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  1. Didn’t he take a leave of absence from the team this year? Anyone know anything about why? Thought he was playing pretty good prior to that
  2. Cross will be the starting 4 next season. Don’t get exactly why people are so high on Walker
  3. Salli nor Hepburn we’re real impressive offensively. They both do a lot of “little”things though
  4. Between the off court stuff, his lack of an outside shot, and his inability to finish at the rim I would think he goes undrafted. Be interesting to see if he’s back next year or transfers out.
  5. Guessing this meaning hoiberg corona test came back clean. Hope him and the rest of the team and staff make it back to Lincoln safely
  6. Anyone mention how shitty these refs are? Guy does a bulldozer screen down the court then ball handler gives a fore arm shiver. Now a shit ass charge on cheatham
  7. So excited to see what an offseason and a year of not Playing center will do for cross”s game
  8. We are just a terrible second half team, it’s almost crazy how bad we are after halftime
  9. Arop definitely has big ten athletism. Can he develop big ten skill is the question? If we are gonna compete next year I think we need to take a grad transfer big that can actually play like a big on some nights.
  10. It’s been awhile but I can see the big ten refs are still bull shit
  11. We aren’t a good program, probably never will consistently be one. The key is to be different. Even so being different is going to require keeping atleast a third of your roster in tact from year to year
  12. He musta got some questionable advice at best because he woulda played quite a few minutes this year the way it turned out
  13. They returned a lot of last years players and had a major transfer addition in potter. Kobe king was maybe there best player before that whole incident happened
  14. Well if we had an average team even he probably sets the program record for single season assists this year. I think he likely won’t be here next year too with his most recent issues. Really starting to think although next years team will be better it’s still not gonna be even an NCAA bubble team.
  15. Didn’t Andrew white lead the big ten in three point shooting the year he was here?
  16. We have a lot of bad habits that will need to be broke in offseason. I’m not for sure what we are trying to do on defense either anymore. Give up a layup or open three every possession it seems
  17. Is it strange he never visited campus? Just committed outta the blue?
  18. Think he gets the waiver based on that whole deal w the strength coach?
  19. Interesting take with our last current scholarship
  20. Not for sure which coach works with the posts or Ivan more importantly but he’s earning his pay. Last five games or so Ivan has played you have really seen some growth.
  21. I thought we had a chance to approach 15 wins before Stevenson was ruled ineligible. We are probably just outta gas now and the loosing streak has gotta be weighing on them. Not to mention we have 3 or 4 of the top 5 guys in the big ten in minutes played? The perimeter/ 3 point defense has become a bit of a concern the last few weeks but some of that has to do w constant double teams in the post
  22. That’s a very good way of stating his struggles. It’s also unfortunate we have no lob threat.
  23. I’m starting to wonder if he’s just not good at lay ups heck of an effort from Ivan the last few games. Happy to see that
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