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  1. I completely agree, whether it’s playcalling or Lat’s separation he isn’t getting open and therefore isn’t doing the one thing he was brought here to do and that’s troubling in the last 2 to 3 games he’s basically just been a fouling and turnover machine and it worries me that he might be getting phased out of the game with Like kavas was because of his limited skill set I’m not saying it can’t or won’t get turned around it’s just been a little troubling To watch over our first few games
  2. To be fair we have about 4-5 guys trending down over the last 3 games, we’ve had very little consistency game to game with individual players. I’d say Thor and Dalano have been our most consistent players but Dalano has started to turn the ball over too much. We aren’t consistent play from all three starting guards or our bench players. Lat is more trending down more than Yvan right now and that’s what should worry people the most, we have a “sharpshooter” hi doesn’t shoot, can’t dribble, can’t play defense, can’t stay out of foul trouble and can’t rebound. As of now he is a worse Kavas an
  3. I’ve been saying it for a few games now, Lat is not shooting enough to make up for all the other horrible aspects of his game and Stevenson is the most underwhelming player on this team. Tonight showed it again. Lat maybe doesn’t need to start and their is a reason Stevenson is the only guy left on the court when the Walk-ons and freshmen come in.
  4. You can say it as much as you want, but you are still wrong. Stubborn as a mule.
  5. It’s pretty obvious that if this team doesn’t get the ball out and run we are going to have trouble scorning. We are not a good half court offensive team.
  6. Well he better figure it out because I’m listening to it on the radio and he sounds like a baby giraffe learning to walk out there.
  7. At some point Mayens has to make up for his terrible fouls, bad defense, iffy rebounding and lack of a dribble with his shooting...right?
  8. It’s just dark humor dad, you know me well enough to know that’s how my brain clicks. Haha
  9. It’s just basketball man, there are better reasons to be dead inside, trust me, I’m going on 15 years of being devoid of hope and emotion. It might be bad for my mental health, but at least get I to wear eye liner, paint my nails black with a sharpie and listen to AFI and My Chemical Romance whenever I want.
  10. Goodness, between the bad shots, sloppy fouls, out of control dribbling and passing to no one, I feel like I’m reffing YMCA 4th grade basketball again. Pretty ugly right now.
  11. I guess a definition of good and great is needed. They are both doing their jobs well and allowing the team to do its thing. And I’m also curious about Walker, but it’s a little concerning we aren’t going to have him until halfway through conference play. I really think this team will start to take off once we can get lat out of the 5 and have him focus mainly on setting his feet and shooting.
  12. Agreed, the difference was last year Thor had to be a go to scorer, because we didn’t have any other consistent scorers from week to week. This year he is being asked to be a facilitator and create off the ball chances for his teammates, you can tell his role has changed, he doesn’t need to be on the stat sheet much to improve this team. That’s what I’ve been getting at. A perfect example is his assist to banton on the break vs. Nevada, he could have gone up with it himself but he makes a smart one touch pass back for the bigger percentage shot and gets an assist. We don’t have another guy
  13. He averaged 9 points a game last year...so by your own logic teams don’t just fear him they worship him...like some sort of mythological god?
  14. My only concern with Lat is if the 3 isn’t falling where does he get his points and can he be physical enough when we get to conference play. He did pretty decent on the boards tonight though, Andre having to sit out really hurt us because it’s not letting Lat play how and where he should be and it means we’ll be introducing 2 new bigs during conference play.
  15. I mean the announcers today even talked about how good of a rebounding and defensive player Yvan is and how he has already cut his teeth on better big 10 competition. We know nothing of our other bigs on this team and both of them won’t play until conference play, it makes no sense to say he is making us worse when he’s the only guy proven to hang down low. Thor is a facilitator who gets other guys buckets, through his passing, defense, and off the ball movement, every good team has a guy like that who helps open up the scorers to do just that. His shot isn’t where it was at last year at th
  16. I mean, every guy on this trams this year has missed bunny layups and dunks so I’m not sure how much of an argument that is. And it’s pretty obvious that Thor deserves to start if he has 3 straight games of bing in the starting 5. They have their depth chart and it’s pretty obvious why the 5 starting are the starters. Best ball movement, most disruptive defensively, and best off the ball movement happen with these 5. Kobe comes in to run and shoot 3’s and I’m not really sure what Stevenson’s role is, but he’s getting us around 6 points a game which I can live with. But you can definitely
  17. Disagree, they obviously aren’t as athletic as some of our guards, but Yvan gives us muscle and size so we don’t have to worry about dropping lat or banton down low and Thor’s off the ball movement and passing makes this team click. There is a massive difference in ball movement and shot selection when Thor is in the game. He’s also a solid rebounder and a good defender, I’d also wager there’s maybe 2 guys who are better shooters then him on the floor as well. IMO
  18. I read where Fred said that, I should have clarified, I’m not doubting he is, I’m just trying to pump the brakes on expectations for a guy who is going 2 years without meaningful minutes. I’m afraid people read “he is our best post player” and automatically equate that to double digit points a game. I also agree that Andre is a 5, but I just noticed the way his high school film looks he’s more of a out and run kind of 5 and not that smash mouth down low 5 that we may need. But I’ve only watched 2 film compilations of him and I’m not saying that isn’t in his game, just curious if other peopl
  19. The one thing that I keep mulling over is how people have talked about walker and Andre coming in and taking Yvan’s minutes completely. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to see a three big man rotation that allows fouls to be dispersed and won’t get one guy beat up all season (one thing I’ll always give Yvan credit for when it comes to last season. Just got beat up and came back day after day.) walker hasn’t been healthy or played a meaningful game in over two years and even then only averaged 4 points if memory serves me right. Andre seems more from his high school tape as a stretch 4 who can p
  20. Watching this video reminds me why I hung up the whistle after 12 years. Never did AAU but did plenty of high school and it gets tiring having to tell grown men that the 50 bucks they are making that month to coach doesn’t give them the right to be twats to a complete stranger. All 4 technicals given were to frustrated guys who’s team was getting murdered and decided to make it about themselves.
  21. Starship Troopers and Mars Attacks are my favorite war films of all time.
  22. I also forgot dancing to Pac-Man fever, my bad.
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