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  1. Despite another loss, it’s nice watching a team with good spacing on the offensive end. Going to be really fun to watch with some added talent. I’m looking forward to next year and hoping we will see a big jump out of some young guys.
  2. Assuming they can get Cross and Yvan to work hard over the offseason on their game and get Cross to change his body at the very least we will have a team that looks like it belongs in regards to the eye ball test. All 3 transfers are long and athletic. This years team from a physical standpoint doesn’t look like it belongs in the Big Ten but that’s not surprising considering we essentially started from scratch the moment Miles was fired
  3. I won’t act like I know much about the players ranked ahead of him or the difference in competition but the kid in front of him is averaging 14 points less per game. Also, outside of Teddy putting up better stats than Jervay I think the biggest takeaway would be that Teddy has already been D-1 and proven he belongs. And for a team that is dreadful at shooting free throws...that’s one that that should travel with him. Jervay was a 50% FT shooter at juco level. Teddy is a 90% FT shooter. If Hoiberg can keep him in line he’s going to be a big piece to the puzzle.
  4. Nebraska basketball has never lost 20+ games in a season. Looking at the rest of the season we get maybe...2 more wins? It looks like this will surely be our first 20+ loss season. But, I’m also confident that this staff will be the one to get our no NCAA tournament wins off our back assuming Hoiberg stays long enough. We don’t have the horses right now but I’m looking forward to seeing what this staff can do with the incoming recruits + transfers along side the underclassmen on this team. I will also throw out I was wrong on Cam Mack. Earlier in the year I posted I was afraid he had a bit of “Maurice Washington” in him. Since then he has been nothing but great on the court in terms of body language and play. Can’t really remember a Husker more exciting than him with a ball in his hands.
  5. Great win. And we did it with 7 scholarship players. And that’s even with Kavas just basically being a body out there. Huge marbles on Thor. He’s just a basketball player. Also, time to start talking about Cam being one of the best distributors in college basketball. Some of his passes and his quickness can’t be replicated by many.
  6. 3 of our top 8 are Tim Miles guys. Two are grad transfers who were more or less brought in to help fill out a roster. Out of the two centers, both are true freshman. One is 17 and the other doesn’t have the body yet to play Big Ten ball. Cam Mack is top 15 in assists per game. Needless to say, I don’t really think we can take much from this year.
  7. Most talented may be putting the cart before the horse. I’ve heard good things about Banton and Stevenson. Have not heard much on walker. I’m assuming we will see similar development out of the rest of the crew that was seen at ISU under Hoiberg. A starting lineup of Mack, Allen, Stevenson, Banton, and an improved Ouedrogo is pretty appealing to me. Not sure we see the type of jump where Hoiberg took ISU from a 3 win Big 12 team in year 1 to the tournament in year 2 but he is going to have far more weapons to work with next year.
  8. Nana never played again after his suspension. Not sure it ever came out why he was suspended. Rumor around Lincoln was that TA was home sick.
  9. Forgot about Amir. Probably would have been starting PG. Great defender, but no outside shot. I was just trying to piece together what this team would have looked like say had we made the NCAA tournament last year.
  10. I haven’t been around much, probably to the delight of many of you....but what would the roster have looked like this year under Miles? This is not a bash Miles post because I know he stocked the board for last year but what was our top 8 going to look like with him? Roby was going pro regardless. And it’s my understanding that Allen was out the door even if Miles was retained. Was Burke and Green, both who look like wouldn’t start for many Big Ten teams have been the center pieces? Looking forward to next year when we should have enough talent to start looking like a real basketball team again.
  11. We just don’t have the size or talent to compete night in night out in the Big Ten right now. Perhaps he will surprise me come Feb, but I’m thinking Jervay May need to be on the way out. Between his suspension and his defense I think he will either get lost in the shuffle next year or be processed.
  12. Have our best recruiter on him. Going to be hard to keep him from KU and Oregon I believe.
  13. Not sure what to expect in terms of record next year but if the roster stays intact as is we are going to have as much talent across the board since what...mid 90’s? We will have to hope the transfers and recruits gel. Add on the development of our young guys like Cross and Ouedrago down low and we are going to be a fun team to watch.
  14. No inside info but I have an inkling this wasn’t all his decision. I just never really felt he fit in with Hoiball. Good news is this frees up another schollie for hopefully a high end transfer.
  15. I voted no. We are still playing with limited depth and not enough talent in the Big Ten to compete night in night out in the Big Ten IMO. I think our style of play will cause some teams fits but it’s going to be tough sledding.
  16. This is a pretty huge pickup. This kid has an incredible ability to put the balm in the hoop. This team is going to be pretty fun to watch next year.
  17. We may only win a few more games this year but I like watching this team play. You can start to see some of our future key players grasping the speed of this level and starting to gel. More importantly, you can see why Hoiberg is so highly thought of. We are going to be really fun to watch when the young is grow up and Hoiberg continues to bring in more talent.
  18. Meh, if Mack wants to move on he will. He seems to have a little Maurice Washington in him. Good player, but not good enough to risk not building the right culture.
  19. Hoiberg did pretty well at ISU taking in kids that had previous troubles. Not sure how this kid fits in with the current roster but he can get buckets.
  20. Sadly, Adrian Martinez makes Taylor Martinez looks like Peyton Manning at this point. Not sure what happened for him.
  21. Maybe I missed it, who made you eat crow in regards to Miles and Erstad? Its perfectly understandable to claim Frost has been a huge disappointment and also understand that he could turn things around.
  22. We start out with Purdue next year. That’s a 50/50 game at best. Brohm will likely out class Frost again I’m afraid.
  23. Pretty slim chance they get a bowl at 5-7. Probably better to put this year to bed and pray this staff becomes competent in year 3.
  24. Scott Frost ball is getting old pretty quickly.
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