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    Dirk Chatelain

    I thought long and hard about how to best present this project. I feared doing a book would eliminate some of our multimedia features (I mentioned how much I enjoyed the game footage, but the old photos are great, too). I also worried that people wouldn't buy it. But feedback has been good, so maybe it's a possibility now. Thanks for reading. Hopefully we can finish strong. Sidenote: I think this Friday night event in the Haymarket is going to be really cool. If anyone has any ideas on how to make even better, feel free to shoot me an email. [email protected]
  2. DirkChatelain

    Dirk Chatelain

    Hey everyone, just wanted to say thanks for reading the Nee project. I know it stirs a lot of good memories. I hope you absorbing the online features. I could watch the old videos forever -- it kills me that I couldn't find Michigan State 1990 anywhere. But we have most of the other big ones. We'll have a few podcasts coming up, too, I think. One clarification: I did talk to Nee about the fateful breakfast in Kansas City. I just liked how Hoffman told it better, so I used his voice. Danny and I probably talked for 5-6 hours over the past few years. Here's what we have the rest of the week. Part 5: 1993 Part 6: 1994 Part 7: 1995-2000 Part 8: What Nee's been doing the past 18 years -- this one might be my favorite Epilogue: Where Are They Now?