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  1. But they don’t care how you finish now... they don’t care how you play in conference (yet use a conferences RPI to try to take 8 teams or justify only 4 from the Big 10), they don’t care about wins or losses, they care to who(unless someone losses to the last place team in the PAC, SEC, Big East, Big 12, Or ACC) it’s who you beat(unless you are Buffalo, Loyola, Boise State, Bonnie’s) Yet, it seems everyone outside of 60% of the Nebraska fans think there is no chance. Only 4 teams in the top 20 in the BIG.... But only 2 Big East teams in the top 25 yet projected to get 6?
  2. So head to head vs the Big Least conference, the Big Ten is 6 wins and 5 losses. 4 Big Ten teams in the top 25 vs 2 Big East teams in the top 25 and yet the Big East is predicted to get 7 teams in the tourney and the Big Ten only 4? How does that make any sense?
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