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    predict our win total and season outcome

    They will be 12-1/11-2 going into the new year, losses to Clemson and Minnesota/championship game in kc tourney. Losses after Jan 1 @ Purdue, @ Michigan and @Michigan state Maybe @ Indiana, Maybe Michigan State at home, Maybe @ Iowa, Maybe @ Maryland Finishes 1-4 in B1G 4-9 seed, regardless, they get a win NCAA, maybe 2... maybe 3?
  2. Samborini

    The Official Media Thread

    CJ Moore's College Basketball Mailbag: What now for Kansas? Who's hot in the Big 12? Is Nebraska for real? https://theathletic.com/596806/2018/10/18/cj-moores-college-basketball-mailbag-what-now-for-kansas-whos-hot-in-the-big-12-is-nebraska-for-real/ so so I should formally introduce myself. I am a huge Nebraska basketball fan and push my agenda hard (especially this year) with all national/local media. Here is a question I asked to the athletic and they answered.
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    You're a dummy. Tell you what, if creighton beats Nebraska this year, Ill promise to piss on grant gibbs if he was on fire. Deal?
  4. Samborini

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    I completely understand; however, we are Nebraska Basketball fans. Nothing is a surprise. We live on a hope and prayer for the best, but many times it breaks our hearts. I cant help but jump to conclusions. I like to set myself up for disappointment rather than get my heart broken. What can I say? Im a romantic.
  5. Samborini

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Not sure what it means but it doesn't seem good.
  6. Samborini

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

  7. Samborini

    Let me get this straight...

    I see your logic but disagree.. How can you not incentivize winning?
  8. Samborini

    Let me get this straight...

    Im not asking for 5 years nor am I an advocate for Miles. On court production is a question but has secured hope with the production of last year. We have the money, dont fool yourself.. It's about the program not the coach. Spend to secure longevity, or dont and spend to start a new chapter. We do it with other sports, and that was due to numerous sub .500 seasons after a reputation of success. We dont have that in bball.
  9. Samborini

    Let me get this straight...

    Im new to this board. My first love is Nebraska Basketball. My opinion is: This was a big decision for Moos, and has a huge impact on the program. All this (extension) says to me, Moos has been and will always be a football AD. I am not an AD, nor am I tasked with with the responsibilities of an AD; however, this was not a thoughtful move. He had two options: Fire Miles/Extend him two years. I understand what Miles did this last year but i could justify a fire. I personally think he deserved a 2 year extension. But this is the worst option I could imagine for the program. How can hire a quality assistant? How can you recruit? How can you assure stability with the current staff (Lewis is an asset)? More importantly, how can you assure stability with the student athletes in the program? Im upset with Moos. He took an easy way out and as a Nebraska Basketball fan I find it to be a coward/thoughtless decision. Fire him if you dont have confidence. Find someone else .. If youre on the fence, extend him two years and fire him after next year if he doesnt meet expectations, we can afford it; we are paying two FB coaches a kings ransom. You can at least fool candidates (Hunter vacancy), recruits, current staff and players, we have program security, ... put the student athletes first... put the program first... Nevertheless, well done with Frost.