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  1. Thank you Husker fever for all your work and time and congratulations 1979 on your win.
  2. We have been through quite a few coaches in the past, but Miles has been as well liked as any of them. He represented the university and the state very well. He also seems to be very well liked by his staff and players. I know that there have been some transfers, but as we have talked before, probably no more than anywhere else. I do know that he was well loved by many fans. I would like to think that the fans and media would be as classy to Miles as he was to us. Good Luck and Thank You Coach Miles.
  3. Why would Roby come back to a team that hopefully could win 10 games. How many teams are going to be interested in a player on a team that may not win a BIG game next year. How would that improve his draft position. Right now you have no point guard, 2 shooting guards a small forward that has been hurt all year, another small forward that has had multiple knee surgeries and Roby.
  4. I knew a guy that was in college at the time and worked with the basketball team when Nee was there. He often told us that if the NCAA came around we were toast.
  5. I guess a lot of us have been through the next big hire at basketball coach, that is going to take us to the top. It seems as though every 7 years or so we go through the same thing, and maybe some of us are thinking that at Nebraska in basketball anyway 7 years isn't long enough to make the recruiting contacts as well as get the right assistant coaches. I'm not saying Miles is the answer, but it seems all we do is rinse and repeat with basketball..
  6. Well, we can say for sure that the team didn't quit on Mile's like has been mentioned before. Why Iowa didn't use their bigs more at the end of regulation and in overtime is beyond me.
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