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  1. One thing I have noticed is they like to send out a big to double a guard at times outside the three. Wilhelm especially does it. Not sure the reasoning other then they are trying to get a team to throw it inside where the sagging defense will be there for an easy double. Not sure this will work against talented teams with a big as this will expose the lane.
  2. Its star gazing. They get these highly rated recruits in hope they will work but either dont fit the system or the system isnt adjusted to fit them.
  3. Its early but Im starting do doubt this experience. I have no motivation to go to any more games. I feel like this staff just star gazes and take highly rated players hoping they will work so he can turn this rather then taking players that fit the system. Matt A says it was a no brainer to take Verge after Banton left. Why? Why take a player, although talented, that isnt a pg or a fit for this system? You telling me there was no true pg available in the portal to take that would have been a better fit over talent. In a sense I feel this is year 1 after last year and what he had to do his first year. I also feel like that as an established coach he should be further along.
  4. He did have injuries in Chicago which did hurt him. I think he is a good x's and o's coach when it comes to scheme and plays but his development and finding the right players is gonna hurt him. His in game coaching isnt much to be desired.
  5. I said both of these after the 1st game. You either need a pg to run this system or adapt to the players you have. How they cant get a true pg in 3 years is mindblowing. It seems more about getting high recruits instead of players that fit for what you are doing. Honestly I dont see more then 10-12 wins out of this team.
  6. In simple terms... Greg owns NE and Fred is outcoached and out talented once again
  7. He seems over his head. He seems like too much of an NBA coach. I wonder if having assistants that arent in game coaches hurts him.
  8. Seriously, im going Sunday and maybe to the Kstate game but other then that hooefully I can sell my tickets
  9. The spacing they have is excellent. Why NE cant do that with their shooters blows my mind.
  10. I honestly have no motivation to go to anymore games. I drive from Omaha and its not worth it anymore. At this point its better to just watch at home. NE had no business being down that much and losing tonight. Get it fixed Fred!!!
  11. So I watched after I got home after I believe halftime. I started from the beginning and it cut off early in the 2nd half when I believe the game was over. It didnt allow me to keep watching or to go back and watch. I dont know if this normal for this app but defeats the point of getting it of you cant watch right away. The fox sports app doesnt do this
  12. Crayton shouldn't run them out of the building. If anything it willbe ugly low scoring. At some point the jays will hit shots. Hopefully not Tuesday. Verge has to be a pg and not play selfish for this team to be successful
  13. Kinda weird. Feel like Fred said "f" it. Im not helping, you guys figure this out. He had at least 2 if not 3 timeouts left if not mistaken. Im worried that the issues of no ball movement kept happening and no adjustments to fix it.
  14. Technically standing or sitting for either one is your choice.
  15. Last night was horrible and I actually woke up still in denial. Fred needs a real PG to run his system and has yet to really have it. I said Verge is a skinny Teddy and not sure he fits this system. His body language and plays at times makes me think he may end up like Teddy. I also agree Wilhelm is better suited at the 4 spot especially come big 10 time. Bryce has the talent but what he did last night at times doesnt fit the system. So will Fred adapt to his players or make the players fit the system.
  16. Couple of things. Verge, unless he changes, is a skinny Teddy Allen and needs to play within the system. I really wonder how much of the poor rebounding is a product of the offensive mindset and wanting to run. Curious what Freds oace of play was at Iowa St and the reboundimg numbers there
  17. Once again issues with btn app on roku. Must be doing something wrong
  18. Good interview last night with Coach Nee and Badgett. Starts at the 13:45 mark.
  19. Im in the 2nd row in the 300's close to mid court. The $ you save vs 200 level is a lot. You enter the same tunnel and i walk up stairs and am right there. If I had a high row in the 200s it would seem like a wash. The fact that I cant make everygame makes a difference to and can sell my tickets. I do like the view too above as you can see things develop
  20. Its working now...dont get why the time clock kept restarting when I backed out.
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