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  1. Love everything about this. I’ll take any opportunity to paint KC red
  2. Cam Mack has.... Declared for the NBA Draft?! This week just keeps getting weirder and weirder
  3. A QB/bonafide winner who was a good basketball player back in HS, and a 6'7 300 pound lineman. Now that's what I call some help.
  4. He forecasted Whitt to Nebraska on the 7th. So that would be about the only hunch I have
  5. Rivals’ Eric Bossi was in town over the weekend and sat down with Hunter to talk about his recruitment
  6. Donovan appears to be well sought after one state to our south
  7. Flopping and Punching Dudes in the Nuts 79 Nebraska 72 4 players
  8. Overrated: Jim Boeheim, Archie and Sean Miller. Underrated: Ben Jacobson, Niko Medved
  9. What's it gonna take to subject young Franz to a hearty healthy dose of WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGNER like we gave Mo a couple years back.
  10. Louisville and UCONN will be in to watch Hunter tonight when Millard North plays Westside
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