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  1. coughunter

    Amir Harris is N

    He already said he is staying and not xfering
  2. coughunter

    Danny Nee's Old Hang-out (one of them, anyway)

    I went there before the Iowa game. I was with 2 Iowa fans that wanted to check it out cause they heard about it. The place was filthy. Two attractive bartenders there around 3 that didnt seem to care about much. The beer was served in plastic pitchers and old plastic cups. The beer tasted old and dirty. I assume the lines hadnt been cleaned in awhile. I went up to the bar to get more pitchers and sat there for 5 mins while the girls talked to 2 guys sitting at the bar. The place wasnt busy at all at that time. I went to the restroom and one urinal had a black bag over it and the other had what looked like pulled pork in it from the night before. Never the less we obviously didnt eat there and left shortly after.
  3. coughunter

    My perception

    Unrealistic expectations? Dear god if anyone thinks this team shouldnt be in the tournament or on the bubble almost every year or every 2 years and has lower expectations then apathy has set in. No reason this program should be as bad as it is for as long as it has.
  4. This whole thing is turning into a joke and pretty much sums up Nebrasketball and the history of this program. Will anyone ever care to invest in this program and and make decisions? You dont think Barfknecht is purposely used by Miles to give out info that he can write about that supports Miles and the program and the issues Miles has? Why did Miles find it necessary to tell Lee about he hasnt heard about his contract? Cause Miles wants to control the message. Miles isn't stupid and Lee will write it cause he gets that insider info.
  5. coughunter

    The crowd must get better

    B-Wayne, D-Wayne....whatever. Hope that guy isn't getting paid. Seems very minor league-ish
  6. coughunter

    The crowd must get better

    He's some guy that comes out before the game and tries to fire up the crowd. Something new this year they have tried.
  7. coughunter

    The crowd must get better

    I think the obvious answer is we need more B-Wayne during the game.
  8. coughunter


    Looking for 2 tickets to the Iowa game. There is never anyone hardly in my section in the 300 level for games but there is limited tickets I can find online and was looking to buy 2 tickets if anyone is not going to go. Hit me up if you or anyone you know is looking to sell tickets to this game. Thanks.
  9. I agree its early but this is year 6 and an overall losing record. We do this all time in these tournaments and now will be playing 2 garbage teams. Im sick of getting out butts kicked by Crayton every year and seeing the teams they have. There is no reason this team should be where it is and be the laughing stock of power 5 teams and even all of college basketball. This team has too much money, resources, and facilities to be a bubble team or in the tournament almost every year. Once again its bring in all this talent and I dont see any light at the end.
  10. This team is terrible. It's another same team different year already this early in the season. Tim Miles is done. No way this team makes the tournament. I'm getting sick of this and going to games when I already know how this season ends. There is no identity and no offense. It used to be isolate a player and let him score when they had lack of talent and now I don't know what it is. This team is soft too. For a coach that likes to talk about defense I see no threat inside or toughness grabbing boards or going after loose balls. I know its early and may be an over reaction but Im just sick of the same old story every year.
  11. coughunter

    I miss The Bob and the Big 12

    I miss the Bob too! I miss having nowhere near by to eat or drink before the game. I miss parking in a farm lot and having to walk 6 blocks in the cold to go to a game. I miss sitting on a wooden bench to watch the games. I miss having to wait in line forever to get something to eat and drink. I miss the tight concoarses leaving the arena. I definitely miss peeing in a stained trough. I miss the one way exit out of said farm parking lot. Other than that I'm happy for PBA!
  12. coughunter

    Big Ten Tourney

    My guess is MJ. Didnt play second half on Sunday, interesting comments following Illinois, and obviously frustrated.
  13. coughunter

    Season Tickets

    Anyone have any connections for the KU game, I'll gladly pay for some tickets
  14. coughunter

    How are we gonna confirm anything anymore?

    I think Robin Washut does a great job and better job on giving info via twitter and his radio interviews.
  15. I saw it the other day on twitter. If only he could have done that here instead of being that "lock down" defender everyone says he was.