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  1. Wow, that was an amazing stretch. This looks like a comfortable and confident team right now. Good job Hoiball.
  2. I understand that this team is new and we all want to give them some slack, but the effort in the second half was unacceptable. No matter the game.
  3. As someone who had a class with Nana and Glynn Watson last semester, this does not surprise me considering Nana showed up twice and glynn showed up everyday.
  4. Tim Floyd has been investigated by the NCAA before for trying to pay players at USC. Personally, I would like to keep him off our coaching staff. It would make our roasts of Creighton a little less sweet.
  5. As a student at UNL, this will definitely bring hype to our student section. The atmosphere is going to be incredible. Can't wait.
  6. I think added upper body strength in the off season will force him to use his forearms more. Hopefully his upper body muscles will be too strong for him to shooting as he is, and he will eventually keep refining and focusing his shot. Just a thought.
  7. He is in my class and gave me an extra sheet of paper before the test. He has been extremely valuable at least to me. ?
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