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  1. OWH says she also was considering Butler, Wichita State, Illinois State and Denver. Not exactly a Who's Who list.
  2. Millard North is going to be stacked - both talent and height wise. Sautter thinks their starting lineup will go 6-9, 6-7, 6-7, 6-5 and 6-4. https://www.omaha.com/neprepzone/recruiting/plus/sautter-jadin-johnson-a---point-guard-adds-even/article_894bf8b3-425d-5767-a2e7-fc04ca0c49bc.html
  3. Nebraska made Hugley's Top 12 last week. Can't say that carries a lot of weight as far as Fred's interest, but John must still be somewhat interested. https://twitter.com/thejohnhugley/status/1153454944042831873
  4. I would also argue Washington got more press because it came right on the heels of his child porn/revenge porn case.
  5. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/after-years-boehm-no-longer-a-part-of-nu-athletic/article_4becb724-c8f0-53be-9a29-467df8c079b9.htm
  6. https://www.omaha.com/huskers/blogs/former-husker-james-palmer-reportedly-joins-phoenix-suns-summer-league/article_8803dbc0-616e-5a25-8264-c1936f7ee0a0.html Phoenix Suns Summer League
  7. I've never understood why men's college basketball goes with 2 halves. It's different than literally every other version of basketball played.
  8. I also am curious as to the timing on Brady's decision. The OWH quoted Brady as saying Fred told him an hour before his accounting final. That seems pretty unnecessary and where my biggest beef is. If true, what's the harm in waiting 3 more hours? Or doing it a week ago? Or doing it on Friday after finals are done? I'm all for upgrading talent. I'd like it to be done with a little bit of empathy.
  9. Trusting what he's doing and agreeing with how he's doing it are two very different things, and I think that's why there's been pushback.
  10. Sure. Transferring is part of the game now. There's enough transfers in the portal to field 50-some teams. I would argue that Nebraska gained more through the transfers than they've lost. Outside of Andrew White and Michael Jacobson, can you think of any impact players that have left?
  11. Fun fact: this is the same high school that Mohamed Barry went to.
  12. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/ucla-is-conducting-the-dumbest-coaching-search-it-could-possibly-conduct/ Gary Parrish not pulling any punches.
  13. One of my buddies said he ejected Suh from an intramural game for screaming "I will end you" and running at some guy after the guy tried hacking him to prevent a layup.
  14. Not to say I told you so buuuuuut... https://twitter.com/mgiannotto/status/1111447945977585667
  15. Especially Painter? I dunno about that one... He's taken Purdue to 3 straight Sweet 16s and has finished in the top 4 of the Big Ten in 10/15 seasons. Also, I'm not entirely sure why nearing retirement would discount coaches from being on a Top Ten list. If we want to do Top Ten Coaches Who Will Still Be Coaching in 2025, we can. It's just not the list I was making.
  16. I'm honestly curious who all is in your Top Ten. Because off the top of my head, I'd take all of these guys over Fred tomorrow (in no particular order): Tony Bennett John Beilein Mark Few Bill Self Roy Williams Coach K Tom Izzo Jay Wright Rick Barnes Matt Painter
  17. I'm pretty in favor. Doesn't punish the players and lets them see where they stand. Makes the NBA do a bit more talent scouting. Doesn't make coaches throw guys under the bus to get them to stay around (Sup Boeheim?). I'm not seeing a lot of downsides.
  18. Apparently, Kidd doesn't have a degree and might need a waiver from the NCAA/Cal?
  19. The MOU stuff can get messy. When Greg Schiano was hired and subsequently unhired as Tennessee football coach because the fan base didn't think he was good enough he didn't do his due diligence at Penn State, there was talk about how UT potentially owed him the value of his contract. I think it just died quietly in the night, but I'm not sure. I have no insight into Bill and Fred's conversations (if they happened), but Bill strikes me as someone who only gets lawyers involved when he has to.
  20. Nightmare scenario: Tim goes on a tear and wins the NIT. Fred gets antsy waiting and accepts the Arizona job. Tim gives Bill the middle finger and finds another job. Bill can't find anyone, settles with Ernie Kent.
  21. If you can somehow teach knowledge from it, it's all yours! Education is important - even if it is educating Hawkeye fans.
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