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  1. Canadian4NU

    Charlie Creme bracketology...

    I’m feeling pretty optimistic! Looking at today’s bracketology a sweet 16 isn’t out of the question. Of course I know it will change drastically.
  2. Canadian4NU

    Ohio St. vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    My buddy’s daughter was told by Taylor, about 3 days following the injury, that she had an MCL injury and would be out 4-6 weeks. I think we are at about the 4-6 week mark now. Not sure what the purpose of the coaches telling the public that she would only be out a week was. Either way Glad to have her back!
  3. Canadian4NU

    Arkansas Pine Bluff (2-3) vs. Nebraska (4-3) Game Thread

    This was a below average team and not going to help us get ready for Big10 play. We really need a point guard. Hannah is good but we really need her as a scorer and I do not think she can do both. She is too good of a shooter to be taking a single digit number of shots per game. Things that are working for us now, against teams like today, will not work against the teams in the Big10.
  4. Canadian4NU

    Clempson (4-2) vs. Nebraska (4-2) Game Thread

    Glad to finally see Janay play! Hoping as she settles in she can give us a big lift!
  5. Canadian4NU

    Creighton - Nebraska

    Found it kind of interesting that you used the word predetermined. If you go watch the first quarter from all the games last year, you will notice that players subbed in the game in almost the same order every game. A friend of mine used the word “scripted” when describing the puzzling subbing patterns. Last year it didn’t matter how players were performing, they still subbed in the same order.
  6. Canadian4NU

    Creighton - Nebraska

    We did these same type of puzzling substitutions last year.
  7. Canadian4NU

    How much will our WBB defense improve?

    Enjoyed the game last night but I will say our defense still needs a lot of work. Also too many turnovers against a team like this. Getting Nicea back will help!
  8. Canadian4NU

    Jess Shepard

    I second that!
  9. Canadian4NU

    Jess Shepard

    The way that some of you talk negatively about Jess and the things that I heard fans yell during games to Jess is good enough reason for me to understand why she would want to leave. Calling players fat, slob, lazy etc. behind a computer screen is disappointing. We lost the best H.S. player to ever play in Nebraska and some of the "fans" are accountable for that. FYI- I saw Jess in Omaha about 6 weeks ago and she looked like she was in the best shape I've ever seen her. Some of you need to remember- SHE"S A KID!
  10. Canadian4NU

    Rachel Blackburn update?

    I saw a picture on WBB twitter in which it looked like she was sitting out of conditioning. Hard to tell though. Could have just been taking a short break.
  11. Canadian4NU

    Sam Haiby is N

    Was at a tournament with my daughter a few weeks ago and saw Haiby play. Tons of potential to be really good!
  12. Canadian4NU

    Leigha Brown is 'N'

    Looking at Leigha's other offers, Xavier, Western Michigan, IUPUI & Belmont I can see why she chose NE a few days after she was offered. Hopefully she surprises people.
  13. Canadian4NU

    State of the Program

    This was my point a week ago. WE NEED BODIES!! If we think we are going to get 4-5 high level players that are much better than RCJ this late in the game and on a team that won 7 games I think it's wishful thinking. We gotta hope we get 1 at this point! It is going to be really hard to get the level of players that we were getting 2 years ago with the program in the state that it is in. We had two players sit out for injuries this season and a large number the year before. With any injuries next year we could be in trouble. Sadly the reason we aren't hearing any news is because the players we have gone after are committing elsewhere.
  14. Canadian4NU

    State of the Program

    Coach said she "didn't know" if RCJ was going to get a scholarship next year or not. RCJ chose to leave because she felt she couldn't trust the coach anymore.
  15. Canadian4NU

    State of the Program

    I was privy to information last year when RCJ decided to follow coach. Yes she "essentially had a contract" in which she was told if she worked her way into the rotation that she would receive a scholarship. She definitely worked her way into the rotation this year and played in some very key minutes.