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  1. this crap about Altman ever coming here is, and has always been, fairytale nonsense.
  2. Yeah, I think he made it to China and then came back. You need some savings or popularity to make it in China
  3. He never made it to Chicago State. He is a case of the street life catching up to him
  4. I was quoting a tweet that said Ed Chang looked really good during summer/fall workouts according to "embedded moles". The "embedded moles" thing stuck with me, but I'm sure you can find it on the Ed Chang thread and it's all bs. I wouldn't take Aguek either BTW, or griesel.
  5. I live in Baltimore and teach at a high school. This is what my office hours looked like today (you can't see about 10 students watching the game). By the end of it, I think everyone was a husker fan
  6. Some "embedded moles" told me Ed Chang is going to be all mwc next year...
  7. Can we get a 3 seconds? #5 is paying mortgage in the lane
  8. The Wofford coach has been there for like 20 years. Maybe that is what we need to give whomever the coach is.... Time. Unfortunately, I don't think our fan base is patient enough
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