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  1. I could see a few reasons for her leaving. 1. Amy snubbed her all year by not starting the best all around player that made everyone on the floor better with her presence and giving her team the best chance to get a good start instead of digging ourselves out of a hole almost every game. 2. As Red Don pointed out, having a score first, pass second point guard in Sam hurts the flow of the offense. 3. No player development besides her and Bourne. 4. Amy subs way to much regardless of how players are playing. That's what lost us a few of those close ones. 5. She'll never average over 30 minutes a game because that's not Amy's style where she could go to many other schools and do so. 6. She was still 4th in minutes played. 7. They'll never win a big ten title with Amy there (recruiting, development, subbing patterns). I hope she doesn't transfer but wouldn't blame her if she did. Trying to think of reasons why she'd stay at this point.
  2. Said perfectly Omahusker. It seems there is no accountability or discipline for missed block out after missed blockout and just a lack of toughness and willingness to win. In the tourney we looked like a team that just started practicing, offense still stagnant and everyone standing around. There is certainly no improvement with most of the players. Why would they when they know no matter how they play they'll still get to start and get their minutes. Seems no matter how poorly an individual might be playing, there's no adjustment in the lineup or what we are doing on the floor. I mean, how many poor 3rd quarter starts and perfomances do we have to have in order to try something else(different lineup, defense SOMETHING), but nothing. Starting to think Amy is just not capable of adapting to the game and making adjustments on the fly like BIG coaches should be able to do at this level. Watching the BIG tourney this year it was clear that the other teams just seem to play with more effort, grit and determination. Great point on too many substitutions. Hard to keep momentum in a game when you're in and out so much.
  3. Always 100 Smith 2018 - Player Profile Leigha Brown
  4. Some more info on Leigha Brown. http://www.news-sentinel.com/sports/DeKalb-s-Leigha-Brown-named-to-Indiana-Junior-All-Star-team
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