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  1. 2 minutes ago, Nebrasketball1979 said:

    Yes, agree it's a terrible look for the Coaching staff.  And, I'm not getting on Kobe for telling the truth.  For me, it's the forum and manner in which this came out.  It will be interesting to see if this is addressed by anyone else inside the program or if this is attempted to be walked back in some way.

    Oooof That's gonna be a tough walk back. And who walks it back? For the forum it came out on my thinking is this - If you are associated with the team then you DEFINITELY don't want this to come out at all. Regardless the forum. My other thought is how athletes receive training on how to deal with the media. And Kobe's been at this a while. A super senior. I question if he was nudged into this. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens 😬

  2. 47 minutes ago, Nebrasketball1979 said:


    Damon put into words what I couldn't yesterday.  I'm sure many will disagree but the adults in the room didn't do Kobe a solid yesterday.  What he said, while likely true, is very damaging to the team and to Kobe personally.  Maybe he doesn't care but base on how I have perceive him to be a leader, I'm guessing he has some regret about the interview today.  I suspect the locker room will be even icier today than it probably already was on this dysfunctional team.  And I have no faith in the Coaches to address this appropriately.


    DP has built a rapport with these players and the opportunities he has given them on his network.  I commend him for that and for allowing them to build their "brands".  Based on the nature of the interview, DP's clearly had many off air discussions with Kobe and knew how he felt.  It sounded like they were talking about these exact same issues immediately prior to coming back to break before Kobe unloaded.  While egging Kobe on, I believe the other host kept giggling and telling him to be careful, obviously knowing what he was about to say was very sensitive, damaging, and something that is better off addressed in the locker room.  While the interview was good radio and message board fodder, I find it very cringey for all involved.  Yes, Kobe is a young adult and can do and say what he pleases but the other adults in the room should have realized what the fallout and ramifications would be.  They have both been in locker rooms and knew what the fallout would be.  It was just a bad look for 93.7 in my opinion.

    The only one this should be a bad look for is the coaching staff. If there is ever fallout from telling the truth its not the parties involved of telling the truth thats the problem.


    5 minutes ago, The Polish Rifle said:

    This coming from Kobe of all people gives it more value in my eyes. A guy that took a lesser role to be here, and decided to come back when he didn’t have to. If he says it’s broken, it’s probably broken. He’s not just a guy disappointed he’s not getting his shots and wants to leave. 

    And because its him saying these things it makes me believe there is a close to zero % chance Hoiberg is the Coach to turn this thing around. To be fair the % wasn't much higher before he said it 😬

  4. 46 minutes ago, uneblinstu said:

    If I were Trev, I wouldn't cut his legs out from under him like Moos did to Miles. I'd give him every single resource you can give him. Give him every opportunity to succeed. I think everyone wants Fred to work out here. I know I do. I think the restructured deal, probably some staff changes, and with full administrative support for next year is the most likely path. I can't really see Fred stepping down of his own free will and giving up all that cash. It's not his fault Moos handed out the cushy deal.

    This isn't to single you out because I agree he is most likely retained. This is more why I don't agree with it.


    I understand the financial restraints in everyone arguments on retaining Hoiberg. It seems to me though if you retain Hoiberg the end game is still crap. Unless, of course, you believe he's still the guy to get it done.


    I may not have this right at all but I understand it that Hoiberg is due 18.5 million if he is let go this year and 3.5 million less each season thereafter. 


    To your point about Trev continuing to give Hoiberg every resource he needs to succeed if he is retained I agree.  But I will also point out Hoiberg has had the most resources of any Nebraska basketball coach ever. Its a big leap for me to think thats the issue.


    Which brings me to my view. What is a season worth? Whats 2 seasons worth? Again, if you think he's the guy I get it. Disregard what I'm saying. But if you don't I can't understand the justification that a 15mil buyout vs a 18.5mil is worth an entire basketball season. Or a 11.5mil buyout is worth 2 seasons. 


    I just can't believe that the 3.5mil or 7mil Nebraska saves for 1 or 2 years makes up for the losses in revenue other places. I hope to win the lotto and I hope Hoiberg restructures his contract if he's retained but I give both close to the same odds.





  5. I like this idea and I think it may be the only realistic option. I've jumped ship on Hoiberg. I don't think he gets it done. I also think he's here 1-2 more years because of his contract. I also believe there is absolutely zero chance he renegotiates his contract. Why would he? He holds all the cards. So even in 2 years it would be a significant financial hit.


    This is the least enjoyable three years of Nebraska basketball in my life. I was firmly in the camp it was a "not spending more money for coaches" thing before this hire. Nope. I'll take the cheap hungry up and comer from here on out. 

  6. On 1/11/2022 at 5:48 AM, hskr4life said:

    We are a must not lose no matter where you play them team.  Unfortunately.


    We’ve fallen all the way to 219 in the NET standings.  That means we’re a Quad 3 loss if you play us in Lincoln and a Quad 4 if you play us at your place.  So either way, we’re a team you can lose to if you have NCAA hopes.


    We’re also only 21 spots away (240) from becoming a Q4 loss no matter whether you place us here or there.   Now that is sad.  We’re smack dab in the middle of San Diego and Cal Baptist in the NET.  We’ve got a long way to go to get to bubble territory………

    Just reading this...only confirms what my heart already knew 😭

  7. 6 minutes ago, HuskerFever said:


    Sure, it's valid to argue the source of these pulses of those expectations. I can only go based off of the diehards on this board, what we hear from friends and family, the media, and the unreliable social media folks. And even with HHCC. I've been running that for many years and some of it is rose-colored optimism, but the normal distribution is up there around 19 or so wins every single year.


    My point was around prospective coaches. There's other programs out there that can achieve a level of "satisfactory" with results that we put more pressure behind. Not saying that's wrong. As I said before, if we're paying someone to be the #11 most expensive coach in the nation (at the time), then we expect more out of a coach than 5-win seasons (laughable how bad this has been).

    I guess I'm confused. They way I 1st read your post was that you argued the expectations here may be too high. Which could scare off future potential coaches. But this post makes me think you are arguing the opposite. Or possibly the expectations are high because the pay for the head coach supports higher expectations. 

    Anyhoo, that we are having these discussions at this juncture of Hoibergs tenure absolutely blows.

  8. 2 minutes ago, HuskerFever said:

    But if a prospective coach sees a program that has had the lowest of success and the expectation is to make the postseason every single year or they're out after three seasons, most will move on to another opportunity.

    In what world is the expectation here to make the post season every year. What coach believes that is the expectation here. Seems like a strawman argument based on statements from message boards.

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