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  1. First year getting season tickets. I selected paper tickets. Just curious when they normally get mailed out? Thanks! GBR!
  2. Great! Hope to see you at a game or two and put a face with the name. GBR!
  3. Just got 2 tickets today in section 317. Excited for the season!
  4. Good stuff. And his comment does have some merit to it....my bad. Better days to come hopefully
  5. No, nothing really passive about it. Pretty much came right at ya. I will leave the eating ass comment alone.
  6. And you posting on this site more than a lurker like makes it ok? I don’t understand
  7. Even this “casual fan” can recognize bad, overmatched basketball. Surprising that an expert like you can’t
  8. A FN 5th seed in the NIT? Sorry mods, this team was worth a 12 seed in the ncaa. What a joke. And it pisses me off even worse knowing Oklahoma is in.
  9. Does anyone have the link to the team sheets website? As in what ours will look like tomorrow. I saw one on here a while back but cannot find it. Thank you.
  10. ^^^^ Spot on. Ignore the last 2 months of basketball for select teams (the two you mentioned above). But Nebraska losing to Big Ten Champs Michigan totally puts the Huskers out of the tourney. Oh, and let’s ignore their 13-5 conference record, unless I have no clue why I put one team ahead of another. Why not just end the college basketball season around Jan 1st? ?
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