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  1. Man most are picking the huskers..I haven't picked against them in 3 years since doing this so its time to change things up.. Huskers 77 Hoosiers 68
  2. As I sit here finishing up the work day, knowing since this morning what the probably outcome will be tonight...I start thinking about what type of beverage I will stop and get on the way home, (beer, but what kind) My mind wonders to maybe Lat will get going tonight and we take care of the ball and Maybe Lakes is the real deal shooter that can open it up and maybe Teddy goes all Teddy buckets (efficiently) ........I am officially in Lets F*&^&%5 Go Mode!!!! Could be that Christmas is near, only one work day left, wife told me she was way ahead of me that we are leaving
  3. The ball movement has not been ideal...to our own team anyway. But only down 2.
  4. I missed the last 2 game predictions.. Stupid Thanksgiving/Family/Beer mostly...Oh well try to squeek a way back in it NU 87 Yotes 61
  5. Let's go vedral @ 3:38 in the first half.
  6. Haven't picked against the shuckers yet, why start now Nu 77 Msu 72
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