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  1. BmoreRed

    Obscure Husker Trivia Question

    Does anyone remember when Jahlil Okafor visited? I think a young ed morrow may have been on that trip too (as well as Kendrick nunn?). That trip was a big deal. He was very highly touted out of high school and college, and his whole aau tram came through. It is sad to see how jahlil's NBA career has turned out.
  2. Oh come on. I don't think you know the evan taylor story? He was plucked from obscurity by Tim Miles. End of story
  3. The fact Evan Taylor is in the g league now should extend Miles' contract 2 years
  4. BmoreRed

    The rotation this year

    Im just going to bet now that we will be a poor rebounding team. Hell I think we were last or second to last in the Big Ten last season in rebounding, and we lost a couple bigs.
  5. BmoreRed

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    Even for aau or whatever showcase this is, that is some lazy up and down. Hard to watch when everyone doesn't try
  6. BmoreRed

    2019 SF David Roddy -> Colorado St

    I agree. Plus, we aren't going after this guy anymore. We are going to have to wait for our big as no one is on the radar (closer look at juco, prep, and heiman this season will tell us what we need???) Would be fun to watch this kid play college football though, especially at a school that's easy to root for like Wyoming. His frame at qb
  7. Every Creighton fan has the same talking points: 1. This isn't about us, it's about Zona, Louisville, MSU, etc. 2. This guy is lying 3. If we were cheating, we'd get 5 stars every year. None of those responses deny responsibility, except for 2. And the funniest is number 3 because Jayskers (especially my jaysker friends) are always the one that say Nebraska football can't recruit top talent to Lincoln.
  8. BmoreRed

    2019 Recruiting

    How about we get in on this kid, Vernon Carey Jr. He's just the number one prospect in 2019. Looks FOR REAL. Rare to see a guy this tall, this thick, with this much skill. He might be too much of a traditional center for the new look Tim Miles crew lol On a serious note, I really hope he doesn't go to Michigan State and goes to some ACC school we never play YouTube
  9. BmoreRed

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    At least that was one of the closer Wisconsin games in recent history.
  10. BmoreRed

    2018 F Ed Chang (Papillion-LaVista)

    Do we go after ed chang harder if we know Jordy is leaving? I know Ed is not a 5, but neither is Chan. I think I'd take Ed if I had to choose between the two
  11. BmoreRed

    2019 SG Jervay Green (Juco) - VC

    Nice article. If you ever talk anything basketball about Denver, you have to mention Chauncey Billups at least once. Chauncey is by far the greatest basketball player from Denver and the state of CO ever. Won the Mr. Basketball award three years in a row. The state of Nebraska could have a three time Mr. Basketball with Chucky Hepburn. His game is similar to Chaunceys too
  12. BmoreRed

    Mika Adams-Woods is N

    As I said in another thread, it's very important to lock down a pg early in this class. He probably reclassified when he went to prep school. If that is the case, he 2r is probably already 18 or close to 19. Bulk him up a little bit and he will be ready to play as a freshman. Pretty excited about our guards for next year despite losing Glynn and JP Jr. (and Xavier johnson last year). This kids game would seem to compliment Amir and TA.
  13. BmoreRed

    2019 PG Mika Adams-Woods - VC

    I hope that is a possibility, but I bet an ACC team or two will join late in the process because he is at a prep school and if he performs people will definitely notice. Also, our coach is on a 2 year contract and that never helps.
  14. BmoreRed

    2021 SG Hunter Sallis

    Love this prospect. The upside you point to in the article is exciting. I'm not a doctor, but clearly he is going to grow and he is already 6-3 (ding ding ding bingo), he still looks very young, and has a great pedigree. Smooth shot too. Could be really really good