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  1. Again if thats the pitch and the reason a recruit chooses that school then bye
  2. To think a college recruit decided to not go to a school cause of a reporter is absurd. The reporter stated facts based on stats in the league. If that was a reason a recruit didnt commit then see ya later.
  3. I agree, he was a role player and should of have been or going forward probably shouldnt have been more than that. You need guys like that on the team, just not playing that many minutes
  4. May have played hard and with heart but lets be honest, he was a liability on the floor and it wouldnt have been good playing many mins going forward.
  5. And Lance Jeter played football...
  6. Less pieces off a 7 win team, especially those that cant follow team rules, can be replaced in my opinion.
  7. Explosiveness and vertical are what needs work. Slim down with more muscle, he's got alot of booty that weighs him down
  8. 2 more? There are 7 new players next year if King is eligible. That leaves Ivan, Cross, Thor, Green as contributors if they stay. 11 players with 8-9 spots available.
  9. I think he needs to shut down twitter for awhile
  10. Or over reacting to one game
  11. That was one game. Lets pump the breaks a little
  12. Find it hard to believe he will be back one way or another. He pretty much has screwed himself with his off court issues. I also find it hard to believe he would xfer since he would have to go to lower level. Just strange
  13. Hes not back, lets be real. He gone.
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