fuller, Nathan Hawkins, Tarin Smith, Jacob Hammond, Jack McVeigh, Jordy Tshminga, and Bakari Evelyn left. That is an average of slightly more than 1 player a year leaving. Most people were upset when Walter Pitchford, Andrew White, Ed Morrow, Michael Jacobson, and Jeriah Horne left. Its one thing where a player leaves when it is clear his playing time will be limited. Its another when the player will be getting high minutes and still chooses to leave. With Hoiberg I expect more people leaving who fall into the former cate
  10. I am not worried about height. Hoiberg does pretty good with length and athleticism. As for scholarships, Hoiberg will have 3 available next year. You do not want too much roster turnover each year. Plus, it would not surprise me if 1-2 kids leave a year under Hoiberg (which is not much different than Miles' normal turnover).
  11. I get the impression Hoiberg does not see Burke or Green as a PG in his offense. I could see a Mack, Green, Burke back court with Cheatham and Harris spelling the 1-2 spots. At the 4, I could see Hoiberg using a 6-6/6-7 guy. The roster already has Nana, Thor, and Davis but I see Nana (who is a great fit in Hoiberg's offense) going and have no clue regarding Thor (but I have heard for some time he has been contemplating leaving, even before Miles' seat got hot). Notice that the 3 transfer who visited last weekend were all 6-8/6-9 PFs (although one did play SF at UNLV)? Also,
  12. Well looky here: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/26487509/nba-union-talk-end-one-done Some good analysis on one-and-dones. We could see/hear something in the next 2 months because this policy change affects future drafts and potential tradable assets in the 2019 draft.
  13. It is very common for NBA teams to promise a player he will be drafted. However, another common practice is for a team to tell a player he is one of three players they hope to draft. I know of a few players who took that promise as a guarantee they will be drafted and were waiting for the call after the draft was over. The best barometer for Roby is to see how many meetings he takes after the combine and the more meetings the better for Nebraska. Teams who promise to draft players also require the players to not take meetings with other teams. Usually, the teams and players have already w
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