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  1. I believe the direct translation is “I’m not fuckin leavin” but take that with a grain of salt
  2. Tony Bennett is a Wisconsin boy, as are the Hausers.
  3. Now these are a damn abomination. I can say at least adidas hasn’t done anything this ridiculously awful in quite some time
  4. Cip after you blessed me with those steaks and the best beef jerky I've ever tasted, I could never be mad. Stay golden and same wishes to you kind sir
  5. Hoiberg told Rothstein Armon is retained. That leaves Molinari, Doc, Hsu, for the 3rd full time assistant spot
  6. Sadly no mention of the head coach at Bradley [emoji6]
  7. Twas all an elaborate ruse from the the brilliant mind of Doctor Sadler
  8. Looks like Lutz with Abdelmassih on the left here
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