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    2019 Akol Arop

    Akol is playing for OSA (Franseze) and OSA just helped with Heiman. I would guess this is a much more positive situation for NE than Aguek and the input that Omaha South coach had on that situation.
  2. 89Husker

    Roby (is Good)

    Watched every game last year and the only time I saw Roby come out was when he was in foul trouble or when a natural rest break would be needed. He was not held back, he was not limited on his involvement. Much of the two-man game was designed for him. Hell, Miles restructured everything so he could get him on the floor more. His tendency to get in foul trouble was the only thing that led to the limited avg for minutes per game that you showed above.
  3. 89Husker

    2019 PG Shareef Mitchell

    Well, we were the first to offer Hepburn, so I guess we're trying...