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  1. If we're talking pure run-jump athleticism, Stevenson is probably the only one who can compete with Akol. Banton is more skilled and longer, but I think Akol is probably more explosive. That was the least meaningful part of he comment, though, and it wasn't meant to speak to his spot on the depth chart at all. Obviously the coaches aren't going to publicly say he's not good enough and has a terrible attitude, but Gates spoke highly of how Arop is handling this season and what he's bringing to the locker room. Anybody who watched him play before signing knew he was going to be a project to play at that level, especially in Hoiberg's system. Fred saw enough to accept his commitment, however, whereas he pushed almost everybody out like Penitent pointed out. There's a decent chance Akol doesn't finish his career at Nebraska like there is with any player these days, but I don't think him failing to crack the top 8-9 right now means he'll never be able to play.
  2. When Armon Gates filled in on the Husker Hoops Show, he said Akol is the only forward they've got eligible that has elite Big Ten athleticism. Gates said he wasn't worried at all about Akol's attitude. He said he's a great glue and locker room guy and that he's buying into his role.
  3. Wal's always been talented but it never translated to consistent, efficient production. It looks like he's finally turned a corner this season. He's got a D-II offer but that's all right now. I'm guessing he's headed for the junior college route. Oh, and Tim Miles still likes him.
  4. Drake was his first D-I offer, in April of 2018. Ole Miss was his first high-major offer, in August. Then Creighton, then Iowa State, then Nebraska all in the span of 9-10 days in late August/early September. Then the rest of the offers started flooding in this past summer.
  5. Obviously things can always change, but I talked to Thor at media day about this. He said he probably thought about going home when Miles first got fired (he didn't have any interest in transferring elsewhere and redshirting) but that went away after he talked with Hoiberg. How important is the school part?
  6. He's listed at 6' on Ranger's website and that tracks with the height in the story from when he committed to Ranger (I believe it was 185 centimeters which is just over 6'). For some reason, Ranger only has box scores for 7 of their 11 games, and they also included a game with a box score full of zeroes in the player averages. In those 7 games with stats, Tominaga is averaging 17.2 points, I believe. I've looked at 21 stat lines from FIBA U16, U18 and JUCO play. He's 65-158 (41.1%) from 3 and has five assists (with 11 turnovers). Straight gunner.
  7. They also have Kwat Abdelkarim, a 2021 guard/wing who has gotten a bit of mid-major interest after a good summer with the Iowa Barnstormers. Should have a much bigger role with them than he did last year as a sophomore (I thought he was underutilized then anyway).
  8. I didn't get to see any of the five-on-five work but Derek Peterson mentioned he saw Banton initiating offense with a group featuring Kavas and Stevenson as the frontcourt. Lot of versatility with this roster and we could end up seeing some odd lineups. Banton's got a lot of work to do with that jumper before he can be truly effective as an initiator though.
  9. He's definitely put on some mass since the end of the high school season.
  10. Hunter may have to play some point guard for MN this year, but that's not his natural position at all. He's an off-guard, or even better a wing if he keeps growing.
  11. That is correct. Carl Brown is the one who hit the shot for Westside, which came right after Porter scored the go-ahead bucket for MN. I was at that game. Donovan did hit the game-winner at Kearney in the district final.
  12. She's heading to Northwest Missouri State. Her name's Jayna.
  13. I've only ever seen/talked to Jasen's dad, so I'm not sure how tall his mom is. But he said this weekend he's up to 6'7" now (hard to tell with his hair). From what I heard, Jasen shot the ball really well at the Midwest Showcase down in KC this weekend. He only play Saturday though because of a stomach bug. I don't love his form, but he's got the ability to make shots at least. He shot 10-32 from 3 as a freshman and 64% from the free-throw line, so not great but not terrible for a 15-year-old kid playing varsity basketball for the first time. He's definitely the top in-state prospect in that 2022 class based on his physical tools alone; the question is how much he can refine those skills. He's playing with MoKan Elite this summer.
  14. The offers are coming from the Midwest Showcase. Team Factory plays on the second division of the Under Armour circuit, so he hasn't really been exposed to a lot of high-major coaches for the most part. The UMKC offer was his first and came after he performed well at their elite camp; UMKC fired that coaching staff, however. He received offers from UC-Santa Barbara, UC-Davis, William & Mary and Boston after a strong weekend at the UAA Rise (the second division) in KC back in May. The last 9 offers are all from this weekend including all the high-major ones. He needs to add a lot of weight to his frame but he's a really good athlete and can shoot out to the 3-point line, plus he's a great shot-blocker. He's a really smart kid too.
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