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  1. He was praised a lot during the season with the shut down and how he handled the players so it is a head scratcher
  2. Dont forget about the horrible way he handled the Miles situation and has repeatedly said things that backfire.
  3. Dont know if its been said thru all these pages but do we want players to leave? 13 schlorships and at most 10 will usually play. Having guys like Shamiel and Yvan and woods can be ok if they accept their roles and understand that. You arent going to have 13 4 or 5 star players. The minutes wont work. Im fine with all of them staying if they realize that and tranfering to lower schools doesnt mean more playing time. The core needs to be strong and your role players that can contribute when needed due to fouls or injuries. If there isn 7-8 solid guys, after that is just a bonus. If anyt
  4. Hey it all worked out. The Miles coaching tree is continuing to take off
  5. He was lost and I questioned him all season long but hes played well down the stretch and balled out on both ends tonight. Good for him.
  6. Where has this Thor been all year long? Dude is balling with active hands on both sides of the ball. Addition by subtraction I guess
  7. The thing is they have been shooting the 3 better lately. Kobe, Bantonn Lat, and Trey have been shooting well. As far as Lakes he wasnt even going to play this year so if he wants to I dont see why he wouldnt come back although he would have limited mins.
  8. You wonder if thats his route. I guess therecis no other options but wonder about his kids
  9. Having multiple guys with high bb iq that avg 3 pts isnt a good thing. One to maybe 2 on the roster will work
  10. I agree he can play a role, but if you are relying on a guy like Thor to go above his ceiling which he has hit, its not gonna happen. You hope you have more talented players then him playing moving forward
  11. Can it get worse? Less then 15 wins in 2 years. Doc and Barry accomplished more. Im starting to worry. You cant keep overhauling the roster but this team lacks shooters. If you are gonna continue to play the way Fred wants you better get talent or adapt to the conference. I get Covid and how good the conference is but like fb, its the stupid things that are frustrating.
  12. I've been saying that unfortunately for about the past 25 years, life of Nebrasketball....
  13. I hope so too. I just hope they dont lay an egg, which I can see happening, against Penn St.
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