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  1. Apparently it’s not, we had 2 maybe 3 guys play well tonight and the same people come out and shit on the same 2-3 guys rather than analyzing the whole team. Kobe was serviceable tonight but has been a ghost since GA Tech. Maybe the better question is if Thor has been so terrible why can’t anyone outplay him other than Mcgowens and teddy when his heads in the game? And apparently the whole board other than you and 3 others is delusional.
  2. His stats are pretty garbage, so I really don’t understand the point you are trying to make. The guy has been the most underwhelming player on the court this year. And since when does losing ones confidence get you a pass on this forum? There’s a reason he’s like 10th in the rotation and confidence or not he’s had 2 games where he’s produced and one was McNeese state where ever player we had looked all conference. It makes no sense why he gets a pass for being crap for all but 2 games.
  3. Shamiel hasn’t outplayed the ball rack this season, I’ve said it from day 1 he’s not productive and doesn’t do anything better than any other player other than mope and not be a team player. The idea that people were saying last year that if he was eligible we would have won at least 2 more games is so laughable it’s on the verge of delusional. He’s been a wasted scholarship since day 1 and it’s infuriating.
  4. When he’s proven for 4 years he’s a glue player with our highest basketball IQ and his off the ball movement and passing creates numbers for other players. This leads me to believe you are either trolling our figured you knew basketball because you coached a third grade boys team to an undefeated season and now know everything about basketball. But whatever man, there are three guys with you being one of them who want to take a guy out and replace them with another player that isn’t going to produce any better but looks flashy. You do you, I’m going to go back to comic books and death metal
  5. The difference is we have like 8 guys not playing good basketball and they never get mentioned, even when he does things right there’s crickets. It’s okay to admit you have bias man.
  6. I knew it, just because his name isn’t the same as your name doesn’t mean you should pick on him, this is grade school 101 bro.
  7. The funny thing is you say Thor, you could insert any name other than trey, Yvan and maybe Allen and still be right...it is the American way to blame the foreigner though.
  8. I just don’t know how you can make that assumption with hardly any sample size. Agree to disagree I suppose.
  9. The thing about lakes the last 5 games is it worries me about how he shoots. I can’t think of one shot he’s taken with a hand in his face, if he has to be wide open to shoot this league is to fast and the defenders are too good to give him the time. I count about 5-6 guys on this team who are one trick ponies and they aren’t helping this team.
  10. And which one of the other traffic cones on our team not named Allen or mcgowens is going to do anything better? At least these two guys play defense and rebound when a shot goes up.
  11. We’ve actually played way better without Banton in the game, it sucks that in the last 5 games he’s become a can’t make a layup turnover machine.
  12. Haha. Bro trust me it’s rough, but at least I know the sun will come up tomorrow. Hockey is the kind of mental anguish that leads to becoming a serial killer. Like, I’ve been tortured so much by having to watch hockey that now I’m emotionless and want to eat human skin. (I heard Jeffery Dahmer was a huge red wings fan.)
  13. If that happens I’ll just kill myself, hockey is to boring to have to suffer through.
  14. For a guy who is 6-9 with great moves to the basket Banton misses a scary amount of bunnies per game.
  15. He’s definitely raw, but give that dude a year or two and his athleticism is going to be crazy.
  16. Agree to both, if you look outside his scoring Yvan is going to get to the line where he does okay, but where he is good is rebounding, playing defense and not giving up space. Like you said If he can get 2-4 dunks per game that’s icing on the cake for his minutes. I really don’t think shamiel is going to do much for us, I said it before but he’s the most underwhelming player on this team at the moment and he’s going to have even less minutes now with walker coming back and Andre/lakes showing what they can do. Hell even wood was far superior on both ends of the floor tonight and half the f
  17. We got lakes eligible we are a game over 500 and walker has to sit out one less conference games. Those are the takeaways in my opinion. Wood and Andre got some quality minutes as well that they can take forwards. So now we go from here.
  18. Yeah, he might be that odd man out honestly. He doesn’t do anything better than anyone else and he’s not much of a shooter and scores sparingly. I’m not sold on him much on top of the fact he kind of seems like he doesn’t want to be there. His body language is terrible.
  19. If lakes keeps this up Lat went from a starter to 9-10 in the rotation real quick.
  20. To be fair as someone who grows it long and thick, the beard isn’t bad...but good god get that headband out of out of there, have some self respect.
  21. If I get nothing out of this game, all I know is I want this Barry white sounding dude on commentary to leave the sexiest “please leave a message” for me so it sounds like I have game when I get a tinder match.
  22. He is the main reason we aren’t 48-0 the last 2 seasons.
  23. It’s a possibility, if you are supposed to be a sharp shooter but aren’t going to shoot you gotta get that out of your head. Best case scenario both guys start sniping from deep.
  24. My only point is that for a guy who is supposed to be an elite shooter we haven’t seen elite shooting from him. He even looks scared to shoot right now. I know there is going to be attrition, wouldn’t be surprised to see any of Lat, Yvan, Stevenson or Arop move on, especially if Kobe or Thor come back. I’m just worried about a guy who seems to only be getting detrimental stats for us at this time. We won’t truly know how good our bigs are for another month or so, that could explain something’s or make things look worse.
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