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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to throwback in Will they or won't they: A poll   
    And somehow, we'll still end up as a #6 NIT seed. 
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to jayschool in Assuming they play ...   
    I hope you celebrated by shooting an imaginary arrow.
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to 49r in Assuming they play ...   
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to hhcmatt in 2021 G Adama Bal, 6-6, (France) - Offered   
    Hey man, Bal don't lie.
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to HuskerFever in Big Ten Conference-Only Season   
    Speaking of the SEC (or the SIAA at the time), Georgia Tech managed to play football during the 1918 pandemic.

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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to Navin R. Johnson in Think Yvan as slimmed   
    Now he just needs to work on a pilot's licence so he can get here. 
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to Norm Peterson in Think Yvan as slimmed   
    That's not the first thing I think of when I think of what rabbits are known for.
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to aphilso1 in 2021 PF Will Tschetter -> Michigan   
    With a name like that, it's probably a good thing he wasn't playing in our conference while I was a student in the Red Zone.  I imagine I would've been tossed at least once for unsavory comments.
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to Art Vandalay in Post July 4th Poll: Would you rather ...   
    Go to the casino turn $300 into a grand and buy them all and keep the original $300
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    Nebrasketball1979 got a reaction from Norm Peterson in Post July 4th Poll: Would you rather ...   
    I don't understand why you can't buy all 3 off your options plus the knife, miter saw, fishing tackle and the upgrade in basketball seats.  Just live the American dream and purchase all of them on your credit card, make the bare minimum monthly payment, and then leave all of these great toys to your family when you pass along with the remaining debt.  Seems like a win-win for everyone!!  Well, maybe its more of a win for you, but when you're dead, at least you've lived a hell of a life.  😀
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to Bugeaters1 in OT: 90 Days   
    I have 90 calender days left at work, for the last 43 yrs I have walked through the doors of a state office (Roads}. And that will end on Oct 2nd, it is a bitter sweet time for me. I have been telling stories of some of the stuff I have seen and done in those 43 yrs. It is time for the young bucks to take over. I just wish that they would listen to me when they ask for advice.But it is up to them to make thier minds up. I can only tell them what I would do. I have had many close calls (Death/ injuried) I got luckly about a month ago, when a backhoe swung around nearly hitting me. I hit deck, got up and the backhoe operator was white as a ghost. I got lazy and didn't let him know that I was behind him. So it was my fault. I have also had  4 ribs broken and a wrist. I got pinched in a semi trailer and broke the ribs., and when I broke my wrist I was trying break my fall and trying not to get stuck by some rebar. Okay enough of this. I think it will be a sad last day, but I wont have to worry about jobs anymore and can sleep at night.
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to Norm Peterson in Post July 4th Poll: Would you rather ...   
    So, kinda the back-story on this: I'd seen bottles of 18-year-old MacAllen behind locked glass at liquor store displays in the past. A year ago, that stuff was probably bringing $250/bottle. Now, it's more like $300. And I always thought that was a hell of a lot of money to spend on hooch. Really good hooch, to be sure, but hooch nevertheless.
    As I was sitting on my patio on 4th of July, watching neighbors all around me light off half my net worth in fireworks, I recalled a time a few years back when I decided to splurge on fireworks and bought a couple of these and a few of those and, what the hell, that $50 thing would make a grand finale, etc., and my eventual tab rung up to probably around three hundred bucks. But, somehow, lighting it all off was strangely dissatisfying. Three hundred bucks didn't generate as long of a show as you might expect. Each $20-$30 item was maybe not quite as spectacular as I'd imagined it might be. And I decided I wasn't going to do that again.
    So, as I sat on my patio watching my neighbors almost literally burning through money, I started thinking about other similar-cost purchases and what kind of utility you might get out of them.  And I ended up deciding that I could make the "fireworks" from a $300 bottle of top-shelf single malt scotch last a bit longer and be a bit more satisfying than a bunch of gunpowder that would go up in smoke in one evening.
    I didn't buy the scotch, though, either. I'm actually thinking about buying a carbon steel Japanese chef knife for roughly the same price. Because that bitch should last for-frickin-ever and help me produce some fine eating for a lot of friends and family to enjoy over the course of a lifetime -- and then be worthy of inheriting once I pass from this life.
    If you'd have been willing to consider blowing up $300 worth of fireworks on 4th of July, are there any other roughly $300 things you'd now think differently about buying, having read this thread? That compound miter saw you've had your eye on, perhaps? Some new fishing tackle? Upgrading your basketball seats?
    It's the off-season, guys. Talk to me.
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to Dead Dog Alley in Keeping up with the offers/visits   
    Poplars grow extremely fast.  He could easily be 7'0" by next year.
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to hhcmatt in Keeping up with the offers/visits   
    Feels like Hoiberg has types of guys that he's looking for and the recruiting philosophy in general is offer several guys who meet that criteria and 'are you in or do we go to the next guy?' That's sort of general though and certainly wasn't what happened with Sanogo who was recruited in more of the Tim Miles "you are the top/only guy on our list and we want you to know that' strategy.  You can certainly argue that casting such a wide net for high school students is helpful in the future when some of them will transfer.
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to jason2486 in OT   
    I like the subtle "Jaysker" jab which has the CU logo on a Red shirt!
  17. Haha
    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to Norm Peterson in In state kids?   
    I hear there's a group of Husker basketball fans starting a facebook page to fire Coach Black posthumously.
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to Norm Peterson in Recruiting Class Rundown   
    So glowing it sounds like their moms could have written it.
    But then only Cam Mack's mom would probably go that far.
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to Dead Dog Alley in Will they or won't they: A poll   
    If this was an epidemic that resulted in facial disfiguration, the Iowa men's basketball team would have immunity.
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to aphilso1 in Cam Mack   
    I find this sad more than anything else.  Cam clearly hasn't figured out that bashing coaches publicly reflects poorly on you as the player more than it does on the coach.  Especially when the coaching staff gave you a half dozen second chances to change your behavior.
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to colhusker in Cam Mack   
    Apple didn't fall to far from the tree.  Mommy was burning bridges with coaches earlier this year.  Kid ever grows up and realizes the world owes him nothing and to take responsibility for his mistakes he might be a decent player, the talent COULD be there.
  22. Haha
    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to Navin R. Johnson in Keeping up with the offers/visits   
    Robin Washut Retweeted Corey Evans @coreyevans_10   Nebraska has now offered Quincy Allen. (Top 50, 4 star, 6' 6" SF, 2021 from Washington DC)   Also if you Google the name you might get a serial killer from 2002.  This is not him.
  23. Haha
    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to royalfan in OT Baseball   
    baseball fans just trust me.  Follow Jomboy on twitter.  Great stuff.  (audio off around young folks or work)
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    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to colhusker in OT Baseball   
    I hate the new rule that a reliever has to pitch to three batters minimum.  Takes the strategy out of managing as does the DH.  
    I know that there is more offense with the DH, but I am not sure it is as big a difference as baseball had hoped.
    I hate the swing angle becoming a issue with at bats.  Way to many strikeouts in today's game.
    Umpires should call the real strike zone and not waist to knees.
    Traveling should be called as written - err wait wrong game.
  25. Haha
    Nebrasketball1979 reacted to Dead Dog Alley in 2021 C Adama Sanogo   
    If Creighton is playing the virus, I'm putting on a virus sweater.
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