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  1. Sorry but I was not impressed at all by Teddy Allen. I'll be really surprised if he does anything at West Virginia.
  2. I was not aware of that. Thanks Dean!
  3. Speaking of traveling, did anyone else notice that when Bohannon from Iowa would inbound on BLOB's that he would travel everytime? He was moving he feet all over the place, he'd either shuffle them or slide one them trying to get the ball in. Sorry to change the subject, but that bothered me the entire night.
  4. Goodness gracious, what a win! Tough night for Evan Taylor, but I really like that kid. Played his butt off on defense all night and especially that last possession after the missed free throws. GBR! 3-0!!
  5. Unforunate, but hopefully resting it will fix it and it sounds like he should be healthy and ready to go for the first game.
  6. I loved Tai coming off the bench last year and wouldn't mind seeing it again, he'll get starters minutes though. PG: Watson SG: Gill SF: McVeigh PF: Morrow C: Jacobsen Backups- PG: Taylor SG: Webster SF: Roby PF: Horne/Fuller C: Jordy
  7. Great work by Coach Miles and Coach Hunter! AWIII will be back and we will get a graduate transfer that's a center. Things are looking up in Nebrasketball land!! GBR.
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