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  1. Too bad a Husker fan didn't make one & throw another one out on the court to get the technical foul on Maryland. I'm kidding, sort of.
  2. Another suspension for violating team rules coming soon for Jervay liking this tweet? SMH
  3. I say no, only because the lack of depth may do them in. But the last two games have been great to watch.
  4. And I will second that welcoming. You have my prayers and hope for a speedy recovery. You will also find that any board/social media has the "bad actors", but I will say that this site seems to have less trolls than some of the other sites (such as Red Sea Scrolls as I saw your post there as well).
  5. Liking posts like this after following the Wisconsin writer for 24/7.
  6. He's been following new coaches and liking alot of posts from other teams lately. . Wonder what all that is about. Not getting enough attention?
  7. He isn't already in Lincoln?
  8. Looks like he was in street clothes with sunglasses at the end of the game. Maybe a bit of an injury?
  9. Jace draining 3s just like daddy used to. Well sort of, minus the backboard.
  10. Are you at work or on your own internet? Work may have the streams blocked.
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