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  1. I mean this could be a JPJ success story 2.0. Not getting many minutes or points due to guys in front of him, comes to a school and system that rewards his skill and playing time and we have a stud. I just looked it up and Palmer was also averaging like 3.5 points a game both years at Miami and then came here and averaged almost 20 a game. Even if he’s not a true “4” star, the kid looks like a shooter and a playmaker and sounds like he plays defense tough. And like I’ve said before he’s had a year to acclimate to the college lifestyle, training programs and speed of play. Can’t fault brin
  2. Hey, that movie is about a scrappy underdog that gets the girl. I can live with that.
  3. Well it helps that Shaka and his staff left. Could bode well for us.
  4. I wanted to watch more of their film since I don’t know much about them. Thanks
  5. That’s what I figured, just thought it might be tough taking two PG In the same class unless I’ve messed that upIn the same class unless I’ve messed that up
  6. Gonna play devils advocate here...do we take both this kid and the mcgowens cousin if they are both interested?
  7. Here. I’ll put it this way. It’s like being able to dance the Charleston without having to work on a WW2 navel ship for 4 years to work on your cardio.
  8. Oh no doubt, I’m just very happy with getting a dude who doesn’t have to take a year or two to start to develops physically, he’s already started that process and can shoot. The brother thing doesn’t hurt either. :)
  9. It might just be me but this is super awesome to me because we technically recruited a freshman who has a whole season of conditioning, playing time in a good league and strength conditioning at the college level. 4 years of eligibility is a big deal!!! It’s like having an evolved Pokémon without all the leveling up (sorry to the non-nerds and old people on here.)
  10. Yeah, honestly next year the only reason breidenbach will be playing center is if Andre and walker are hurt or in foul trouble, watching his film his skill set is not that of a center but definitely more of a stretch 4. IMO
  11. More importantly when the opposing team of the spray tans travels instead of cheering everyone yells “Hey!!! I’m walken here!!!”
  12. I think we all know that New Jersey would be the Jersey “spray tans” but that’s probably culturally incentive as well.
  13. I completely forgot about teddy. Okay, thanks I thought there were 3 but didn’t want to assume. Yeah, from what I understand if lakes he was going to be on scholarship this year. Thanks.
  14. So with Yvan, woods and arop leaving are we at 2 or 3 open scholarships? I couldn’t remember if arop was on one or not. Ideally do we go for 2 transfers and maybe a high end freshmen? True point guard and another big and a shooter? Just thinking out loud.
  15. Through all the growing pains and not having every player available all season I finally think we have found our chemistry. We’ve been playing the guys who are understanding the system and the last two games it’s shown, we’re moving the ball insanely well, shooting like I always felt this team could and playing lockdown defense. We also aren’t tampering with the lineup too much which has helped the chemistry.
  16. Don’t get me wrong we still have some holes in our game (turnovers/free throws to name a few) but I truly feel like the last month of basketball from this team is showing the talent we were hearing about all season. It’s starting to click and guys are getting out of funks finally, it’s also amazing how much better we play when we pass the ball around and move, I know teddy didn’t score today but he had at least 3-4 great dishes that set up easy dunks. We add some more talent next year and shoot the ball better and we can be a thorn in this conferences paw.
  17. There is no foul there, that is a play on. Fuck sake, touch fouls and the team missing some bunnies is letting Maryland stay ahead.
  18. I checked his game log if you have another source I’d definitely like to compare but it has him going negative 5 of the last 6 games 3 of them in the double digits. I’m just wanting to have a game where we have all three guards being productive, I can’t think of a game yet where that can be said. I could be wrong though.
  19. Banton has been having trouble the last few games, his confidence looks off and he’s making errant passes, turning the ball over a lot and missing shots he wasn’t at the beginning of the season. I’m not the only one who’s worried about him going forward, especially running the point. When we played our best tonight was when it was Teddy, trey, Thor, Kobe and either lat or yvan, those stats don’t lie. I find it delusional you can’t see how the offense works better with him in it. I’ve never argued our depth, I think we have about 5-6 one trick ponies who aren’t producing or playing their ro
  20. Sorry, i read nothing short of terrible and while juggling posting back to you and answering emails I wrote the wrong thing, my crow to eat for trying to multi-task. One thing we might need to do is shorten up the rotation a bit, we’re running close to 10 guys with walker coming back and I don’t know how we are supposed to get any sort of cohesion when we are throwing all of these extra subs in randomly. For example with shamiel the last few games, he goes in for maybe a minute and then doesn’t play again, I don’t see how that is beneficial unless we are having too many guys gassed at once.
  21. I haven’t paraphrased anything, is calling him down right terrible not shitting on him? The only trouble he’s had this year is his shooting, on defense he is constantly having to try and recover for guys when they get caught ball watching or don’t rotate correctly. Against ohio state he probably had the play of the game when he stopped a 2 on 1 fast break after no one else got back. That’s not savvy, that’s being a fundamentally sound player with instincts. All I’ve ever said is that even when he does something beneficial somehow he still gets criticized. It’s pretty obvious on
  22. Why is Fred delusional if he’s still giving the guy minutes? That really doesn’t help your point. The whole reason he isn’t starting is due to the fact lat at the 5 wasn’t producing and was racking up fouls faster then he could take shots and we tried to get him back to the 4 where he still isn’t producing like he should be. Which brings me back to what I and so many others have been saying for weeks, we have so few players producing consistently from week to week that it’s a moot point who’s first off the bench right now. But without fail the only guys that continually get called out are
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