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  1. Cool man. I went to regis jesuit and then college at UNL. If it counts for anything, I went to a dance with a GW girl! My dad's good friend was an assistant for Rudy Carey, so my history of Chauncey was passed on to me by East HS people. They hated GW, but loved to tell chauncey stories
  2. I love it, but Chauncey was on another level in high school. Pretty amazing chauncey went to boulder. Hunter is an uber athletic kid with upside, whereas Chauncey was already a legend at this point in his hs career.
  3. Lack of transparency on the ncaa part. Its like the wild west
  4. Have you read Jonathan Abrams book "Boys Among Men"? It recounts the high school to NBA fad, and what/who worked and who didn't. Its amazing (link to Amazon) Honestly the NBA is dumb if they go back to 18 years old eligibility. The one and done model gives them a much more refined player no matter how unfair it is
  5. Am i going crazy? I could have sworn he committed stanford already #nelsonmandelaeffect
  6. Im so high on Sallis his last name should be heroin. First one and done in Nerbrasketball history!
  7. Retweets Donovan, Roby, and Cam Mack after a quick scroll so he is clearly a Husker fan. Maybe having a top 100 kid every year from Nebraska is the new norm....?
  8. UCLA basketball is in a weird place right now. I think they will see a jump in wins despite losing three big players. I really want Lewis to succeed.
  9. Especially when/if uconn gets there sh1t together.
  10. I always like the bearcats basketball program. I hope he does really well
  11. So tech dropped Khalid Thomas for Joel Ntambwe. Pretty good trade of talent for better talent. Late grab guys like Joel are gold on the transfer market; they have a good season, look into going pro, then transfer to a program that gets players drafted. Chris Beard is definitely building a program
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