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  1. Sorry man but that’s still too soon. Give it another decade and maybe I’ll be able to laugh about that night...
  2. It was more how we lost to them than that we lost to them. Those last 6 or so minutes were brutal.
  3. Given our history I worry about the if we know what we're doing part.
  4. I believe no team has ever received an at large with 16 losses. May need to Jake Taylor this and win the whole f'n thing.
  5. My expectations after the new regime is established (2-3 years) would be: 1) Avoid the play in game in the conference tournament (Top ten in the league) 2) Make the postseason 4 out of 5 years - 2 NCAA, 2 NIT - with one NCAA bid at least a 6 seed or higher I know that is asking a lot based on our history, but I would like to believe it could be done with the right hire.
  6. I agree that if he played his college ball at say Missouri he would not be as high on my list. Reasons why I would be willing to roll the dice with Tyronn Lue are: He played here and won here. He has coached a team to the Finals in all three years that he finished as head coach winning once. Combine that with the two rings he won as a player and he could be a highly effective recruiter by selling his NBA experience and knowing what it takes to get there and succeed. Obviously he would have to prove it, but these are some real pluses for him on the recruiting trail. It may be a reach, but I think it could work. I want someone who has had success at a high level and Lue fits that bill. I don't want to have to talk myself into how great the next coach is going to be here because he never finished lower than third in the Big South.
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