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  1. With all the negativity at this university athletically and academically latley I need Nebrasketball. Hopefully a good season ahead.
  2. The thing is as I said earlier with these type of charges and the nature of the crime it is much different
  3. This should put all the innocent till proven guilty to bed. Thank you.
  4. Thats one example. Im just saying you rarely ever find a case where a child ir children in this case where its not true. Your Army example is apples to oranges here. He gone...
  5. Thing is 99.9% of time on these types of cases it doesnt end well...its children, not adults blaming each other
  6. I never really cared for him on any level and now just shows what a pos he is
  7. I think we can stop mentioning that pile anymore after todays news....
  8. The thing to keep in mind is just cause he is a 5 star doesnt mean his stats will pop. Players with outstanding numbers dont always get drafted and vice versa. NBA will draft a lot on potential and skill set which doesnt always translate to numbers. It always amazes me how many players excel in college based on their numbers, yet dont get drafted or are a minor piece in the NBA or never make it. The NBA is unique where it really is the best of the best and of course the number of spots is minimal. Hopefully though he does excel here and is a big impact that we havent seen in awhile.
  9. There was a box to check to upgrade the seats, not sure if thats the same as chhose your own seat. Probably need to call the ticket office I assume
  10. Having said all that, the bball program is finally on solid ground after 20 plus years of neglect with now the right coach and support.
  11. I dont and wouldnt either 2 just cause of current situation. I feel you need to get the best coach with experience in any sport not just someone with ties here. Not all 9-3 teams are created equal....i'll now stop with the fb talk on here
  12. Yet as T.O.'s players left the recruiting dropped. He also had no experience as head coach, let alone one that was the machine that was here. Seems to be common at times with this univ
  13. Technically yes. Mens bball has been or was an afterthought despite Nees success for 4-5 years. The univ only cared about their cash cow that is fb
  14. In a weird way he has for the fans, not for the univ
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