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  1. @hhcmatt we have brought in a bunch of sunrise christian ballers through the years. I think derrick is the first player from sunrise who has ended up coming to lincoln (leslie smith?) They get a ton of carribbean talent at sunrise. I think deandre ayton played there as a freshman and, of course, the great buddy heild. Buddy, who visited here???, looks like he is a real nba player.
  2. I love Roby, and i hope a quality team falls in love with him during individual workouts. My biggest beef with Roby was missing the first shot of a bunch of critical 1n1s. He missed a one and one against ohio state last year(2017-18) that would have tied the game. If we won that game we would have made the tourney. Also the @Maryland game this year... And 2 others i can think of but who cares.
  3. I personally wouldn't take Cam Reddish in the lottery tho... Roby is different because he is best positioned, and has played, as a strech 4 the last two years. Roby can defend down low, while Cam Reddish was never asked to.
  4. I think/hope we are all sleeping on Dachon Burke atm.
  5. Anyone think that the media was left in the dark on these last couple visits after the washut blunder? Neither Samari Curtis nor Walker were reported to have visited. Just a theory
  6. I really like that he has a little back to the basket game because we have none of that right now.
  7. This would be a great year to play Marquette in the gavitt games.
  8. I actually picked it in another thread 3 weeks ago, but I would be lying if I said I stopped drinking
  9. The way kawhi leonard is playing right now, a poor man's kawhi leonard would be a perennial all star
  10. Losing Jayce does not change that. Jayce would have played as a grad transfer next season, which Joel needs to sit out if he transfers here. Having one doesn't really affect the other. Or am I missing something? Nvm: Joel might get a waiver. My bad!
  11. Alford is in Reno at univ. of Nevada. Tj Otzelberger from SoDak St. is in Vegas at Unlv. Still in the mountain west with unm
  12. You know the old saying... a broken clock is right twice a day
  13. I got bashed pretty hard for this a few weeks ago
  14. Hmmm, see what you are getting at. Idk, I always liked his game. It's really good having a foothold in that state and that city. I think there may be a time for opening it up, but for now we should see how the rest of his summer goes.
  15. Looks like he has really long arms for someone who is just 6 foot 8
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