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  1. RPI up to #37. Surprised we didn’t get more of a bump. But it was home games. Iowa dropped 20 spots with their series loss. They will likely need to win in omaha now.
  2. Big series win. Have to think if we can take the series vs Mich we will be in a good spot.
  3. Oh and Iowa 3 outs from losing the series to MiCh St. That would be lovely.
  4. ASU will just not go down quietly. Man, if they had some arms they are probably a CWS team.
  5. What a play by Mojo. Might have saved the season.
  6. Great outing by Fisher. Giving us a chance to win game 2.
  7. Not to compare ASU/NU as one is a baseball blueblood and the other is a middle of the pack Big Ten program..... But, any chance this weekend may open Erstads eyes to perhaps......recruit some power? The ole base to base manufacturing runs hasn’t really worked out well for him. Probably wishful thinking, like the last 5 years we will likely be discount the same thing next spring.
  8. To be fair, getting boatraced is regional baseball under Erstad. That’s how you lose to teams like Holy Cross and Yale.
  9. Erstad might be confused as to why Arizona St is trying to hit the ball out of the park.
  10. Arizona St is not exactly coming in hot. They have been scuffling like us. Albeit, their competition has been much stiffer. Depending on who you ask we are either barely out or barely in right now in terms of a regional. So, we still have a chance to play ourselves in if the bats can do something.
  11. I really like this prospect. He reminds me of the studs at Iowa St under Hoiberg. Hopefully we can lock lock him up.
  12. I believe he makes close to 800K so we would have to pony up. Not that money is an issue. Unfortunately, it’s not happening. We are stuck with Erstad until he decides to retire or takes a jump to pro ball. Bad baseball will remain in Lincoln until Erstad decides he needs help or figures out that having an identity and recruiting to it is important.
  13. But that’s the thing...we really don’t even try to play small ball. This offense doesnt have an identity and it’s been that way for awhile under Erstad. He’s lost.
  14. I think that’s pretty well documented. It begins...and ends with Darin Erstad.
  15. Childress would be a dream. But he’s not coming back. We have been handcuffed with Erstad and it’s unfortunate because the program should be better.
  16. Speaking of talent, many stated that Anderson decimated the program to the point Erstad had to rebuild for years. In year one under Erstad as a team we hit .315. Right now we are hitting .258. Of course, we also had Will Bolt during this time who is a much better hitting coach than Erstad but that’s another story. Erstad was just another coach who came in and talked out of both sides. It was going to be “chaos on the basepaths”. Talks about how aggressive we will be. Unfortunately it’s been the exact opposite.
  17. Nope. He was right. Defense cost us today. If we can sweep NW we should still be in good position to win the Big Ten. Indiana and Mich still have to play each other. Iowa has a very easy remaining schedule though. And they have the tiebreaker over us.
  18. Boom. Such a huge commit. This roster is really forming very nicely. Now lock up the big man from Utah.
  19. Much needed win. Hopefully a win tomorrow and a series win can get them going. Mich series may decide Big Ten league title if Indians falters.
  20. Agreed. I do like some of the freshmen that was brought in like Chick and Schwellenbach. But, it will be a surprise if they maximize their talent under Erstad.
  21. I was onboard with Anderson getting fired. The program really took a downturn once Childress left. With that said, I also questioned the short sightedness of hiring Erstad. And unfortunately, 8 years later there are still more questions than answers.
  22. Moving to the Big Ten makes it tough. But, Erstad has done a pretty mediocre job with this program.
  23. Good research. The rumor mill around Erstad since he has taken over the offense has always been people questioning his ability to teach the game to a bunch of college kids. He's as good as it gets when it comes to understanding the game and understanding the analytical side of things. But, that doesn't necessarily means he knows how to relate and teach the game to college kids. That's why I still think he would be best served jumping to the majors if he gets the chance again. We have far too many kids that come into this program that either plateau early or marginally get better. Guys like Altavilla and Roskam are a prime example of that. Perhaps Erstad is still learning but until we have a recruiting philosophy change and/or Erstad becomes better at the developmental side I'm not sure our offense will ever be where it needs to be. Erstad has always said that he wants his offense to put pressure on opposing defenses. Unfortunately, his lineups more times than not doesn't really reflect that. But, hopefully the offense can somehow get hot the last few weeks. While our pitching depth is questionable, our starts have done their job all year.
  24. I would say that’s a lose lose. You gain nothing by getting a few wins and a loss really hurts the RPI. The team(offense) is not playing well but we have zero midweek games left and 3 out of 4 series at home. Should help to get some arms fresh. And we will need it come Big Ten tournament time considering our pitching depth is lackluster.
  25. Another wasted opportunity. Hard to be consistent on offense when you lack talent in the lineup. Illinois feels like a must series win to get this thing back in the right direction.
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