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  1. Land them and keep Mack and im a happy camper
  2. do we actually think cam is the one? or is it possible it could be someone else.. like a color that rhymes with spleen
  3. SD State David Jenkins is transferring...sharp shooter, would probably fir well
  4. He has been talking about going back Rajekivic for a while now
  5. My guess for next season’s roster: Burke Allen Harris Roby Heiman Green Adams-Woods Arop Obvious who is left out here, will have to hit the transfer market hard and snag a few that are immediately eligible.
  6. He will. Might even be today. Announcement.
  7. I think it will be early next week regardless.
  8. Walton only knows whats in his dubie
  9. Im pretty sure he wouldn’t report it if it wasnt. Either way we are about to find out
  10. Bullshit. Thats a steaming hot pile of apathy if ive ever heard it.
  11. Lateral move would be a repeat of someone with same resume of the last 3 hires. Mid major- zero success in the tournament. Lets not try that again please.
  12. Really agree with this. If you are gonna make a lateral move- please dont. If you really have a bigtime hire behind the door then yes make the move.
  13. Weve been .500 since 2000, thats the only stat i need to know that this hire needs to be different.
  14. Moos has 1 job: Hire someone who has won in the NCAA tournament with a major D1 school. Thats it. Don’t screw it up.
  15. So to clarify.... Riggins was allowed under same terms to work for Frost and Cook- but not Miles? Is this fact?
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