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  1. Clark often behaves like an arrogant jack-ass. Reese absolutely behaved like a jack-ass. Where are the parents, where are the coaches? Somebody has to recognize that this behavior is just classless and wrong. Justifying one with the other is what is bringing us down as a society. 3 D-1 kids in my family and none would ever behave like that because they were taught not to. Being great should not be an excuse for being an asshole.
  2. LSU wasn't even on the court for the anthem.....hope they blown out big time.
  3. I think Bluder gets to use the exact same defensive strategy vs LSU that she did vs South Carolina. Four players in the paint defending the post and drives, and trying to block out and rebound as best they can. She will invite them to shoot 3's and do what they can to limit Reese, who only takes layups, from killing them just like she did to Boston. Clark whines too much, but she has proven she is the best player in the country by quite a bit.
  4. Congrats to Sam, Jazz, and Izzy...all 3 had wonderful careers. Kansas shot even worse than we did from 3, but shot almost 70% from inside the arc, that might be the problem. Lastly, why not just take the closest good shot? If it's a 3 great, if it's not, its not. They are not worth anything when you miss.
  5. If you dismiss Amy's first year, she was 3-3 vs Iowa in her 3 years BC (Before Clark). When the opponent has the the 4th or so best player in the country its going to get rough. Hopefully it can get back to normal when Clark goes.
  6. You don't see the irony in someone that constantly flops and whines not getting a big call......I certainly do. BTW, she was fouled once for sure by the help defender who slapped/grabbed down, not 7 times like the Michigan guy is saying.
  7. To get fired Whalen had to go 22-47 in conference over the last 4 years. That is awful. We were 24-9, 11-7 just last year and made the tournament. Amy also has 3 years left on her contract. It is unimaginable to me that she would be going anywhere anytime soon. Not judging her coaching ability at all, just comparing numbers. One other recruiting thing that people may or may not be considering.....and that is Nebraska is not that easy to sell up until she gets the recruit to visit campus. I think we get lots of players from say Minnesota and the Dakotas because their weather is even worse than ours.
  8. We made more 3's, we made more free throws, we had more rebounds, we had less turnovers and we still lost. I would say its time we started defending people, especially mid-range and in the lane.
  9. Problem is you can verbally decommit at any time too up to when you officially sign as well. Verbals aren't worth as much these days.
  10. Gustafson may have been the best offensive post player in the country her last 2 years, whereas Kate was a nice B10 player but not near Gustafson offensively...who was? Lets also note that its hard to go too crazy on 7.5 shots a game even at 55%. Cain was more about the D with 3 B10 All defensive teams and all the blocks. BTW Nebraska went 2-2 vs Iowa the 4 times they played in 17-18 and 18-19 as it is a team game requiring role players and chemistry, and that 3rd place 17-18 team was very good thx to Whitish, Eliely, Simon, Cincore, Kissinger, Morton, Wood, Stallworth, Blackburn, Mitchell, etc. Bigger question is, why does Alexis M. only get 9-10 shots now? Answer is wing to post pass has never been a big part of the offense and Izzy beats her to the low post a lot of the time.
  11. This started out being about why we don't have freshmen who impact the program, specifically talking about Amy's recruits. This year it is an issue because Hake gets the most time of the freshman, but certainly not a lot. So I named a bunch of players who Amy recruited in previous years who either started or played a lot beginning their freshman year, that was the only criteria. Nicea was not one of Amy's recruits so I didn't include her, Shepard, Whitish or Simon.
  12. Wait a minute on this freshman thing. Cain and Kissinger were a huge impact. Sam, Ashtyn, and Brown were impact. Issy was kind of impact, and for goodness sake Markowski was an enormous impact just last year. This might be about this year's freshman, but nothing more than that.
  13. 33 of our 64 shot attempts were 3's, and we made 7. That's a loser vs anyone. The 3 was meant to make the game more entertaining, but it makes us difficult to watch IMO. Too many players never bother to learn how to score any other way.
  14. You can't count the 1st year with all inherited players, and going 9-10 in 20-21 was nothing short of a miracle with what that team had. The 18-19 and 19-20 are disappointments because all of the positive chemistry from 17-18 was wrecked in the 1st month. Last year was really good (and we should not forget that) and now this year is another disappointment for sure. Next year has to be a bounce back, but with Issy and Jazz future up in the air who knows. As far as I know the foreign players are not allowed any NIL which does not help at all.
  15. That's right. The recruiting is a year ahead. Basically all the high school players are committed before their senior season, and therefore also before the college season is played. Those 4 were all committed before the 17-18 season was played and all thought they were joining a 7-22 type of team. I have another thought too. If Michigan State does not make up the game vs Purdue, which they would lose, they will most likely finish 7-10. We could quite possibly finish 7-11, screwing us again even though we beat them. Admittedly the reason this time is legitimate when 2 years ago they were just ducking the game as they had nothing to gain and everything to lose, and they would have lost.
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