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  1. Bo4nu1

    Shepard Transferring

    some of us heard it during the seaons
  2. Bo4nu1

    Shepard Transferring

    If she thought Connie was a tough coach...Geno would be even tougher!...UCONN...Nope!
  3. Bo4nu1

    Shepard Transferring

    Heard during the season she was transferring....
  4. Bo4nu1

    Shepard Transferring

    Agree I hope Nicea & Whittish don't transfer!....
  5. Bo4nu1

    WBB: Game #21 @ Purdue

    I agree that our guards need to shoot more. Rylie, Hanna, & Nicea are a plus for this team...Grace doesn't play much and is not playing her position, she needs a little more work on her defense. We are missing the players we lost and Rach B who is out this year. And of course Shepard is going to be having most of the points especially when she shoots more then half the team total. Shepard is NOT a guard and should not try to take the ball coast to coast...there have been open guards pass it. Just like beating the press....passes beat the press!
  6. Bo4nu1

    WBB: Game #21 @ Purdue

    (Agree) Averaging 18 to 19 turnovers per game....your going to lose a lot of games!
  7. Bo4nu1

    WBB: Game #19 vs Michigan

    We stand around too much waiting for someone to get open, they have to move more and have quick smart passes. Some of the girls have great screens and others are not even setting a close enough screen. At times they looked lost...and there where times there was lack of hustle..hustle down on defense. And if you are suppose to be a leader on the team...show it! Do the extra in the weight room, in the gym, and when asked of you! Don't think you are better then your teammates...need to start jelling ladies! I will say I am impressed with our Freshmen! Never give up Ladies and play with your Hearts! #GBR
  8. Bo4nu1

    WBB: Game #13 vs Northwestern

    I really enjoy watching Nicea! She is a huge asset to this team. I look forward to watching her mature and get better!!! Keep it up Nicea!!!
  9. Bo4nu1

    WBB: Game #13 vs Northwestern

    imo i always thought Hannah should be starting before Ester...Hannah is more of a threat and if you ever watch Ester she dribbles with a hop, she has been doing this for a while so we can't just blame it on her foot. (once she got across half court she hopped)
  10. Bo4nu1

    WBB: Game #13 vs Northwestern

    i personally leave early because I have to drive back to Omaha for work! Trust me if I could I would be there the whole game! #GBR!