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  1. Unfortunately, it took a whole lot of shots to get McGowens those points. He shot 43-131 from the field, 15-57 from 3 and 45-60 from the free-throw line with 8 assists and 15 turnovers in those seven games. Oak Hill: 23 pts, 7-18 FG (1-9 3FG), 8-11 FT, 8 reb, 1 tov, 3 blk Hamilton Heights: 38 pts, 13-25 FG (6-13 3FG), 6-9 FT, 7 reb, 1 ast, 2 tov, 4 stl Sunrise Christian: 10 pts, 3-17 FG (1-7 3FG), 3-6 FT, 4 reb, 4 tov, 1 blk Montverde: 23 pts, 9-21 FG (4-9 3FG), 1-3 FT, 2 reb, 2 ast, 1 tov, 2 blk, 2 stl Wasatch: 14 pts, 3-17 FG (2-8 3FG), 6-8 FT, 2 reb, 1 ast,
  2. I don't believe he had the spacing to even try it in college.
  3. A lot of that is his competition level, but he has topped 40 three times already. John's really streaky from the perimeter but he's a good player. He's definitely a shooting guard the way he plays too; he's a pure scorer. I coached against him this past summer.
  4. And my point was I see no outcome where Garza comes anywhere close to Gasol on defense, and that's a huge part of who he he is as a player. I just don't see the comparison at all, and I'll be shocked if Garza comes anywhere close to having the kind of pro career Gasol has.
  5. I'm guessing Hoiberg has a better feel for what's going on in the inner workings of and interpersonal dynamics within his program than any of us on the outside looking in. What does "Hoiberg better start taking notice" even mean? More generally, McGowens is shooting 40.6% inside the arc and while he's shooting well from 3, he's taken twice as many 2s and isn't shooting well from the foul line either. He has 15 assists and 22 turnovers in 11 games this season. It's great that he played really well against a bad defensive team in Michigan State; hopefully that carries forward. But d
  6. At his peak Gasol was one of the best defensive players in the NBA.
  7. NU announced after the first game that a player in the program who did not play had tested positive and was isolating. Obviously, Andre was the only one not at the game so the dots were easy to connect, and then Hoiberg talked about him missing time and not being able to practice and all that.
  8. FWIW, his name is actually St. Cyr Thomas. He goes by Saint.
  9. He doesn't really have those offers any more. He basically had to restart his recruitment entirely. I guess TCU is still talking to him, but that's about it from the original group.
  10. Where did you see those numbers? What I see on Sports-Reference is Nebraska has had 30 out of 627 shots blocked this season (4.4%). Still needs to get better, but it's not nearly as bad as last year (8.3%). Nebraska has blocked 35 of its opponents' 619 shot attempts this season (5.7%).
  11. Actually, I believe they're middle of the pack. They're getting their shots blocked about half as often as last year. Nebraska has blocked more shots than it's had blocked this year (including in the Big Ten games).
  12. The point is nothing is going to change until they can start making shots. It's not as simple as "pass the ball more." Until guys can actual make layups and hit open 3s at a reasonable rate, I don't really know what Hoiberg can do. Great ball movement didn't lead to any different results than guys going ISO last night. They can't generate any interior offense because there are three guys in the paint any time a Husker steps inside the arc with the ball. No matter what the coaches are saying or what the guys think going in, it's hard to trust in the system and your teammates when it doesn't wor
  13. But even when the ball does move they can't make the shot. They missed a lot of good looks against Ohio State.
  14. He's just not very quick. Having other poor defenders around him doesn't help, but he'd have a problem moving his feet and defending in space no matter what team he was on.
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