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  1. Thats to be seen I guess. I felt the overall offense was much better at times when Teddy isnt being Teddy last game. When this teal shares the ball and attacks the rim they seem to be more ecfective. I think you need Teddy cause of what he can be, but when its running down the court when you have momentum going and chuck up a deep 3 with not one pass is the issue. If he can play more within the offense and not take shots that you can get anytimen he will be more effective
  2. I dont think Teddy is a scapegoat. Its more does he fit this system based on his style of play. I dont think anyone is doubting his talents but what he shows does not fit Freds system.
  3. Maybe its from the juco level of being the "man" or him having something to prove now,but his style and Freds style dont seem to mesh at this point.
  4. Agreed, he seems like a better fit for Miles system. His dirty plays are getting kind of tired to. Im at the point where everytime he gets a foul Im expecting the worse. The punching yesterday was a bit stupid.
  5. Just wondering what liability Teddy is right now. He just doesnt seem like a fit in this system and seems to stall out what this system should be. He was chucking deep 3's early in shot clock in 1st half, offensive fouls and to's, the team seems to just stand around when he gets the ball. He seemed to make unsmart plays early in the shot clock when NE gets momentum without passing. I dont know, just frustration maybe and you get the good with the bad and have to live with it. I dont think its just this game, its been most games. I know others havent hit shots but I feel maybe the relying
  6. No doubt, he seems more natural at the rim and on screen and roll. If he can get into game shape and provide what he has tonight Id feel good
  7. I just feel his movement and look just seems way more natural then what we've had
  8. Im not saying Walker is the greatest thing since its only his 1st game, but call me stupid cause he looks night and day from Yvan. Seriously from screens, pick and roll, defense, attacking the rim, scoring, he looks like a spark and a vital piece. Something about the way he plays that makes him look like a big 10 player then what we've had
  9. Done with Teddy hero ball. Doesnt fit the system. He can chuck up those shots anytime but chooses to not within the team. Good news Walker looks good on pick and rolls
  10. The struggles might not be because of Thor, but hes not contributing much for the mins he plays
  11. Thanks, i seem to have got a lot of crap for saying this earlier this year.
  12. Didnt it happen in the NE game the other night? Could of been another big 10 game but it happened
  13. He just seems better off the ball. Hate to say it but having someone like Mack this year would be huge.
  14. I've watched a lot of bad Nebrasketball over the past 25 years, but I dont think thru all the bad losses that I can recall a performance like this, especially the talent of the opponent. This is really sad considering the talent NE has or the talent we thought they have. The need shooters period and a threat of an inside game. This style wont work in this conference unless you hit shots. Im starting to think a true pg is needed as well.
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