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  1. From what I have heard (I dont care if y'all think the integrity behind this post is lacking, as I dont post much) the credibility of the source Jeff Goodman has regarding his tweet is very close to Fred Hoiberg. I have been a cynical sally for a long time but there are some real legs to this. Also, this is by no means a done deal but quite a bit of smoke to Freddy being the next coach. I love Tim and I dont think he nor the kids deserve what is going on. I have said, he is an amazing guy but ya gotta compete and compete with results; he has not done the latter.
  2. Im a cynical lover, jealous and speculative partner of my muse, nebraska basketball. I will call my shot and we do the most Nebrasketball thing... Miles is fired, we go after Fred, we don’t get Fred. Actually, Fred puts out a statement saying he is not interested before Miles is fired, we fire Miles anyway and we hire some schlub mid-major coach. #Nebrasketball I know I am a downer but I will believe when I see.
  3. His record is good. We wouldnt have to throw as much dough at him as the others in #4, which would be nice. That being said, I don't think folks would be over the top about that hire. Maybe im wrong.
  4. I wonder what ticket renewal would be in 4 different scenarios: 1. Tim comes back somehow someway (so torn about it)... my guess, it goes down quite a bit 2. They hire a mid-major no real name (Ryan Odom, Porter Moser),/blue-blood assistant/Thad Matta- my guess, still goes down quite a bit 3. They hire someone like Nate Oats or Eric Musselman (Eric ain't happening), Ed Cooley- my guess, still dips a little 4. Hire a Gregg, Fred, Dana, Sampson or dare i say Tyronn.. my guess, another sold out season. I still say, swing for the fences. Throw 3.6 at Gregg Marshall... he knows it aint the MVC anymore and we have facilities and other amenities...bonus the shit out of the guy with a sweet 16 appearance...
  5. They will be 12-1/11-2 going into the new year, losses to Clemson and Minnesota/championship game in kc tourney. Losses after Jan 1 @ Purdue, @ Michigan and @Michigan state Maybe @ Indiana, Maybe Michigan State at home, Maybe @ Iowa, Maybe @ Maryland Finishes 1-4 in B1G 4-9 seed, regardless, they get a win NCAA, maybe 2... maybe 3? ?
  6. CJ Moore's College Basketball Mailbag: What now for Kansas? Who's hot in the Big 12? Is Nebraska for real? https://theathletic.com/596806/2018/10/18/cj-moores-college-basketball-mailbag-what-now-for-kansas-whos-hot-in-the-big-12-is-nebraska-for-real/ so so I should formally introduce myself. I am a huge Nebraska basketball fan and push my agenda hard (especially this year) with all national/local media. Here is a question I asked to the athletic and they answered.
  7. You're a dummy. Tell you what, if creighton beats Nebraska this year, Ill promise to piss on grant gibbs if he was on fire. Deal?
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