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  1. Jeff Watts is Xavier's dad. Great family.
  2. I believe Omaha has one open scholarship for next season, but they recently picked up a commitment from 2019 big man from Minnesota. Hansen has reached out to Brady.
  3. "No cap" means no lie. "Cap" means the opposite.
  4. He shot 35.6% (26-73) during the high school season. Certainly not the strength of his game, but I don't think he's as bad as he showed last weekend.
  5. Here's what Harris told LJS assistant sports editor Alec McChesney. Alec was the first one who got ahold of him from what I saw.
  6. Talking with someone who is very close with him. I'm not saying they're hurting for money, it just doesn't sound like walking on anywhere is something he's looking to do other than as a last option.
  7. Sallis is pretty clearly the top prospect of that group. He's still growing and could get to 6'6" or 6'7", he's an incredibly smooth scorer and he's already a good defender with even more potential on that end. His growth over the past two years since the first time I saw him play has been incredible.
  8. College is expensive and he has a lot of siblings back home.
  9. FWIW, I don't believe he's in a position to walk on anywhere.
  10. Three of the four Nebraska targets (Arop, Williams, Hepburn) made it to state, and it too a miraculous buzzer-beater to keep the fourth out.
  11. As for the Mike Daum situation, he is a wonderful story and a great get for South Dakota State. Nebraska missing on him isn't necessarily the issue because he wasn't anywhere close to what he is now (or even what he was as a redshirt freshman) in high school. The problem is that from what I've heard, Nebraska basically took one look at him, he had a bad day and that was it. They didn't even really give themselves a chance to recognize the diamond in the rough. In their defense, Kimball is much closer to Denver than it is to Lincoln, so it's not like they could just drive down the road and see him play in high school like they can with Donovan Williams. Even so, it doesn't seem like they truly did their due diligence on him.
  12. Goodman was supporting a guy he likes in Miles by basically saying Nebraska can't get anyone better because it's nearly impossible to build a good roster there. The talent in Nebraska is the part Erin highlighted for the headline, but in the story I responded to every part of what he said in that clip because it's a lazy argument. A few different people have echoed my point about there being players who have come out of the state that very likely would have contributed more than the empty scholarships or bottom-of-the-roster guys Nebraska has had over the years. That isn't so much a criticism of local recruiting under Miles as much as I meant it to be an argument that there are rosterable players that come out of this state. Goodman said there's no talent in the state, no talent in the area and that Nebraska has to go into other schools' backyards to recruit. He mentioned Detroit and California specifically, for some reason. Well, there's a good bit of talent in Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas/Missouri and other similar states, or "the area." As I wrote in the story, the coaches you have on your staff determine where you can recruit as much or more than where your school is. North Carolina was a pretty fertile recruiting ground for the Huskers with Kenya Hunter. Michael Lewis has dipped the Huskers' feet into Indiana and landed a pretty darn good player in D'Andre Davis. Is Nebraska harder to recruit to than a lot of places? Sure. But with where the program is at the moment, it can be done. Getting talent to Lincoln isn't where Miles has failed; it's retaining and developing that talent that has let him down.
  13. Creighton took several looks at Akol (including right before he committed to Nebraska). They just didn't see enough from a fit standpoint to pull the trigger. You are correct about Brady; they offered him for the 2019 class but not the 2018 class like Nebraska did. With the way Ed Chang's recruitment fizzled out, Hunter Sallis looks to be the first true battle between the schools for quite a while. Creighton is still evaluating Chucky Hepburn but isn't ready to pull the trigger yet. Creighton isn't interested in Donovan Williams and he's the only high-major player in the 2020 class.
  14. The effort by Palmer, Watson and Allen was particularly disappointing. Not bothering to box out, miscommunication and/or lack of effort on defense, lack of rotations, bad shots on offense. All kinds of signs that the team either wasn't prepared or didn't care. At least Amir Harris played hard.
  15. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'd be surprised if Easley chose to walk on. Much less so for Piatkowski.
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