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  1. Obviously his shooting from deep is great, but I feel like we may be underestimating him as a passer and slasher to the basket. Also, I want to call him the bowl-cut kaiju (big monster ex:Godzilla) but don’t want to be too forward.
  2. The only thing I worry about now is after such a good showing and ratings jump can we keep him committed till he signs? I have a feeling other teams will come calling now and I really hope his decision doesn’t sway.
  3. Yeah, I should have clarified I was just thinking about guys we could still get. Thanks for clarifying.
  4. A class of green, Ramel jr and traudt would be just fine by me. (If my math is correct we’ll have 3 scholarships if shamiel leaves) I suppose it all depends on how we feel about PG and if we can get someone like Hallomon on board
  5. Since this is all hypothetical I’m going with 5 Michael Jordan’s guaranteed to win.
  6. Haha, didn’t noticed I did that. Whoops
  7. Absolutely...it’s almost scary, like I’ll wake up tomorrow and it will be a dream in an episode of the twilight zone.
  8. Let this sink in, we have 2 to play 4 year top 150 transfers. A very promising top 200 7 ft center, a top 5 judo player a top 25 player and another top 100 player all in same class...pinch me I’m dreaming.
  9. I think the better analogy is a cock in the hand has to be found through the bush...or however that goes.
  10. Gotcha, thanks for the update.
  11. So even though we are in his top 4 last I checked, do you think we are out (or stop pursuing) pinson from Mizzou? I haven’t seen anything new on him but thought we were high on his list and him high on ours.
  12. I was just laughing to myself because over your last 5 posts I imagined you going from excited/critical whiskey sour norm to green tea with a pinch of lemon and honey norm over this kid. . For the record I agree with what you’ve said, just busting your balls a bit.
  13. I mean this could be a JPJ success story 2.0. Not getting many minutes or points due to guys in front of him, comes to a school and system that rewards his skill and playing time and we have a stud. I just looked it up and Palmer was also averaging like 3.5 points a game both years at Miami and then came here and averaged almost 20 a game. Even if he’s not a true “4” star, the kid looks like a shooter and a playmaker and sounds like he plays defense tough. And like I’ve said before he’s had a year to acclimate to the college lifestyle, training programs and speed of play. Can’t fault brin
  14. Hey, that movie is about a scrappy underdog that gets the girl. I can live with that.
  15. Well it helps that Shaka and his staff left. Could bode well for us.
  16. I wanted to watch more of their film since I don’t know much about them. Thanks
  17. That’s what I figured, just thought it might be tough taking two PG In the same class unless I’ve messed that upIn the same class unless I’ve messed that up
  18. Gonna play devils advocate here...do we take both this kid and the mcgowens cousin if they are both interested?
  19. Here. I’ll put it this way. It’s like being able to dance the Charleston without having to work on a WW2 navel ship for 4 years to work on your cardio.
  20. Oh no doubt, I’m just very happy with getting a dude who doesn’t have to take a year or two to start to develops physically, he’s already started that process and can shoot. The brother thing doesn’t hurt either. :)
  21. It might just be me but this is super awesome to me because we technically recruited a freshman who has a whole season of conditioning, playing time in a good league and strength conditioning at the college level. 4 years of eligibility is a big deal!!! It’s like having an evolved Pokémon without all the leveling up (sorry to the non-nerds and old people on here.)
  22. Yeah, honestly next year the only reason breidenbach will be playing center is if Andre and walker are hurt or in foul trouble, watching his film his skill set is not that of a center but definitely more of a stretch 4. IMO
  23. More importantly when the opposing team of the spray tans travels instead of cheering everyone yells “Hey!!! I’m walken here!!!”
  24. I think we all know that New Jersey would be the Jersey “spray tans” but that’s probably culturally incentive as well.
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