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  1. 1 hour ago, HuskerFever said:

    FWIW. [Disclaimer not for the faint of heart]


    Sounds like he's okay right now. But needed CPR/defibrillator and all.



    Yeah, this was crazy.  I haven’t heard what happened but I honestly thought he might have had a seizure.  It was bizarre, I’m glad he’s stable now.

  2. 39 minutes ago, hskr4life said:

    Mother of God-- I have never seen so much trash on a field of play.  We're really going to throw full bottles of water and cups of beer.  Just keep the game right on a going.


    But someone in the crowd says something that's ridiculous and we stop the game and have both teams come together?


    As Taylor Twellman would say... WHAT ARE WE DOING!?!?!

    The second time they doused the field they hit their own player in the head too, it’s going to come to having to play against Mexico without fans because they keep getting more violent and obnoxious.  

  3. 2 hours ago, jdw said:

    Since you seem to be lost i thought I would help asshole.


    Oh and French kissing you dog is gross, but it's your dog.

    It’s called a joke you turd, don’t take yourself so seriously.  You came in to trash the thread because were talking about soccer, so I gave you shit.  I’m sorry if you took offense to nothing in particular.

  4. 13 hours ago, 49r said:

    Yeah midfield is mushy at best. I hate to say it but I miss Bradley. And that says a lot.

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    Is argue we miss veteran presences like jermaine Jones and Geoff Cameron more, the latter being a guy I’d still like to bring in.  Bradley was best when he didn’t have to control the ball at his feet to often, his best stretch ever was the 2014 World Cup where Jones was the enforcer and more offensive minded, beckerman sat behind and was just a defensive shield and Bradley just had to pass and move.  After those guys retired his game dropped off significantly.  

  5. 5 hours ago, Dean Smith said:

    We created a bunch of chances early. I like that Reyna came out post game and said he should had two (1 for sure), if that early goal goes in it’s a whole different game. Honduras can’t sit 10 guys behind the ball or have guys calling for the stretcher ever 5 minutes. The game opens up and we get three or four goals. Not finishing when we had opportunities was the biggest problem.


    And yes, Musah should have started and so should the goal scorer who I am not going to try to spell his name. Sargent made a huge contribution with the back header off the line to save a goal but did not do near enough on the other end of the field. 


    Mexico struggled tonight vs Costa Rica - 0-0 shoot o on out victory. Make those two changes to the team plus Tyler Adams if he’s healthy and we got a team. 

    As much as I love Sargent I think having to play at weirder Bremen all year hurt his development a lot.  I don’t know how much you watched of them but he did a great job of tracking back to defend and held up the ball well but had little service or midfield help in scoring.  I hope he transfers somewhere this year where he’ll get a better opportunity to score and create.  But for not being 21 yet the kid has a ton of potential.  Along with Dike, sibeachue (goal scorer that I’m sure I spelled his name wrong) and tim weah we have a young striker group that could turn out pretty good in 2-3 years.   

  6. First competitive game in almost 600 days says something and it showed for all teams tonight.  We have to make some tweaks for the final for sure.  Overall I actually liked the play of our back 4, also I was shocked at how little we tried to get pulisic the ball, let the guy create some space with the ball at his feet.  A W is a W and we move on.  Let’s get a trophy!!!

  7. 50 minutes ago, 49r said:


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    Very little midfield creativity...and we sub a left back, a striker and our most active midfielder.  There is no reason munsah shouldn’t be on the field right now.  I also know Adam’s is hurt, but sub off yueill and try to get some creativity going.  It’s like we are playing a friendly in a game that has to have a winner.

  8. 42 minutes ago, aphilso1 said:

    1. Husker hoops.  I've attended more Nebrasketball games (and losses) than probably all of my other teams combined.  The amount of emotional anguish that I've been through with Husker hoops would make it the sweetest championship of all.

    2. Notre Dame football.  My first love.  Those shiney gold helmets sucked me into the world of sports fandom at the tender age of 5, and I've been a glutton for punishment ever since.  Sadly, ND's last title was in my lifetime, but a few years before I became a fan. 

    3. United States men's soccer.  Winning a World Cup would mean beating the world at their own game.  I can't imagine how amazing that would be to witness.

    4. Husker baseball.  Growing up in Omaha attending the CWS every year + cutting afternoon classes to catch Husker home openers in college = pure nostalgia.  I don't watch nearly as much Husker baseball since moving out of state, but a CWS run would still be a thing of dreams for me.

    5. Sporting KC.  This one is specific -- I want to see Sporting win CONCACAF Champions League in my lifetime.  The boys have won every other trophy available, but winning at the continental level and beating the best Mexican teams would be awesome.  It's only rated this low because Champions Leagues can be really weird and unbalanced competitions, and starters often don't even play in the early rounds.  


    ----- large gap -----


    6. Phillies baseball.  I've already celebrated a Phillies' World Series, so this is way down the priority list.

    7. Utah Jazz.  I'm trying to care abut my local NBA team.  I just am not a big NBA guy though.


    I just want to see an MLS club win one once.  It’s such a weird competition with the league schedules being different.  But with the domestic league growing the next big step to legitimacy would be winning the CONCACAF champions league.

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