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  1. If we win tomorrow night, I assume we’ll play Wednesday night in Omaha. That’d make for quite the sports week locally. Royals vs. Storm Chasers exhibition game Monday night, first NU vs. CU baseball game of the year in Omaha Tuesday night, and an NU vs. CU basketball game the next night across the street.
  2. 2/3 of this crew is Big Ten the other guy is a Big East ref. Definitely some questionable calls all around tonight
  3. I mean he had Frost’s contract details about a month before he got hired. So interpret it however you wish
  4. We have Lars Anderson’s form of confirmation
  5. He’s gotten in a few times this year, hit a step back 3 against Okie State, he’s scored a few times. I’d never heard of a redshirt walk on until he redshirted last season
  6. Well according to the smartest people on this board, neither of them give a rats ass about Husker Basketball, so it all comes down to perception I guess [emoji23]
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