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  1. In what way did it make sense for him? Just because he's an east coast guy? That is quite the assumption.. Denying the last few months of indecision had no effect on Kenya leaving seems foolish. The chain reaction of Xavier leaving too because Kenya did is fairly obvious.
  2. I couldn't agree more. I know it's far too early to declare this as a mistake by Moos, but I think we will look back at him slow playing Miles' contract extension or possible firing this offseason and see that it was handled very, very poorly. Either extend him multiple years and show you're fully committed right after the season concluded or move on to the next best option. Leaving the program in limbo for a few months certainly contributed to Kenya leaving, along with our top recruit for this class.
  3. When you're a life long Husker basketball fan... Don't stop believin'.
  4. Does anyone see Miles' potential contract extension hinging on if Palmer, Copeland, Roby, and Jordy return? I initially thought it might, but that would drag this process out quite a ways. If two or more of those players transfer and Miles gets an extension, the voices of the disgruntled Miles resisters would get pretty loud. I see him getting extended for another two years since we haven't heard anything yet. It'll be pretty tough to compete for some of the up and coming coaches with the other schools that are also shopping for a new coach. Louisville, Arizona possibly, Pitt (dumpster fire). UCONN already moved quickly to find their replacement.
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