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  1. Does anyone know whether Rachel will be able to play more over the next couple of seasons? She obviously made some improvement over the course of the season. It still looked difficult for her to run up and down the court. Just wondering.
  2. Both Jessica and the Huskers are better off for the decision Jess made to transfer. I'm not sure she would have ever really been coachable here. Amy wanted her to post up, which Jess essentially refused to do.
  3. Definitely well deserved. In the stretch, teams were really keying on her defensively. She did a great job under a lot of pressure. She will only continue to get better.
  4. I noticed on the game notes for the shootout that the only player listed as injured is Janay. Does that mean Maddie’s back? If so, is she still limited by her ankle? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I believe that’s coach Love. I love the swim move. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks for responses! Arkansas defeated Stanford. I have no idea how good Stamford is though. Hannah is averaging 9 assists per game and Bria is averaging 4 per game - 4-5 is considered good. Overall, we’re averaging 19.5 assists per game. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Silly me - they played Samford not Stanford
  7. It’s early in the season and we haven’t face the likes of U Conn yet, but I really like this team very much. Everybody has improved. Bria is everything I expected her to be. Hannah is not only skilled but heady as well. Taylor and Kate have to be among the best freshman combos in the B1G. This team seems disciplined and they play like a team! I can’t wait to see what Nivea and Janay add to the mix. So bravo coach Williams - bravo. Finally, I wish Jessica Shepherd well, but I think the team chemistry is much better now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I've known Brian a long time and did get to meet him several times. May he rest in peace.
  9. I pretty much expect the following players to be the starters: 1 - Bria 2 - Hannah 3 - Nicea 4 - Rachel 5 - Kate With that lineup, we will play a lot like we did last year, but I believe with a little more discipline. I suspect Kate to play lower than Jessica did, which I know was something Coach was trying to get Jess to do. I suspect Janay, Taylor, and Maddie to be the first off the bench. Maddie was really starting to get it at the end of last season and was gaining some confidence. She's a very good athlete overall. I believe that Grace will play some 4 again this season, although she really sees herself as a 3. I think we will see her get some opportunities there. It just depends on how her development progresses over the summer. I think she too showed some improvement toward the end of the season. DW will play the same role she did last year. Jazz and EW will get some playing time. I suspect, like last season, Coach will design some plays to get her some open looks at 3s. I also suspect there may be times when we play pretty our fastest and most athletic players and run it up and down the court. So I'm thinking Bria, Janay, Hannah, Maddie or Taylor, and Nicea -- but that sort of thing I think would be limited to pretty specific situations. I doubt we try that at UConn, for example. I'm really, really looking forward to the season. I think Coach has done a pretty good job of starting to turn things in a different direction. We'll see how far she can take us.
  10. I agree that we're likely going to run up and down the court next season. We certainly have the players to do that. If Rachel Blackburn is totally healthy, she will be a solid presence down low. Grace is really a three, but I thought she came a long way down the stretch last season. With a year under her belt, I expect her to provide some solid minutes. Adding Janay and Bria will help the uptempo a lot. Coach loves to run and gun, but didn't have the personnel to really do that last season. I can't wait for the season to start. I think we are going to surprise some folks!
  11. It's interesting that Sam McKewon recently shared the same delusions in a recent World Herald article. Ok -- so it was a stretch to say Darrien improved significantly. She did have some good minutes down the stretch (very few). I like pretty much everything else I wrote in my original post. I'm not predicting we'll be in the top of the league by any means, but I think we are going to be better than we were this season for several reasons: 1) we will add four players to the floor who are proven scorers: Janay averaged 13 PPG her last season of play, Bria averaged 13 PPG her last season of play, and Rachel averaged 9 PPG during her freshman season, and Taylor Kissinger is plainly and simply a shooter -- Bria also averaged 4 APG 2) Janay and Bria both have Nicea like athleticism and are good on the ball defenders 3) Rachel is a very, very solid player -- whether she can hold up to the grind of a long season and the B1G is certainly a question -- which is why we need some help there -- I will acknowledge she has to work very hard in the offseason 4) Maddie has not yet lived up to her potential but showed some flashes down the stretch. I think she will continue to grow and thrive in this system. 5) I totally disagree with you on Grace Mitchell -- she's going to be very good because she's very solid fundamentally. She wasn't too sure she belonged out there at first but again started to show some flashes down the road. We have to remember she played out of position this season as well. I feel that will be the nucleus of next year's team. Jazz, RCJ, and Woody will contribute but will strictly be role players. Finally, without saying more, I believe team chemistry got a shot in the arm this week. It's easy to predict failure and fun if you're wrong. I've never taken the easy road and never will.
  12. Anyone know whether there's any chance Simone Goods comes back home to finish her college career? She had an outstanding year at Kirkwood. I don't know much about her, but Kirkwood went 37-0 and she was MVP.
  13. It's a good question. How will Rach and Derrian hold up? Grace needs to be at the wing if possible. We really need to add one more post player.
  14. It's a good question. How will Rach and Derrian hold up? Grace needs to be at the wing if possible. We really need to add one more post player.
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