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  1. Neb - 67 MSU - 59 NIT wins: 2
  2. runsoastowin


    I am proud of this team and what they've accomplished. I'm glad to have been a fan during an immensely entertaining season in which stand-up young men stood up for their beliefs and played some dang-good basketball in less-than-ideal conditions (several one-day preps, high pressure at the end of the season, and a need to develop chemistry quickly). Very proud indeed.
  3. Neb - 74 Michigan - 69 2 games
  4. runsoastowin

    HHCC Game #30 - vs. Indiana (Feb. 20, 8:00 PM CST)

    Nebraska - 71 Indiana - 66 3 players
  5. runsoastowin

    Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    Stop shooting three's. I know they're open shots, but get inside...
  6. Neb - 71 Maryland - 62
  7. runsoastowin

    Hate Will Never Win

    The team apparently considered but voted against boycotting the game on Saturday (http://www.omaha.com/news/plus/husker-basketball-team-considered-boycott-over-white-nationalist-on/article_c00f5555-c804-55bf-9cba-494e4d0cbfdd.html). I'm very proud of this team, and their willingness to even consider boycotting a game and hurting their NCAA chances, for the sake of a more just and equitable society. I am glad that they ultimately decided to play the game, not only because of my desire to see them make the tournament, but also because I do think that it would have given the white supremacist a huge amount of power if they would have cancelled a basketball game because of him. Better to use their position of power to speak about justice and to help enact positive change through the video they plan. I honestly think that it bodes really well for their ability to succeed the remainder of this season--they have their priorities in order and so can take a step back and approach each game with a more calm mindset. And, more importantly (though it's a perspective from which I don't often consider Nebrasketball), it bodes well for these players to succeed in life. Good on them and good on coach Miles and staff. Hate will never win.
  8. runsoastowin

    HHCC Game #27 - vs. Rutgers (Feb. 10, 3:00 PM CST)

    Neb - 87 Rutgers - 70
  9. runsoastowin

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    The Quadrant records were nice to see. It really makes me wonder how precisely the committee plans to use quadrants. Compare us to Western Kentucky: Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 WKU 1-2 3-0 4-5 7-0 NEB 0-5 2-3 7-0 8-0 They have an advantage in Q1, and in Q2, but we have a clear and decisive advantage in Q3. We have clearly shown we are better than that quadrant. They have shown (if anything) that they're not. How do you balance good wins v. bad losses? Will be very interesting to see. Thanks to all for posting and updating these!
  10. runsoastowin

    Time to eat a little crow

    Let them on the wagon. If Nebrasketball has some success and fans jump on the bandwagon, and we have excitement around the program, we could finally have sustainable success rather than just a flash here or there. It will be good for our team and we will always know that we were there through the tough years.
  11. Neb - 71 Wisc - 64 Bonus: 5 players with 5+ rebounds
  12. runsoastowin

    HHCC Game #24 - vs. Iowa (Jan. 27, 7:00 PM CST)

    Nebraska - 78 Iowa - 63