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    Its Creighton, But personally Ive never hated anything more in my life then the original Jayskers--Kansas basketball. I started buying Kansas football t shirts to wear in the fall just to piss those same husker football fans. And all those stupid teams with Boschee, Hinrich, and Jaque Vaughn and Collison and Adonis Jordan and plenty others that have scarred me for life..kidding..kinda
  2. I had the same initial reaction as you did and still feel the same about the way it was handled....but if that situation does arise and Miles leads us to the Tourney and leaves for a "better" job, we still have a tourney win, and now moos can play the card that we stuck with the a guy through hard times and are willing to work with a coach. It may go a long way in the next coaching search in that scenario...Evil genius??
  3. Guessing both sides put out feelers and neither got a bite
  4. nubest79

    Matt Schick prank

    Yeah.. I was heading back to work..nearly drove off the road from laughing. I thought Mike Montgomery was going to get killed..lol
  5. nubest79

    Dirk Chatelain

    I Got Signed up for .99 for the first month..It was worth it for sure. So much fun reading old memories and remembering how I got Hooked on this Nebrasketball thing.
  6. nubest79

    Coach Miles

    I was ready to get rid of him last year, and Im still not the biggest fan, but obviously you cant fire him after the season we just had. It was a team that played 10-15 games knowing they really couldn't lose to reach the tourney and in the majority of them battled and found a way to win. A pretty impressive and fun Big 10 Season. The thing I see in Miles' teams that I don't think gets talked about enough is we really struggle when we are not the poor underdog team. The 2014 run was ended by a lot of talk of a team that could win 2 games in the tourney and go out in the second half of the Ohio State game/Baylor game and lay the usual Nebrasketball egg. The next season starts with a top 25 ranking and we let it go down our leg again. Even last year a lot of talk early after the preseason tourney--beating Dayton and playing UCLA tough and a 3-0 conference start and we become the hunted and it is a miserable conference season. Lots of talk this year about having a chip on our shoulder and how we pass the eye test going in to Michigan game and we shit the bed again. I know there are other circumstances in all those scenarios but I think eventually something becomes a trend.
  7. nubest79

    Legends Weekend

    Thanks..this is now my Facebook and Twitter profile..love this logo
  8. nubest79

    Deep run in the dance?

    Don't Disagree, just stating that team had talent and was on a great run until the second half of the ohio state game anyway.
  9. nubest79

    Deep run in the dance?

    Ive been saying since I can remember, All I want is a sweet 16 run and Ill die happy. Before being Debbie Downer, I think this team is absolutely capable of making a run and I think we are closer to the right side of the bubble then most talk about. But, Petteway and company had a lot of pundits picking us to go to the sweet 16 and had a heck of a run to end that year. We 2 guys that could get to the rim and a few shooters like Gallegos and Pitchford that could make you pay. That all being said I am all In and we do it this Year!! I think this is a bit bi-polar but Nebrasketball does that to a man
  10. nubest79

    Husker Superstitions

    I do that exact same thing..
  11. nubest79

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I think he means calling the games
  12. nubest79

    New Starter?

    I hope Gill gets put out there, it seems to me he has earned it and while taylor provides leadership and definite d, we need buckets at the end of the day to win, and he brings that while not killing us on D. With that said, I really don't think whomever starts is a big deal but I do think Gill has earned some more minutes, where/who that is taken from is an even tougher question..depth is great
  13. nubest79

    Rock Chalk Tock

    I have a deep seeded hate for the original Jayskers....Obviously a good start is needed but if we can get PBA into it I think we have the potential to get this one. If/when we do going 2-2 in this stretch is a huge boost and I think we have a realistic chance at a top half finish in the BIG. Many winnable games, especially at PBA