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  1. Sautter’s stuff is all behind a pay wall but I’d say Nebraska is far from a sure thing with both Sallis and Hepburn. Something to see is if Coach Lewis comes back to offer either of them given he developed the initial relationships with the two of them
  2. Not on campus and won’t be until mid-late August. Won’t be on the Italy trip either
  3. Appears Jon is in town and spending some time around the team, already called us his Big Ten sleeper yesterday, now he’s tweeting from practice at PBA
  4. Some Interesting names here. No former Huskers
  5. As of now JPJ isn't on one either. Saw an extensive list of undrafted guys and where they landed, some Summit League dudes had spots and JPJ does not as of now
  6. First game in the Caymans will be the Bill Moos Bowl
  7. As someone who knows dudes who played with and against him, definitely wouldn’t call him a high character guy and I’ll stand by that.
  8. It’s almost like kids don’t just magically end up at Boys Town Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Another Big Ten offer for Young Chuck
  10. Kavas and Cheatham are finishing up their degrees from their respective schools before coming to town
  11. Anyone heard any new chatter about anyone other than Will Bolt or is he signed sealed and delivered?
  12. Listening to Gloria quite a few times this weekend. LGB!
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