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  1. I deleted my post, sorry for twisting your panties by talking about basketball.
  2. I'm sorry, I was under the impression that we were talking about basketball and how Nebraska is doing against teams in the NET and Kenpom rankings?
  3. Seton Hall Clemson Texas Tech Minnesota was the 4th one I was thinking of, granted it's not OOC, I should have said teams ranked sub-100 in Kenpom rather than OOC. It will likely be replaced tomorrow by another OOC loss if they look like they did Wed.
  4. deleting post, sorry for sharing an opinion about how we've fared against quality opponents.
  5. Well, I was hoping for 3 or fewer losses for/by New Year's, and that's still in sight. They bounce back from this and beat the Cretin Boojays Saturday and I'll still legit be thrilled about the season. They lose that one though, and if it contains ugly offensive lapses, and questionable inside defense like Tech and tonight, and I'll have some serious concerns going forward to South Dakota, and then conference play.
  6. You and me both. Some of this loss is on Miles eating all of his timeouts and not doing any coaching. I really wish they could have gotten this one, they were in control of it at several points. NU just really sucked on defense and rebounding most of the night, and they just HAVE to figure out how to eliminate all of these scoring droughts/empty possessions.
  7. Nebraska had no business losing this game, they just completely let the game change after the technical and couldn't pull it back to their game like in the first half. This one would have been nice to have.
  8. there is a lot getting called on one team in this one. 15 PF's to 20.
  9. The complexion of this game just completely changed due to yet another lapse of taking horrible shots and bad defense. Palmer isn't going to do well in the NBA unless he drastically picks up his game on the defensive end.
  10. Great start to the half. Refs evening up the fouls, Coffey still at 3, and McBrayer at 3 now also.
  11. That was a fun first half except for the 3 and a half minutes they disappeared. Some questionable shot selection and lack of movement during that span. Brady on the offensive end has been really helpful at times. NU needs to be better rebounding, they're getting killed on the boards, so putting him in there (and Amir too to a degree) was a really good move. Getting out of the funk that started or MN was causing and pushing through it finally and regaining the lead in the game was awesome to see. They're sitting OK with PF's, Cope, Borchardt, and Nana with 2 of the team's 9... especially when you see that Coffey has 3 of MN's team 6. 4 free throws for NU to MN's 17 is a killer, and a lot of those let them back in this game.
  12. same timeouts showing after the break, so NU didn't call it either.
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