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  1. dskurz

    Jordy Gone

    Like human patients? I think that would probably make it taste like crap 100% of the time...strictly IMO of course.
  2. dskurz


    He looks like he has put on some good muscle.
  3. dskurz

    OT: Going to the Hospital

    How awesome for those lucky bar patrons.
  4. dskurz

    Football redshirt and transfer rules

    Yeah misstated that. Would be nice to have that year of eligibility still.
  5. dskurz

    Football redshirt and transfer rules

    Would have been nice to have that this year to retain Nana's redshirt.
  6. dskurz


    I disagree that everybody wants him to succeed. There are plenty of people that have already made up their mind he isn't the guy to get it done & therefore will only say negative things just so they can yell & scream "I told you so" when it is finally obvious to all that he isn't the answer. I think all of these fans reside on Red Sea Scrolls.
  7. dskurz

    Where does Nebraska land?

    I just read the article in the Omaha world herald. They asked the team and they wanted a private event. Makes me feel a little better even though it was yet another article from those that should be championing us instead of making the case against.
  8. dskurz

    Where does Nebraska land?

    I would think if Nebraska thought there was a decent chance at making it, they would be hosting a watch party, so therefore my feeling is unfortunately not in.
  9. dskurz

    Dirk Chatelain

    I really enjoyed it. Can't wait to read the rest.
  10. Maybe Hoppen and others should be annoyed with BTN showing them all the time instead. Naive to think it doesn't have an impact on the team.
  11. Or Taylor just completely letting his guy loose on an inbounds play & him nailing a three. We weren't ourselves defensively for whatever reason. Far too many mental lapses.