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  1. This year has been rough for the games i havent been able to go to. Last year i more than made my season ticket costs back in about 4 games. Stubhub works great.
  2. I know it was mean but still funny. More cause of the fact that someone put it on the big screen at the Bob. Still cant believe someone got away with that.
  3. That was Joe Mayo but good try
  4. Yeah, i got a bad vibe from him in that interview
  5. He was asked about that on radio interview and said he has never met him or talked to him
  6. Listening to his hail varsity radio interview, i say see ya. Man, 17 year old kids with that attitude. Good luck bro. Deuces. Trust Fred will find someone better and with a better attitude. Bit of a diva especially with a busted knee.
  7. I dont get that feeling. They want the best players that can contribute. If thats a juco or xfer then be it. At this point the program needs to do what it can to win a tournament game. The rest will come with this staff. The fact that these high recruits arent willing to give it time or realize the other talent is better shows they are more individuals then worrying about the team success and working hard.
  8. Glad you wasted that time to stalk me. I point out Dirk cause he gets the most outcry cause he made an anger freak of a coach yell at him. I enjoy my mind being opened by good writing and dont bash the dude and name call him cause of personal appearance or cause he made said coach angry. Says a lot about keyboard tough guy attackimg someone on twitter cause of what they say upsets them so much in lieu of reality. As for other journalists most I dont follow outside of Sip and Shatel. We have a miserable football team and the worst college basketball history. Im fine if things arent going well that others point out the things causing it. I may have not been the same before, but am open to it now cause i want it fixed.
  9. Not related whatsoever. Never even met the person. No I dont think its makes hardwe for a coach. If a coach focuses on what the media says then thats an issue. Again, dont think Dirk is against the program or coaches.
  10. Cause i used to care creeper. Now i have changed my thoughts especially after the fb team and everyone blaming media. That was six years ago and now I have matured and realized the product on the field or on the floor is to blame not what some media member says.
  11. How does it hurt your school? You know what hurts your school? Winning 9 games in 2 years. Being a dumpster fire for 20 plus years. But cause the reporter explains the struggles with stats and facts it hurts them. Not the coaching, not the players, not the admin, the writer does. Ive read that before and people need to get a life of they find joy in attacking a reporter for the programs woes
  12. Well he doesnt work for the university so his job isnt to promote that product or cater to a fanbase. Its to challenge readers and expand the mind.
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