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  1. ? I'm not that delusional. I chuckle at the notion of it though. In reality the following gif is more appropriate to my own absurd post.
  2. I have some free time today. Probably too much as you'll see in this post which will offer some absurd hypotheticals... for fun of course. ? In Hoiberg's FIRST season we win our FIRST Big Ten conference title (either regular season or tournament) while also winning our FIRST ever NCAA tournament game and upsetting our way through the rest of the bracket to winning our FIRST NCAA title.
  3. A funny Parcells tidbit. When the Jets selected Frost in the draft as a Safety and afterwards during the post-draft presser, Parcells was asked by the media why they took a gamble on someone who never played a defensive position in college? His response: "(It) is a little bit of a gamble," Parcells said following the draft. "People in the league I respect have told me, 'I don't think you can make this work.'" The hall of famer who began his coaching career at Hastings College in Nebraska joked to Frost that if they couldn't figure things out, they would both be back in Hastings soon enough. SOURCE: https://www.omaha.com/eedition/sunrise/articles/parcells-jets-drafted-frost-belichick-liked-his-intangibles/article_5216117a-8cc3-5906-ae2d-2bf01417366a.html
  4. redsteve, Firstly let me state that I'm not attacking you three (redsteve, caveman & Fastbreaker) on a personal level. I'm debating the merits of your points and concerns. Which is why I quoted the parts of the post that appears to portray Cook in an unfavorable light. And while I understand that your post as well as the other two quoted are your own personal opinions, I merely offered a counterpoint with evidence. The tricky thing as always when it comes to forum postings is it's easy to misinterpret certain passages of a post. So when I read the part where you said: "May be completely wrong, but kind of doubt Cook would take second fiddle, no matter who has ...officially... the scholarship". My interpretation led me to read that as Cook being inflexible or perhaps too strongly, dictatorial. My usage of dictator is probably a bit over-the-top and perhaps I should've used a less intrusive word to highlight my point. For that I apologize. However the original point of my post still stands. And since you clarified your point regarding that 2nd fiddle quote. It's duly noted. As was already pointed out, Cook doesn't need Ware. It appears to me that Cook is helping Williams and the basketball program by being receptive to Ware's idea of potentially playing two sports. In which case it proves that Cook is all N for the team regardless which program is giving the scholarship.
  5. @caveman The above mentioned quotes are what prompted my lengthy reply. It portrays Cook in an unflattering light. I presented some historical evidence contrary to your concerns here. Greicha was a volleyball scholarship player. Hence volleyball took precedence. So logic dictates that in Ware's case if she's a basketball scholarship player, then that'll likely take precedence. I followed that up by showing that Cook is not a dictator. He can't and won't force Ware into a situation if it's contrary to the agreement already set with Coach Williams. And as I also showed in that same post, Cook does not need Ware. She approached him. Not the other way around. He's already got his future recruits lined up through 2022. Ware is just an extra body for the practice squad. She might see some rotations in certain matches early in the season, but mostly she'll be what Cook likes to call an All-American Practice Player the same way Ally Havers was in 2017 for volleyball. If Ware was a player he really really wanted, he would've offered her early in her H.S. career. She wasn't even on his radar because there were better players he landed for 2020. At this point, none of us know what the agreement between Williams and Cook is, but whatever it is, at the very least the two coaches have an agreement that apparently works for both of them and Ware. And really that's all that matters at the end of the day. But please don't try to characterize Cook as some sort of power hungry egomaniac out to screw the basketball program. It's simply not who he is. The man loves UNL athletics. He'd be silly to risk upsetting the harmonious balance with his AD and co-workers from other sports programs.
  6. Thought I'd share this historical nugget for those of you not familiar. If you remember former Head Coach Paul Sanderford, who preceded Connie Yori at Nebraska, he and Terry Pettit were employed at Louisburg College in North Carolina in the late 70's. by Mike Babcock A bulletin advertising an opening for the head volleyball coach’s job at Nebraska had been discarded in a wastebasket in the coaches’ office at Louisburg College. Paul Sanderford, the first-year head coach of the women’s basketball team at the North Carolina junior college, retrieved the bulletin from the wastebasket and handed it to Terry Pettit, the school’s head volleyball coach.Without that assist from Sanderford, Pettit, an aspiring English teacher with a background in creative writing and poetry as well as coaching, would not have known about the opening. If he had not known about the opening, he would not have applied. And if he had not applied and been hired, the history of Husker volleyball would have been altered dramatically, because he and Husker volleyball became one and the same. SOURCE: http://www.huskers.com/pdf9/5296311.pdf?DB_OEM_ID=100
  7. Greichaly Cepero was a Pettit recruit. She was a true freshman when Pettit coached his final season at NU. She was also here on a Volleyball scholarship, so naturally that was going to take precedence to Basketball. Therefore comparing Ware's potential situation to Cepero's is moot. Cook already has his recruiting pieces in place through 2022. In other words, he has no scholarships available until then. Another thing to consider too is that Ware was never on his recruiting radar over the past few years. Otherwise Ware would've gotten an offer when she was a freshman or sophomore. Cook likes to offer them early when he can. That's his M.O. Cook's not the bad guy here. It sounds like Ware approached Cook about the possibility of playing both sports on a B-ball scholarship. Cook doesn't need her, but he'd take her on the condition that Coach Williams allowed it. Since the ESPN article already mentioned that "they've already mapped out her schedule" it's likely that both Williams and Cook already have a potential agreement in place, whatever that entails. So if Williams and Cook are okay with whatever agreement is in place for Ware, then that's all that really matters here. It's not worth tearing down one program to try to boost up the other. Cook's not a dictatorial type. Every player that has ever asked for a transfer from Nebraska volleyball to another school was allowed to leave and play without sitting out a year at their new school. Cook has said in the past that he doesn't believe in blocking a former player's scholarship if she wanted to leave for another school without having to sit for a year. Remember Briana Holman? LSU's coach blocked Holman's scholarship so that she had to sit out her first year when she transferred to Nebraska in 2015 when we won the national title. Russ Rose from Penn St. did the same thing to Jessica Yanz when she transferred to Nebraska from Penn St in 2008. Cook has never done this to a former Husker transfer. I can guarantee you Cook will not force Ware to play a full season of volleyball if she doesn't want to. That's certainly not his style. If anything, she'll be a terrific practice player for the volleyball team if she chooses to play a full season of basketball instead of volleyball.
  8. They don't have a highlight reel for his twin Charlie yet, but if/when they do I'll create a new thread for him.
  9. My brother sent this to me today. His 5 yr. old son (huge Huskers fan) made it on his computer and thought it'd be funny if the new Huskers logo for the basketball floor turned out like this instead. He thinks we should just call our basketball team Hoiskers going forward. I told him "hey there's an idea for a t-shirt." :D
  10. Playing like he's been in the NFL for years. See clip below where he blows up a Bengal at the goal line. Love seeing a homegrown Nebraska kid having success at the highest level.
  11. Quote from LJS: During the first quarter of Saturday's game, the athletic department announced that Lue’s jersey will be formally retired Feb. 2 during the Huskers’ game against Michigan State. The Cleveland Cavaliers head coach will be able to be in attendance, despite it being during the NBA season. The Cavs play Feb. 1, then are off until Feb. 4. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/sideline-chatter-nba-champion-lue-back-in-lincoln/article_ba4113cb-55e9-5ba5-97a5-7dccaea141c1.html
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