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  1. BmoreRed

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Michigan is scary good
  2. BmoreRed

    Scouting Penn St

    Damn. Nice analysis, then you did him dirty
  3. BmoreRed

    Nebraska Bubble Watch

    More than anything I hate how we have lost on the road. Not who we lost to, just how we lost. Against Minnesota and UMD we were up, and needed a few key stops to put it away. Against Iowa we were down, got a few key stops, and couldn't score. In fact, I think down the stretch in the Iowa game down we got like 3 straight turnovers and didn't score. Can't do that. What if we lose the rest of our road games (except Illinois, Penn State and Rutgers) and win every home game? I would be completely happy with that. It would put us in the top four in the conf for seeding in tournament. It sucks we lost those three games, but we are still a dangerous team who hasn't lost at home since we lost by 1 to Kansas in 2017.... It's not crazy to think we could go undefeated at the vault
  4. BmoreRed

    Scouting Maryland

    I'll be at the game tonight wearing a red cap and cheering loud.
  5. BmoreRed

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    No one has mentioned Seton Hall's (yes another) buzzer beater over St. Johns yesterday.
  6. BmoreRed

    Underwood and Chicago

    This will help Illinois' recruiting. Not sure how I feel about the NCAA selecting players to invite to these camps. Would be nice to have up to 600 prospects coming to your campus on NCAA's dime https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2018-12-18/four-sites-selected-youth-basketball-camps?cid=InsidetheNCAA_tw_sf204466992&sf204466992=1&fbclid=IwAR1B0cL7EijGuvtfZpgK87l8hfaEjE5jMjUGIsypjfyZyiDHwQGFVIyFIWw
  7. BmoreRed

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Texas Tech - Duke game tomorrow. Culver is shooting himself into the middle of the first round if he keeps it up, and definitely worth a watch to see how good Tech really is.
  8. BmoreRed

    In state kids?

    Specific states or regions have the "infrastructure" to produce high level athletes in certain sports. Basketball never had that in Nebraska until recently. The big thing today is creating competitive year round basketball for hoopers in Nebraska. I think that creates more prospects, plus more exposure, for those prospects.
  9. BmoreRed

    2019 PF Zeke Nnaji -> Arizona

    Going to Arizona. Still looks really good
  10. BmoreRed

    The Top 25 thread

    The thread isn't about this, but Nova deserves a 'down' year. Their 2019 recruiting class is the best IMO for next year. They are only getting better. Losing practically losing everyone from last year, and next year they are going to be great again. Life in CB
  11. BmoreRed

    2021 F Matthew Mors Yankton, SD

    So Matthew retweeted something about Chucky Hepburn... Did they meet on a visit to Lincoln? Practically a soft verbal for both of them playing together in Lincoln
  12. Moos sucks. If losing @ Minnesota is the worse loss this year and we continue our home game winning streak, the Minnesota loss will be a small pothole in a golden brick road. Assuming Minnesota is an NIT level team Way too early for people to be going crazy like this. I was on another board, and they were coming up with lists of replacements after the Minnesota game. Really makes me think who I hate more, creighton fans or the breed of husker fans that blindly want Miles gone and will never credit him for the positive things he has done.
  13. Can we all not talk about it? Since we're all looking him up, let's just not talk about it. He is really good. Probably NBA good
  14. I am sorry, and I am not going to look up the stats or if anyone has said this already, but COFFEY HAD 17 FREE THROW ATTEMPTS. That is not normal. He made 15 of them. No one should get to the line like that. We are a way better team than Minnesota. I'm pissed off. Refs played to the crowd all night.
  15. BmoreRed

    Obscure Husker Trivia Question

    Does anyone remember when Jahlil Okafor visited? I think a young ed morrow may have been on that trip too (as well as Kendrick nunn?). That trip was a big deal. He was very highly touted out of high school and college, and his whole aau tram came through. It is sad to see how jahlil's NBA career has turned out.