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  1. The player development is average because they work to improve the things they already do well rather than on weaknesses, more often than not. The bigger part of this is that each year the player's roles change. Issie is not a worse rebounder, but she is getting less rebounds because she is playing less, down about 8 minutes from last year, and now Jazz and Markowski are getting them. Sam went to the hoop a ton more last year because she was the primary ball handler, now that role is shared with Jazz. Sam's points are down almost 7 per game. Sam, Issie, Kate, Whitish, etc. are not getting worse as they get older, it is just that the roles change each year with the new players who come in. When Mendelson arrives, Alexis will have to adjust some too. Happens to everybody. Coley sacrificed her entire season to be the 5th big this year. Her role has to change, as she will almost certainly move back to perimeter next year and her numbers will greatly improve even though she will be pretty close to the player she is right now.
  2. First of all we are probably going to win 5 of the last 6, finish 11-7 in the B10 and go on to the tournament. I think we will beat Indiana and blow one of the away games, actually, and that's a pretty damn good season. I agree about the D though, as all 5 starters are definitely more offensive minded than defensive minded players. There is no perimeter stopper or rim protector getting much time......Coley maybe? In Amy's 2nd year when we tied for 3rd at 11-5, 3 of the 5 starters were more defensive minded and 3 3pt shooters came off the bench to add some scoring.
  3. Agree, but it is not because Weidner is not better all around than Ashley. Better playmaker, defender, and passer by a lot. But for Amy, Scoggin is a better fit to play with Sam and Jazz. Ashley is a good 3 pt shooter overall, and deadly when her feet are set. This is huge in Amy's eyes, and the way the game is played today.
  4. Issy is a junior with 2 yrs left because of the COVID year, and Bella is a senior who could play 1 more if she wants to. So everybody could be back plus Mendelson and Popa. Amy plays 2 bigs, lets not call them posts for now, in every offensive set. Right now the big slots are being filled by Issy, Bella, AM, Anni, and Coley. With one player hurt it works really well, but 5 players for 2 spots is too many. Sometimes the big's job is to go outside and set a screen or or be at the top for ball reversal, so there is nobody that just stays on the low post, and this why they all get some 3 pt and high post opportunities. There is no distinction between a center and a forward....just 2 bigs at all times. Now, why would anyone leave? Top players are not happy playing 20 minutes a game when they can go to say, Michigan, and play 35. Do any of the top players in the B10 play only the 20 minutes Alexis, Issy, and Bella get? Even Sam is only at 25. If they continue to win they will accept it for sure, but if they don't it can lead to problems. Indiana plays 7, Michigan plays 8, Maryland plays 7, Iowa plays 7....is it coincidence or a reason they keep their top players and are so successful.
  5. LB is team oriented at Michigan where she knows she will get 35+ minutes. She was pretty much out for hers here when she was getting 25 minutes. Regarding AM, same point I have made previously,......they are crazy to try and rotate 5 players for the 2 front court spots (4 with Bella hurt). It hurts them all......Coley should be a wing.
  6. Sam being out will really hurt, of course, but maybe Amy can use it as an opportunity to get Kendall Coley on perimeter where she belongs. That is, if Bella returns. 1 shot, 0 points, and 3 rebounds is not enough in 18 minutes, and I think or at least hope it is a positioning thing. Also wish Amy would ride the player's streaks more......Scoggin hits a 3, out she comes. Been happening for years. Pull them after misses or turnovers, not makes.
  7. Didn't see this until today. I think your question is right on the money. Coley is one of our best players but is stuck in a 5 player rotation for 2 spots getting too few minutes and playing out of position. Obviously Alexis should be playing more too, and this rotation is the reason why she can’t. Amy’s 7 guard 5 big logic is fine for when we can play 12 and win by 50, but flawed for Maryland, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, etc. (who all unsurprisingly have 7/8 player rotations) when you can't play your whole bench. As the rotation shrinks to maybe 10 for the B10, it will give Amy 5 players for the 3 backcourt spots which is fine, but 5 players for the 2 frontcourt spots is awful for our posts. It’s become a guard’s world and it stinks. I would say to (roughly) play your best 5 guards/wings (Coley being one of them) and your best 3 inside players and go after it like the other top teams do. Why reinvent the wheel? This team can finish 4th or 5th and make the dance, so it should continue to be a great year.
  8. The team is now 12-1 with 5 really nice wins over Creighton, Wake, Minn., Drake, and San Diego. This will be a 22 win team and of the top 4, Iowa looks very beatable. My biggest issue is the 5 player rotation up front. It is very difficult on all of them in the serious games like today. Izzy and Bella are better than last year, only thing changing is minutes (Izzy was not good today, it happens). Alexis' numbers will compile faster than Bella's because most of the time Bella is with Izzy, who gets the primary scoring position on the block. Alexis is often with Kendall and/or Anni, who both prefer being the 2nd big down who gets the high post so Alexis gets the block where she is great. She needs more minutes, but so do the others. Wish Coley was on perimeter and these 80 mins. were getting split 4 ways instead of 5.
  9. Anni is a wonderful offensive weapon, but where does she get her minutes. She is 5th in a 5 player front court rotation behind Bella, Issy, Alexis, and Kendall? So the more minutes Anni gets, the less one or more of those 4 gets. Difficult spot.
  10. Well I think the Creighton, San Diego, and Drexel games were all very nice wins and good prep for conference play. Shelley and Cravens have been great, and Sam and Issy have been very good like they have always been. I do think the statistics are a little skewed though, because Alabama A&M, Praire View, and NC Central are not just run of the mill mid majors, they are terrible mid majors at a combined 1-16 right now. While Minn is playing Oklahoma, UCONN, and Syracuse, we are playing these 3? Nevertheless a top 5 B10 finish is definitely there for the taking, as Rutgers and Michigan State are losing games I never thought they would.
  11. I agree with you, mostly because the addition of Shelley at the point changes everything. The additional ball handler is huge. And if Shelley wasn't here I'd probably be saying the same about Weidner. I loved the 17-18 team with Whitish, but after that the ball could have moved better for sure. We have to remember that everybody in the B10 has 5 classes worth of talent instead of 4 because of the COVID year, and we also have the transfer rule changes so nobody is sitting out a year anymore. So while we do have more talent, there is more talent everywhere because of COVID. BTW, it seems like Patberg has been at Indiana since the late 90's.
  12. The coaching staff does not concern itself with shot selection, never has. There is good and bad with this. Everybody plays loose and aggressive, which is good, but the players do not distinguish between 1st pass 3's vs 3's taken out of the offense after everyone gets involved. Does anybody out there look like they are hesitant to shoot, absolutely not. Some teams have everyone obsessing over what is and isn't a good shot, we take the opposite approach and go with all shots are good shots. Of course in doing this, we take a fair amount of bad shots.
  13. Amy is not a "pass first" point guard kind of coach. She often wants them to drive or shoot first. Traditional pass first players like Bria Stallworth and Mackenzie Helms never really fit in and tried to become scorers which made things worse. Scoggin over Helms last year is an example of this...shooter over passer. Hoping Weidner can do both.
  14. Lets go with what I think Amy will do, which is not exactly what I think she should do. Bella, Issy, Sam, and Ashley are automatic. No way someone loses a starting spot over the summer. That would be crushing to their confidence. The last one is harder, probably Shelley, but would not be shocked if it was Ruby. Coley, I know, except i hear she is now a 4. At this point the newbies know about 33% of the offense, that's it. Early on last year you could see they were winging it often, and then Sam would drive or someone shoot a 3. Had no choice last year having so few players, not the case now.
  15. We have Issy, Bella, Anni, Alexis, and from what I understand Kendall C., at the 4 and the 5. So that is 80 minutes to be divided between those 5 players. Tatiana would not benefit from being the 6th piece of an already jammed rotation. Hopefully I'm wrong about Coley who should be a 3. So if Issy and Bella ONLY play 25 mins each, that leaves 10 minutes each for Anni, Alexis, and Kendall C., who all can do very good things. Also, I feel Bella is very underrated as she rebounds and defends like a beast, moves the ball, and can play very well without taking a ton of shots which is a rare ability.
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