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  1. Cross showed a few good things and maybe with a good offseason he can develop a role but right now he looks like a prime candidate to lose minutes to Stevenson next year.
  2. Based on my understanding the options are 1. waiver is granted and last year is his redshirt so he is a Sophomore this year. 2. Waiver is denied and last year was his sophomore year so he redshirts this year instead of wasting the junior year on a meaningless half season and starts next year as a junior. The waiver is for the additional year it isn’t a cut and dry 2 years. Guessing they have to substantiate why the 4 games at Pitt shouldn’t count which is the hold up. Not as clear cut as the injury to Cope.
  3. Knowing this season isn’t about wins and losses I’m trying to keep the perspective on focusing on 1. What areas can we really improve on throughout the year? 2. Which guys can be big contributors going forward on a tourney level team? 1. The defense improved game over game and I’m confident Doc will keep them moving in the right direction. The shooting is my biggest concern. How many guys would you feel confident can shoot 35%+ in conference play? It’s probably zero for me right now. The mechanics just don’t suggest many of these guys will all of a sudden improve significantly. Free throw percentage is a decent indicator of overall shooting ability and we have failed miserably through 2 games. 2. My list right now would basically just be Mack and Yvan. I’m not sure what the ceiling is with Yvans touch but at a minimum I think he will be a solid rotation guy by next year even with additions. Hopefully this list grows but as of now no one else has shown enough to really make me feel confident.
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