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  1. oly_10

    NIT bracket announcement

    This is a fucking joke.
  2. oly_10


    A FN 5th seed in the NIT? Sorry mods, this team was worth a 12 seed in the ncaa. What a joke. And it pisses me off even worse knowing Oklahoma is in.
  3. Does anyone have the link to the team sheets website? As in what ours will look like tomorrow. I saw one on here a while back but cannot find it. Thank you.
  4. ^^^^ Spot on. Ignore the last 2 months of basketball for select teams (the two you mentioned above). But Nebraska losing to Big Ten Champs Michigan totally puts the Huskers out of the tourney. Oh, and let’s ignore their 13-5 conference record, unless I have no clue why I put one team ahead of another. Why not just end the college basketball season around Jan 1st?
  5. Big man with a horn (whistle). It was fitting that commercial played right after the T
  6. NU - 78 IU - 68 7.5 round up
  7. Oh my gosh. Thank you for the heads up. Glad I’m not embarrassed
  8. oly_10

    The Happy Place Thread

    I had my pout session. The sun did come up. Remembered that we still have two games remaining at home and the BIG tourney and all our hopes are still out there. GBR
  9. oly_10

    Now What?

    Might get a down vote for this but....I hurt.
  10. oly_10

    Vegas doesn’t like us again

    On the site that I enjoy losing money on , NU has now moved to -1 again. Seems like the public is moving our way. You might be on to something nuhusker7.
  11. oly_10

    Vegas doesn’t like us again

    I honestly don’t get it. Illinois is on a 4 game skid and their closest lost in those 4 games is 9 points. Is this just betters going off of name recognition?