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  1. New Mexico's AD played at Florida for Billy Donovan and there is no bigger fan of helping Richard Pitino get jobs than Billy Donovan
  2. Louisville would make my Top 6 too if Bill Murray's son was recruiting me. He's talked a lot about his relationships with Fred Hoiberg and McDermott. He grew up an Oklahoma fan, and he fits the Virginia mold almost to a T. Missouri though?
  3. Nebraska 85 McNeese 69 Non Con- 70% Total- 51.8% Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. From what I’ve gathered he’ll be doing a postgame show with DP for basketball similar to what they’ve been doing with Jay Foreman after football games
  5. Looks like we have some new threads on the way for this coming season. Listed on Adidas' website
  6. This was posted a week before said 5 star decommited from Florida State, but I appreciate the reminder husker bill!
  7. Per OSU’s twitter the event is officially called “The Golden Window”.. No idea what that means but yeah. There it is.
  8. When you’re paying someone almost $400,000 dollars a year to recruit and only recruit and you can’t even be on the radar of kids from your own state when the other Power Conference school in the state can have relationships with those same kids, and be in the discussion, then yes it matters.
  9. Two things here matter more than anything else. Relationships and results. Like it or not, it’s clearly been evidenced through Sallis and Traudt’s recruitment that Crouton’s staff has better relationships with the in state kids. McDermott’s been here longer so that shouldn’t shock anybody. Secondly, you can sell Fred Hoiberg the Coach all you want to, but as of now there aren’t any Fred Hoiberg at Nebraska that’s sellable. At the end of the day winning is the best medicine.
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