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  1. I still can’t believe they didn’t fire him over this. Creighton is in the most Politically correct town in all of Nebraska. Plus they are losing guys left n right it seems
  2. I feel like unless we are assuming a major leap for Andre that the fighting norms win a majority of the time. Andre and Walker do not excel at perimeter defense or pick and pop situations so they would get continuously put in the spin cycle on defense and neither currently have the offensive skill set to win consistently in the paint.
  3. Believe one of their assistants is also going to be part of coach beards staff at Texas
  4. I’m not saying he’s a bad kid and his stats(on bad teams) point to him being a good player. What I’m saying is do we want to get into another possible Mack or teddy situation for the third year in a row.
  5. Just going by penn st fans essentially blaming him for chambers firing when the rest of the team wanted him kept then Iowa st fans on Reddit were claiming he wanted to stay at Iowa state but got “voted off the island” by the team. If two fan bases have bad things to say about him it would seem like a situation we don’t want to get involved IMO.
  6. Sounds like he is a very poor team chemistry guy. Was basically told to leave ISU and ultimately got chambers fired at PSU. Not sure if we wanna try a guy like this for the third straight offseason
  7. Sounds like he wanted to go somewhere he could put up a ton of shots per game, would guess he will be back in the portal at some point in the future
  8. If he’s actually willing to redshirt this kids a steal
  9. Awe thank you very much thought that was just the generic 247 account when I looked at it
  10. Anyone able to find out if San Jose st has a basketball board? I couldn’t find anything. If he’s able too retain his underclassmen that roster doesn’t look like total poo by mountain west standards
  11. Poor Rutgers lol. Harper put his name in the draft but he will come back or transfer too.
  12. The state of 10,000 lakes might be on fire after this one
  13. Dam that’s a massive loss for them. He looked to me like there best player at times in the tournament
  14. Would be nice if he shot about 500 catch and shoot threes per day too.
  15. Don’t say that it might be coach miles lol
  16. Why’s he necessarily worse? Kobe was a complete liability at the end of the year on defense and doesn’t create for anyone else on offense. He was in there to shoot threes and takes heat check mid range jumpers. I will say when he’s on he can cook, which is why I’m fine with him coming back but hope that Thor moves on. Wont be minutes or a necessarily a role for Thor if we are going be a competitive team next year IMO
  17. Maybe he ends up being really good but how many guys you think turned down Indiana for them to finally go with 63? Year old mike Woodson
  18. I think potter saved their program from being essentially irrelevant these last two years. Even got them a big ten regular season title last year if I remember right.
  19. I don’t have any inside info just have spent some time on their board and Reddit. Sounded like reuvers didn’t even want to come back there for his senior year. Then sounded like if Davidson came back they could have some underclassmen leave as there were some practice issues there. All rumors on the internet I have nothing concrete to back it up.
  20. Seems like there’s some smoke about something going on behind closed doors at Wisconsin
  21. You can be a bad defender(slow feet) as long as your a high effort guy. Idk anything about wilcher defensively but am hopeful it’s a foot speed issue not effort issue.
  22. If we are able to pack the vault I would hope to go something like 11-9 in conference play
  23. I think he would get destroyed defensively as a five in the BIG. I thought our offense looked very good w Walker as the pivot point at the high post and he’s an above average defender/boxer outer. Hopefully lat becomes more steady over the offseason because I don’t really see banton gaining the weight needed just think it benefits both party’s in the long run if he did.
  24. He would almost certainly be more effective than Lat especially if he got up to 225 pounds
  25. I believe warlock is the politically correct term lol
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