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  1. Never been there.... Wisy [ˈvisɨ] is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Radoszyce, within Końskie County, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, in south-central Poland. It lies approximately 3 kilometres (2 mi) west of Radoszyce, 20 km (12 mi) south-west of Końskie, and 36 km (22 mi) north-west of the regional capital Kielce
  2. Seriously. Tell me how the Trey and Verge calls were bs? Trey swiped at the dudes face and looked at his face in mid air not going for the ball. Automatic f2. Verge slapped the floor while staring down a ref. Got up, and continued to stare down said ref. Pretty basic to see why these were called.
  3. Yep im an idiot for not agreeing with 2 fouls that went against my team cause players made bad choices...
  4. I mean blaming refs is always a cop out. Go back and look at the Trey foul. He was looking at the dudes face and not the ball or arm.
  5. Of course. If it was the other way around no one would care. I'll give the reversed charge call bs but can see why the other 2 were what were they were
  6. Not very often as he was obviously pissed at the ref and stared him down
  7. I sure no one will agree with my Trey toes the line on his plays and got caught. Verge slapped the floor looking at the ref and let it go until the staredown looking back
  8. I was at that game toi. Good old George Claxton. Next game lost to Pete Lisicky and Penn state
  9. I remember when NE beat GA in the NIT and got their coach fired.
  10. Well thats never happening so its moot. Roby playing the 5 in this league this year is not going to make it that much better. What if Dave Hoppen was playing center? Final 4?
  11. Dont think the scheme works. Much like Frost if you arent out recruiting your opponents like Ohio St, it isnt going to work. I thought it may, but the reality is you need a dominant post player much like you need a dominant run game in fb in this conference. Unless you are getting elite shooters I find it hard to believe Fred's scheme will work. Especially when you are getting out rebounded almost every night.
  12. His 2nd signature on the extenion was his biggest win for him...
  13. Recruiting? Coaching? Defense? FT shooting? 3pt shooting? Pace? Do those count? What about Delano Banton? Does that count? His signature win will be his conversation with Trev that gives him another year....
  14. I thought that was Rosenthal? Too soon?...
  15. I agree, hard not to based on that. My point is this program deserves more than Miles results, and without a doubt more than the Fred results. And just cause Miles had more "success" then Fred, doesn't mean Miles was the answer and he should still be here.
  16. Its cool cause of the wins and style they play. Not cause of the coach and his personality and jokes
  17. Just saying. I was just throwing out a random fact for the heck of it...
  18. Mike Riley made multiple bowl games as a coach and shouldnt have been fired....
  19. Yeah i know how the season ended...
  20. Its weird the word "multiple" is used to show success. Why not "multiple" bottom 4 finishes. Its an odd flex that this is somehow the point is used when the other 5 years arent. Again the issue is the acceptance and expectation that its ok
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