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  1. If you did not see it below is Lincoln-Journal Star article on Keller: https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/womens-basketball/with-small-town-roots-and-a-competitive-drive-new-husker-assistant-keller-to-beat-the/article_87638ffe-1e20-5420-a060-c75157394c6b.html
  2. Keller spent the last 5 years at Illinois State with info on that team below: Illinois State Season Record Off Ave Def Ave 21-22 19-14 65 63.8 20-21 16-9 68.3 60.2 19-20 19-10 70.4 64.2 18-19 19-12 62.5 61.8 17-18 14-16 53.5 54.9 17-18 was first season there plus the head coach as well. Last season they won the Missouri Valley Conference and played and lost to Iowa in the NCAA Tournament. Last year NE offense averaged 77.8 and defense 64.2. Illinois State apparently lacked offense to be able to do better overall. Interestingly, the same day that NE reflected Kellers hire, Illinois State reflected the hire of Drew Cole as their new assistant coach from Abilene Christian. Apparenty, this assistant coaching hire by Nebraska was "in the works" for at least a little while. Now that we have a full boat of coaches, it would be nice to know their various duties/ assisgnments of each coach ( as in particular I do not know what Tandem Mays brings to the coaching effort).
  3. Below is the UNLV womens basketball site and their announcement of adding Scoggins to their roster. Personally, I am glad she found a place to play after what did or did not happen with the Husker team. Wishing her well with UNLV and in life as well!! UNLV was 26-7 last year and plays in the Mountain West Conference which they won the post season tournament. They played Arizona in the NCAA Tournament losing 67-72. https://unlvrebels.com/news/2022/6/1/womens-basketball-lady-rebels-add-scoggin-to-roster.aspx
  4. Here we go again with the total lack of communication from Amy Williams!!! "Tatiana Popa redshirted in her first season at Nebraska in 2021-22. She came to Lincoln as a four-star recruit despite not playing competitively as a high school senior at Brewster Academy in 2020-21 because of the COVID-19 pandemic." So what the hell happened as she is not on the roster, nothin on the WBB site, and apparently no press releases to the newspapers. Is she in the transfer portal???? Geez just be honest with the WBB fans about what is going on. I really do not think Williams is a top tier WBB coach in the Big Ten!!!!
  5. Who are the top remaining #NCAAW #TransferPortal players? Loads of options across numerous conferences and ranging from PGs to Cs and everything in between! https://pivotanalysis.com/transfer-scouting-ncaa
  6. Redhac

    Coach Love

    Apparently the maytag spins continues to resolve the situation with Love. Does anyone know how long his contract was for? I hope it expires some time this year soon!
  7. Per the WBB tweet, Logan Seiser is being included in the recruiting process. He is still listed as video and creative content coordinator for the team. Since the Love incident in February, I think he as been helping out quite a bit. Here is Seiser's info on the Husker page: https://huskers.com/sports/womens-basketball/roster/staff/logan-seiser/130 Apparently, Williams thinks a lot of him and his help with the team (possibly an assistant at some point soon). Meanwhile, the Love fiasco apparently drags through the University and State HR process, without an announced resolution to date (nearly 2 months after the incident)!
  8. New USD womens basketball coach announced 4/10/22: https://goyotes.com/news/2022/4/10/womens-basketball-kayla-karius-named-south-dakota-womens-basketball-coach.aspx
  9. Maybe this big name assistant is coming to NE!
  10. Redhac

    Coach Love

    So what is the hold up any finality to whom did what and if Love is the mai problem, getting rid of him and on to a new assistant coach. Likey Ashley may be owed something as well.
  11. Just an fyi about West Virginia's new womens basketball coach, Dawn Plitzuweit, in case you did not realize it. She has been the women's basketball coach at the University of South Dakota since our NE Amy Williams departed the USD program. South Dakota beat Ole Miss and No. 2 seed Baylor in the NCAA tournament this year before losing to Michigan in the Sweet 16 finnishing the season 29-6. Plitzuweit went 158-36 in six seasons at South Dakota, including four NCAA tournament appearances. She was named the Summit League Coach of the Year three times.
  12. This BS does not belong in a basketball forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Per the Lincoln Journal Star and the World Herald (confirmed by the program also), Bella Cravens has also put her name in the transfer portal as of late Friday. Cravens averaged 5.8 points and 5.3 rebounds this season for NU per the World Herald. An ankle injury caused her to miss 3 games and Markowski's development slowed her time on the court. Nonetheless, she will be missed for her rebounding and the ability to hit a jump shot fro the fre throw area.
  14. I think Husker22 misinterpreted Bellas tweet as she was showing Cayton's tweet about leaving and going in to the portal, not herself.
  15. Thomas More vs. Dordt (NAIA Championship) ended with Dordt losing 65 to 77 as Dort picked up the scoring in the second half. Verbeek scored 14 points. This was the seond year that Thomas More was in the finals and won again. For the season she averaged 18 points a game shooting 0.485, had 114 blocks; and averaged 9.7 rebounds a game.
  16. This information related to this post does belong here versus in a Creighton posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. WACO, Texas (AP) — Hannah Sjerven scored 16 points and Chloe Lamb added 15 as 10th-seeded South Dakota beat Baylor 61–47 on Sunday to advance to the Sweet 16 for the first-time ever. The Coyotes (29–5) scored the game’s first 11 points and led throughout against 12-time Big 12 regular-season champion Bears, who had won 17 consecutive NCAA tourney games played on their home court since 2011.
  18. As the Lincoln Journal Star Brent Wagner reflected, "Huskers not strong enough at the hoop: Nebraska made just 8 of 25 layup attempts in the game." The missed layups were a recurring event through the season. Part of the misses were putting the all up too low on the glass; smothering defense by the other team; and also not throwing the ball back out at times. NE had only 18 points in the paint versus 32 for the Zags. Being outrebounded in the game did not help as well. Haiby had a very good game. Nonetheless, overall it was an above average season and fun team to watch much of the time! Hopefully, defense and offensive fundamentals will see a lot of work before next season.
  19. As mentioned above, it is good to see Williams starting to use time outs versus poorly in many games! Nice to get the win and get to 21 wins plus with fewer turnovers (nonetheless Haiby had 5 and Shelley 3). What was up with Kendall Coley not getting in the game (she has played in 26 of 28 games) as she is a player you hink we would want to keep around?
  20. Amy Williams is largely responsible for this loss in not calling time out before we get down to a slim lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also she needs to coach the fundamentals of passing and press breaking! This was a horrible loss that we should not have lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. The Nebraska Women’s Basketball Team had a great win against Indiana, despite some layups missed, below average free throw shooting, and some errand passes. Nonetheless, defense was good and rebounding as well plus good hustle the whole game. As mentioned previously for this game and others the coaching substitution pattern seems screwy at times. The below copy of the play by play from 3:50 left in the first quarter to the end of the quarter reflects this. Allison Wiedner had an offensive rebound and put back for 2 at about 3:48. She scored a jumper at 2:35. At 1:53 or so she got a defensive rebound and scored a jumper at 1:48. Meanwhile she was subbed out at 1:00 minute along with other subbing. What kind of coaching is this when you sub out a hot hand with a minute left in the quarter!! Meanwhile, Alexis Markowski was subbed in with a minute left in the quarter already having one foul. While an 19-6 record is commendable some coaching acumen at more times could help sustain the winning. 05:31 Sub in by Weidner, ALLISON 03:50 MISS 3PTR by PORTER,RUBY -- >>>>>>REBOUND OFF by WEIDNER,ALLISON 03:46 8 Nebraska 8 >>>>>>GOOD LAYUP by WEIDNER,ALLISON(in the paint) 03:41 MISS LAYUP by BROWNE,KIANDRA(in the paint) -- REBOUND OFF by PATBERG,ALI 03:34 FOUL by PORTER,RUBY 03:20 MISS 3PTR by PATBERG,ALI -- REBOUND DEF by PORTER,RUBY 03:07 8 Nebraska 10 (+2) GOOD JUMPER by BOURNE,ISABELLE(in the paint) -- ASSIST by HAIBY,SAM 02:48 GOOD JUMPER by CARDANO-HILLARY,NICO(in the paint) 10 Indiana 10 02:35 10 Nebraska 12 (+2) >>>>>GOOD JUMPER by WEIDNER,ALLISON(in the paint) 02:27 GOOD JUMPER by BERGER,GRACE 12 Indiana 12 02:11 12 Nebraska 14 (+2) GOOD LAYUP by CRAVENS,BELLA(in the paint) -- ASSIST by HAIBY,SAM 01:57 MISS 3PTR by CARDANO-HILLARY,NICO -- >>>>>REBOUND DEF by WEIDNER,ALLISON 01:48 12 Nebraska 16 (+4) >>>>>>GOOD JUMPER by WEIDNER,ALLISON(in the paint) 01:30 MISS 3PTR by PATBERG,ALI -- REBOUND OFF by BROWNE,KIANDRA 01:21 GOOD LAYUP by MOORE-MCNEIL,CHLOE(in the paint) 14 Indiana 16 (+2) 01:00 FOUL by CRAVENS,BELLA 01:00 TURNOVER by CRAVENS,BELLA 01:00 SUB OUT by WEIDNER,ALLISON 01:00 SUB OUT by PORTER,RUBY 01:00 SUB OUT by CRAVENS,BELLA 01:00 SUB OUT by BOURNE,ISABELLE 01:00 SUB IN by SCOGGIN,ASHLEY 01:00 SUB IN by SHELLEY,JAZ 01:00 SUB IN by COLEY,KENDALL 01:00 SUB IN by MARKOWSKI,ALEXIS 01:00 SUB OUT by BROWNE,KIANDRA 01:00 SUB IN by WISNE,ARIELLE 00:50 GOOD JUMPER by CARDANO-HILLARY,NICO(in the paint) 16 Indiana 16 00:37 TURNOVER by SHELLEY,JAZ 00:37 STEAL by CARDANO-HILLARY,NICO 00:31 MISS LAYUP by MOORE-MCNEIL,CHLOE(in the paint) -- REBOUND OFF by MOORE-MCNEIL,CHLOE 00:28 GOOD LAYUP by MOORE-MCNEIL,CHLOE(in the paint) 18 (+2) Indiana 16 00:05 18 Nebraska 18 GOOD JUMPER by HAIBY,SAM(in the paint)
  22. The NE women's basketball game against Ohio State reflected the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good included Markowski scoring 23 pts and 15 rebounds; Shelley driving to the basket for a change and making 7 of 8 free throws; and team rebounds of 48 vs 34 for OS. The bad included 16 turnovers with several being bad NE passes. The ugly included only 14 made shots on 31 layups or near basket shots. Haiby continues to have shooting struggles with 7 points against Penn State; 6 against Maryland; and 2 free throws against OS. For the 20-21 season she led the team in scoring at 16.8 pts a game (10.2 ytd this year). Most of us remember her late in the game heroics of driving in and usually scoring plus getting free throws. Apparently, she is still dealing with her injured shoulder. As reflect previously, others such as Wiedner, Shelley, or Scoggin need to step up for short jump shots and drive ins to the basket to help compensate. Hopefully despite a quick turnaround, the team will excel against Illinois and if we have a good lead, rest some starters, and play other players!
  23. I went back and reviewed the first half of the game. Both Shelley and Haiby had some very close shots that did not go in. Shelley made a short shot but was called for a charge (same old story of officals being questionable at times!!!). Maryland was very agressive on trying to steal the ball or get tie ups or trap the ball which happened to both Shelley and Haiby. NE needs to improve on fully going for a trap versus halfway trapping as it does at times. Seems like we tend to use a perimeter offense a lot of the time versus going for some jumpshots at times or driving in and maybe get a foul. Scoggin, Wiedner, Cravens, and Cayton have made free throw area jumpers at times and likely could try more if there is more of this in the offense scheme. Likewise drivers to the basket include Haiby, Wiedner, and likely Shelley. Potentially we could get more fouls on the other team and more free throw attempts. NE averaging 13.7 free throw attempts in Big Ten Games (8 in 2nd IA gm; 6 WI gm; and 11 at MD) while the oponents averaged 20.8. Shelley does her under the basket dribble near out of bounds and then fires out for an open shooter when she could also try shooting driving in. On the defensive side, the use of the hedge by one of our forwards/centers seems to put more pressure on defening in the lane as they have to hustle back to cover. The team as is has struggled to defend in the lane offense in multiple games. Also defense on three and outside shots is a step slow at times as well as getting hands up to help defend. Hopefully the team comes out confident in the offense with good shooting and on defense against Ohio State.
  24. Whitney Brown did not play either. Both Coley are decent players and could help a tired team. Also what is the status of Brady playing again. She shows up twice in the intro. Also what about Dillard? Williams meanwhile dealing with a tired team does not call one time out in the game, which would also help tired players even though you are ahead.
  25. Good win, with good shooting percentage of 50% and 55% on threes, but missed 12 lay ups also. Too many turnovers with many on bad passes to the post. Nontheless 22 assists was great. Won rebound totals 41-38. Playing Rutgers next means they are handsy trying to steal the ball so need to be ready for that and playground style of ball. Awesome games by both Weidner and Markowski.
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