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  1. huskerfrank

    Washington State vs Nebraska thread...

    I got it now, you are always right and I am always wrong. My opinion is clearly not as important as yours. And if you have not noticed the 5 game winning streak started after Taylor got hurt and our rotation pretty much went down to 7 (6 yesterday) . You post the boxes, look at them. I know, I'm crazy. BTW, let me be clear that this is NOT any reflection on Taylor and as soon as she is healthy she has to play a ton and be a huge part of everything. And lastly, in my opinion which is of equal value to yours, you do not change out your entire team when you are on an 11-0 run that took about 4 minutes.
  2. huskerfrank

    Washington State vs Nebraska thread...

    Game was lost on D in the 1st quarter, but doing a 5 player substitution while on an 11-0 run, in my opinion, falls in the just plain crazy column. Don't care who went in or out, not the point at all. This is a very simply concept, if players are doing well leave them in, if they are doing poorly replace them. When on a big run, don't change anything until the run is over. And finally, If anyone is getting tired they just have to tough it out for the duration of the run. No reason to reinvent the game.
  3. huskerfrank

    Coastal Carolina vs. Nebraska

    Did not listen to radio broadcast. The sub pattern makes it harder for team to have continuity/identity, but what are you going to do. 9 is better than 10, just get it down to 8 maybe. If this is going to be Hannah's team, she can't be playing 23 minutes even if she is not doing great. Yesterday was about not playing together or playing well more than sub pattern. That was a bad mid-major that we had trouble with, and we had the much better players.
  4. huskerfrank

    Coastal Carolina vs. Nebraska

    Aside from Hannah and Bria, most everybody just doing their own thing. Pretty dysfunctional right now. We are athletic and have some talent, but need to play together. Today looked like we never had a practice. Coaches must address shot selection. Agree with tinpanalley that we are in trouble if we don't alter some things and improve pretty quickly. More zone maybe. Cain had a bad weekend for sure, but this girl who can't jump does somehow have 16 blocked shots...... (bigger concern is she and Rachel were not involved in offense today).
  5. huskerfrank

    Creighton - Nebraska

    UCONN beat UCLA by 20 last night. Geno played 6 in their 4th game of the year, and 3 played 40 minutes. Obviously not too worried about players getting hurt. Win at any/all cost......does not care it if players are unhappy or if they transfer, quit, or whatever... and this is not because the bench is no good. It is his approach to winning. Select your best and go with them. Hoping we can find a happy medium. Lets go get them today.
  6. huskerfrank

    Creighton - Nebraska

    Kim Mulkey at #3 Baylor just played basically 7 women tonight in a 30 point win vs Central Arkansas. I'll bet Dawn Staley at South Carolina works the same way. These coaches were stars in college and bench players are a distant 2nd thought to them. Coach Williams was not a star, or a starter here at UNL. I'll bet her playing experience makes her more determined to involve everyone, as It does not seem she was involved so much (statistically, I wasn't there) when she played. It means she has a heart and wants everyone to have a great experience, which is not a bad thing. Still have to reward the players doing well, though.
  7. huskerfrank

    Creighton - Nebraska

    I think this playing time/substitution thing is really interesting. If Coach Williams can win playing 10 or 11players, that is a great thing, will keep everyone involved and happy, and promote a great team environment. She did it at SD, and she is certainly not the only coach who works this way. The question is does it makes it harder to be successful? If my life was on the line for one game, or even one season, with any team (not necessarily ours) I would commit to my best 7, having one front court sub and one back court sub. Who are the last 4 players on the Cavs or Warriors benches? Anybody know without going to the internet, of course not because they never play. Another example is of course UCONN, where Geno could be up 50 and still be playing his starters...not defending it, just stating it. Bottom line is players doing well should stay in and players doing poorly should (eventually) come out...it should not be predetermined.
  8. huskerfrank

    Creighton - Nebraska

    This should never happen again....either go to a 2-3 zone or pull the big and put another perimeter defender in........done. I guess the thing is if a team goes small we should be able to take advantage with our size on the offensive end but that didn't happen either.
  9. huskerfrank

    Creighton - Nebraska

    HUD, are you saying Kate, Darrien, and Rachel were guarding their big 3 point shooter. I didn't think that was the case but if it was it makes no sense. They are not perimeter defenders. If a team is playing all 5 out, we should either go small with Grace/Maddie or play an an extended 2-3 zone where the bigs can stay in the middle, stop drives, and rebound? In 2nd half Kate scored two straight baskets and got lifted for Rachel, she then scored 2 straight and got lifted for Darrien....if someone is hot we should be feeding (and playing) them till they cool off. What are we doing? Not our finest hour substitution wise or strategically. I got this out of my system and will go back to being positive.
  10. huskerfrank

    That didn’t take long ...

    I am not quite as optimistic about the chemistry just yet, although wins are wins even vs small schools. Unless we are just going to live or die with perimeter shooting, players other than Hannah and Bria have to pass inside when its there.
  11. huskerfrank

    Mi'Cole Cayton

    Kate Cain didn't stay with Delaware after a coaching change and she ended up here........hope the Delaware fans are not wishing her injury.
  12. huskerfrank

    "Raising" Cain

    Being nervous in front of reporters (which she obviously was) and being nervous performing on the court are unrelated, two entirely different things. That said, starting or not is almost meaningless...its about minutes and who is on the court when the game is being decided.
  13. While I don't think immediate lineup changes are coming or necessary, Bria and Kate clearly showed that they deserve big minutes and should be in for crunch time.
  14. huskerfrank

    Signing Day 11/8/17

    ESPN has Brown lower than she should bee too.
  15. Nice article, hope she has a standout career as a Husker.