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  1. RexxRacerX

    What to do with Miles contract?

  2. RexxRacerX

    Postseason Tourney Talk

    Glad we can stop hearing about the Sooners and Trae Young for a few weeks.
  3. well, I've had a few adult beverages, but man that was as sloppy as you can get. Glad we did this in this tournament and not the other. Just lackluster effort, period. That's on Miles for getting them up and ready, despite the disappointment, and despite the 3 weeks rest. Next year, I'm on the Tournament or bye bye Tim team. Tired of watching this. Have zero desire to watch any other games now, just dejected. As usual.
  4. RexxRacerX

    NIT bracket announcement

    Boise St. is tonight, maybe we can get lucky!?! Let's just take care of business tonight first though!
  5. RexxRacerX

    Matt Schick prank

    Yeah, not a fan of that one either. I listen to Damon and Gary and then turn the channel everyday! LOL
  6. RexxRacerX

    Almost Time

    Even though this is going to be a tough rematch from the charity scrimmage to start this season, I'm looking forward to seeing how this team responds. I have tremendously enjoyed watching every game this year by these young men, and no matter the outcome, or what happens before the start of next season, I wish them all the best success in whatever they decide to do individually. That said, I hope Miles can use this year, and the craziness of selection Sunday to motivate everyone to come back next year and finish what they started. Roby's growth this year was tremendous, Cope and Palmer, Jr. are gelling very well together. Gill has the potential to do more individually, but became such a team player this year that it really helped our big 3 players shine. Jordy has seemed very happy since he has returned, and has been a major contribution to this team. (I'd argue that we win Penn St. away game with him in the lineup) If this team starts where they're leaving off next year, and continues to grow together, I am very excited for next year. But let's get back to the present, I really hope there isn't rust from sitting around for 3 weeks. I really hope they are motivated to come out and play, and have no ill effects from the disappointment from Sunday. I really hope we can break the cycle of the home team winning each game so far before the slate of games today. This team has the tools to beat Miss St. They need to get the crowd (and cowbells) out of it early. It will be interesting to see how we adapt to the experimental rules, the 3 point arc extension has me a little worried, as well as the 20 second shot clock reset. Hopefully they have been working on taking shots from a little further out in practice, and the guys will be ready to go come 8 pm CST. Go Big Red!
  7. RexxRacerX

    Matt Schick prank

    I miss Matt Schick. Loved the Schick and Nick show because of their segments like this, but I can't stand Bahe solo, that's some really, REAALLY bad radio.
  8. I'll go benefit of the doubt on this one and say travel costs. It's probably easier and cheaper for us to go to Stark Vegas, and easier and cheaper to get from Boise to Seattle. But I hear you, there's a lot of head scratching to their rhyme and reason this year for just about everything!
  9. Answered my own question. That's a fortunate turn for UW.... http://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/college/mountain-west/boise-state-university/boise-state-basketball/article204629909.html
  10. So, I was just looking over schedules and matchups now that I've calmed down a bit from the fiasco of last night... According to ESPN, it shows Washington is Home and Boise St. is Away, is this a typo, or was there a scheduling conflict for Boise? Boise St. is the 4 seed, Washington is the 5 seed...
  11. RexxRacerX

    This is the Beginning...

    This made me literally laugh out loud. SOOOOO true, it's funny.
  12. RexxRacerX

    NIT bracket announcement

    Haha. Tell him to bring it in December for us to collect it.
  13. RexxRacerX

    USC Coach nails it

    I am not sure we have a disagreement on #1, it seems like you're saying the exact same thing as I said in my post. My point here is that the N Texas, Stetson, Delaware State, UTSA type games need to be looked at going forward to provide a safety net of more opportunities for those Q1 wins, because that's all it seems the committee cares about. Lose all but 3 of them and you're fine is the message they sent with this year's field. #4, we didn't take care of business, every opportunity for a Q1 win was squandered with the sole exception being Michigan at home. Again, I understand that we should have had more opportunities, and beat most of those teams, but they were not quality opponents this year, and it hurt that each opportunity was not a good result. I really think that if they win any 2 out of that list I provided, NU is dancing. NU had 1 Q1 win, and that's what doomed them. The overall record is looked at like a mid-major this year because of how things shook out and where those wins were gotten. Michigan is the lone exception. The committees cared about who you beat, not how many times or who you lost to. USC has a valid beef with getting left out because they did have several Q1 wins, NU had one at home to Michigan. Everyone on the list that we have problems with getting in ahead of us did have several of those Q1 wins, (despite losing a lot of head scratchers) and that is the missing ingredient to NU's resume even tho NU didn't really have any head scratching losses. Like I said, NU did a great job this year, and we should be happy for that. But the perception is (whether we agree or not) that the record was built from much inferior competition. I'm not saying I agree with how this is being done, and I said that things need evaluated not knee jerk overreacting in my original post, but evaluation and potential changes to adapt to this new quadrant system are warranted.
  14. RexxRacerX

    USC Coach nails it

    My bad, I knew after I hit submit that I should have qualified a few things a bit more. St John's had a guy get injured and arguably should have had a better record. When we played them, I seem to remember them floating around the 50-60 range in RPI, but I could be mis-remembering. UCF - had Tacko Fall stayed healthy, would have had a MUCH better record, and they we're right there in that sweet spot of 55-70 when we played them. Penn St. was all about perception more than RPI, the beauty test... if we beat them (in OT or not) at their home, it's another road win against a team that knocked off tOSU three times this season. Hitting the 3 to tie the game makes highlight reels and gets eyes on NU if you win, but since we didn't there wasn't the exposure. Further, here's why I had BC and MN on the good list, too: Boston College - had injury that hampered them after we played, and they lost a couple games they shouldn't have as a result, if memory serves. Minnesota - had a suspension and injury. The team was markedly better the second time around, but they underachieved this year as a result.