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  1. Jimmy

    What if...

    So I see it as we catch lightning in a bottle again. Can a person live with every 3-4 years we go dancing by catching lightning in a bottle? The rest of the years were going to finish 9-14 in the standings. I’d be happy dancing every 3-4 years, but it would be nice to finish better than 9th most years. Get to the nit regularly, but I think most years we’ll be lucky to finish .500. If we dance this year keep him. That was my goal for the team. The only way we’re winning the btt is by shooting 60+%. Would be sweet and a person can dream.
  2. It’s sad for me thinking about Miles being fired. I liked the guy a bunch. I used to always make sure to listen to sports nightly when he was on in the railyard. He has a heck of a personality. I remember watching some games during colliers years, and I paid attention during Docs years as well. I am 28 so still fairly young and I don’t even remember the Nee years. What really got me to where I love watching nebrasketball is being able to watch every single game. You could see we had potential. I’d catch a game if it was in tv or radio once in awhile back in the day if I could. Thanks BTN and the B1G for making me a huge fan of Nebrasketball. It also helps when you have expectations to be good!!
  3. So does a person just tell Palmer to get layups or go to the free throw line? His shooting has been horrific lately. One bright note to me is Roby is looking more like our “star” at times. Whats really wierd is that Watson just does not enjoy playing the game. If things are good he’s having fun, but if it’s just a bit tough he goes in the tank. You can tell by his body language if he’s going to make the shots he takes. I keep watching hoping theyll win, but at this point it’s just another year of nebrasketball for me. Wishing we could shoot the ball and having a chance to go dancing.
  4. For everyone worried about Ernie Kent I saw a stat..... Before tonight, Washington State had a won a total of six road games in Ernie Kent’s five seasons — by a combined 25 points. They just went to Arizona State and beat the Sun Devils by 21. Ernie is on fire !!
  5. Jimmy

    5th starter with Cope out

    1-3-1 is easy to destroy if you have the guys taught to throw diagonal passes or you have big guys that can rebound. I like it as a change up but not a full game worth. I do agree lets let’s push the tempo with small ball. Seems to help the team play well.
  6. Jimmy

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    So basically it’s starting to look like everything is going to be good and we all got our panties in a bunch? Maybe this is the start to some good luck!
  7. Jimmy

    Husker Athletics Priority

    How about a tougher one that did happen... National championship volleyball match or KU vs Nebrasketball? I watched basketball until the vb came on because it’s the championship!!
  8. Jimmy

    My perception

    I actually think we should have higher expectations for basketball as well. Look at Kansas football, heck they won an orange bowl ten years ago. I would think that if they can accomplish that just winning a game in the ncaa tourney should be doable. It only takes 2-3 guys in basketball to really change a team where football takes a lot more. I was saying the fans had unrealistic expectations more as a joke because I feel most people are patient with the basketball team. Or even worse a lot of people don’t care.
  9. Jimmy

    My perception

    So what’s the root of the problem? Does it go back to Shawn? Is it Miles? Is it the fans with unrealistic expectations? I feel like Shawn was trying to control the football program like it was his own. Surely he wasn’t doing the same with the basketball? Did he have enough time after controlling football to control basketball? I sure dont don’t feel like we had one of the best seasons of my life. It feels awfully similar to last year for me. I just feel like Palmer is the only one out of the three that have declared that will be back. It just sucks being pessimistic all the time. I had so much fun watching the regular season but the end of the season left such a sour taste in my mouth.
  10. Jimmy

    Kenya Hunter

    So we should just let him off of his loi because of one coach leaving? That’s a load of crap in my book. He signed his name on a legal document and needs to man up and take responsibility. He agreed to come here, get a FREE education and play ball. Maybe I’m just tired of us being bad, but if we lose him what do we have to look forward to in this recruiting class? Maybe we should have just fired miles and gotten it over with. Hopefully this is just a big overreaction.
  11. Jimmy

    Miles extension poll

    Ha that’s awesome. I agree with this. Can we also hire a coach that can draw up an offense to score a bucket instead of our 4 minute droughts? I’m worried about next year already...I just hope that the boys push themselves harder because they felt like this season was a slap in the face at the end of the year.
  12. Jimmy

    Miles extension poll

    I think along those lines, but we’ve been to one tournament in the last 20 years....ill be 28 in a month and I only remember one appearance, miles one. I tend to think let’s keep just getting there and eventually the odds are you win win a game. I want us to be more consistent in the big ten. Let’s set the goal for finishing in the top half. Most years we will be dancing finishing there and someday maybe in the sweet16 or better. I can wait until miles has 3-4 tourney appearances if we’re still winless before I go to raising my expectations of winning games there. Hopefully this is the start of a solid foundation moving forward.
  13. Jimmy

    Miles extension poll

    I think miles should get back to where he has four years just for the recruiting. I think next year is the big year. He has a NCAA year, extend him for the long haul. Not even saying winning a game just getting there. I feel like if he does get an extension then next year he bombs and we're paying another coach a big buyout. I have no clue about his buyout btw. Cut his buyout down to basically nothing. If he has a good year next year then we keep him around and reward him while reworking his contract. If he declines then tell him no extension and we'll see where the chips fall next year. I just have have a feeling we're going to see a repeat of Petteway and Pitchford's last year. I hope I'm wrong but this is nebrasketball we're talking about.
  14. Jimmy

    Selection Show, who to watch for

    If we were someone that wasn't the worst program in a power conference we'd be in. I'm not going to watch any of the tourney when you put in a team that has lost 8/10 games but not a team that won 8/10. Or whatever screw this.
  15. Saw a tweet..."it appears Michigan has figured out Miles offense which is amazing because after all these years I haven't "....best tweet ever