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  1. efhutton

    Kate Cain

    Kate looks like an exceptional athlete/talent to add this late. Does anyone know how we got her to Nebraska? Special contacts, help from long distance, or just extra hustle from the coaching staff. She obviously could see the opportunity etc., but from 1200 to 1500 miles away is interesting. Thanking whoever has information in advance.
  2. Michigan 76 Huskers 72 3 players
  3. Huskers 79 Buckeyes 72 By BIG 10 tourney time, no one will be anxious to play us
  4. Huskers 82 Penn State 71 Husker rebounders 5
  5. efhutton

    WBB: Game#24 @ Wisconsin

    Many of the challenges facing the Womens BB program are in the previous posts. If Coach Williams and her staff are going to be successful and if they are good coaches, they need a huge successful effort on the recruiting front. So far Kissinger, the two transfers, and the NW Iowa young lady are all we hearing of recruits. We are about to enter the second year of recruiting for the new staff, and typically a new set of coaches need to be very successful in the first two or three years. I would feel a lot better about the WBB program if people closer to the program can give us some insight of the staffs efforts in recruiting. In previous years this site has been my only source of recruiting information.. Our WBB fan support is very strong and it needs positive information.
  6. Huskers 79 Michigan State 73
  7. efhutton

    Full Court Press

    Since the Game at Penn State last year,when our guys were just stinking up the place, I said, why don't we go full court and get some energy which will get the offense going? This year in my opinion we should be using the full court press periodically. Without the "big Guy" again, and if our 3 point shooting falters, we are in trouble. Benny and Tai pressing with their athleticism, would be fabulous and much more productive, Bakari, Andrew, Glynn, with their quickness at midcourt, and Shavon back to protect would really cause havoc with opponents. For some reason Miles resists using the Press. Give me your responses.
  8. efhutton

    TP tonight

    It is difficult to me to understand why we weren't having different approaches to the various zone defenses we were facing. We basically were passing it around the outside unill someone threw it up or dribbled into pressure. Back screens we never saw them, etc.. Also, many times when a team needs to change things up because of similar challenges the huskers faced last night, why didn't we go full court press. Seems like Benny, Tarin, TP, Tai, and SS could have done some damage. Other teams have been doing it to us when they started to see a need for change.
  9. How do we find that big center and great point guard ? We can't initiate contact. Any ideas how Miles and Company can find those potential Huskers.
  10. Huskers 65 Northwestern 49
  11. efhutton

    HHCC Game #26 - Feb 23 vs. Purdue (3:15 PM)

    Huskers 74 Boilers 61
  12. What I believe with Shields recent performance as he is one player for the future that is a difference maker. We need 6 to 8 more of them to get where we can achieve the success we want