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  1. Bookie Killer

    Shooting % under Coach Miles

    1. Defend the 3 2. Shoot the 3 Miles teams struggle with both of these and in my opinion they are two of the most important...
  2. Bookie Killer

    Crying time is over

    so let me get this straight... in your opinion I'm a suspected troll because I come on here and read what others have to say and seldom ever post myself?
  3. Bookie Killer

    Crying time is over

    thanks for answering Norm, makes sense...
  4. Bookie Killer

    Crying time is over

    We won our first 3 conference games so did it really effect our confidence heading into conference play?
  5. Bookie Killer

    Hear that Husker Power is going to be killed

    This shit is getting totally out of control...
  6. Bookie Killer

    Allen Fieldhouse

    Nebraska football games are tame by most standards... We really need to replace "Through these gates pass the Greatest fans in College Football" with "Through these gates pass some of the Dumbest fans in College Football"
  7. Bookie Killer

    Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    This is new to me... care to share?
  8. Bookie Killer

    Watch in Arizona

    The Sugar Shack is a great place to visit after the game...