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  1. The first big visitor for the Opening Night event that I’ve seen
  2. Stanford is the winner of the Max Murrell sweepstakes
  3. It's insane what strictly potential can do for you
  4. We knew Coach Lewis would come back for him, it has now begun. Arizona following suit as well. Gonna be quite the recruiting battle
  5. https://twitter.com/heady_chris/status/1161711090474074117?s=21 Looks like TLue is headed to LA after all, just across the building reuniting with Doc Rivers and the Clips, then Chris Heady decides to randomly drop this nugget
  6. John Bishop SUCKS. Makes it impossible Unsportsmanlike Conduct conduct. His play by play voice is even worse because it’s mostly screaming
  7. Parker Cyza On 93.7 in Lincoln really doesn’t say anything worth jack and usually just says “yeah” and “uh huh” in response to anything that’s said. Dudes got an annoying voice as well. Feel bad for Tom Stephens he’s been through a bunch of co hosts and this might be the worst one he’s been dealt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Don’t know why they’d separate that chemistry and in return move the start time up to 6 AM and give DB and Severe 4 hours to yell at each other but hey that’s why I don’t work in radio
  9. Severe does not get Bahe’s spot he’s in the morning with Damon Benning. Gary Sharp gets his own show.
  10. Big boy money to be on the big boy roster. No 2Way deal, no starting in the GLeague. Good for Roby.
  11. Well at least we aren't going to lose to a team of foreign high schoolers like another team from the state did last night
  12. Big offer for Hunter. Coach Hunter coming back to the state to recruit some Nebraska kids?
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