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  1. NebrasketballJake

    Seton Hall (1-0) vs. Nebraska (2-0) Game Thread

    I know it's been said plenty before but Copeland's jumper is so damn smooth
  2. NebrasketballJake

    Seton Hall (1-0) vs. Nebraska (2-0) Game Thread

    Time to make a statement and show we mean business
  3. NebrasketballJake

    2018 Gavitt Games Schedule

    Michigan out to a quick lead and forces Jay Wright to call a TO. Also good to see Michigan found another big foreigner to wear #13 and play like a prick. Get ready for the name Ignas Brazdeikis
  4. NebrasketballJake

    Is it time to start Brady?

    No it's not time to start someone who's the 3rd or 4th guy off the bench against Southeastern Louisiana. That's the simplest way to put it. Pump the brakes
  5. NebrasketballJake

    2018 Gavitt Games Schedule

    Because it's gonna end up being an ass whoopin just like the original matchup was..
  6. NebrasketballJake

    2018 Gavitt Games Schedule

    Wonder how Xavier always manages to find a big ugly white dude to park in the post.
  7. NebrasketballJake

    2018 Gavitt Games Schedule

    Really think the Big Ten will only lose to Nova and St. John's. We should finally win this event.
  8. NebrasketballJake

    HHCC Standings - End of Week 01

    69th place? Nice.
  9. NebrasketballJake

    HHCC Game #03 - vs. Seton Hall (Nov. 14, 6:30 PM CST)

    Nebrasketball 79 Blue School from the Big East 67
  10. NebrasketballJake

    Kansas Football: Dust in the Wind

    KU needs a coach with an offensive background to do anything in the Big 12.. The Lane Train just might be the answer.
  11. Exactly. Feel like the game last night and the game Sunday are being treated like exhibition games.
  12. Nebraska 87 Direction in Louisiana 67
  13. NebrasketballJake

    The Official Media Thread

    Andy Katz just put out this projected bracket which we all know doesn't matter because it's November for god's sake, but let's just say it's... Interesting
  14. Nebraska 82 MVSU 67 9 non con wins 20 total wins