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  1. Well we got one big W today. GBR forever!!
  2. Some tough stretches on there, particularly at Mary and at OSU back to back in Feb.
  3. With the talent level we have currently I think she could take the team to another level most likely.
  4. She's impressive for sure, esp. for her age!
  6. Now that I look at the year ranges of others I realize our "peerness" is that we all went to Lefler. I was there from 79-82.
  7. Wow some of us here really are in the same peer group. I knew about Mr. Wall's passing since he was a member of my church- and also my former Life Science teacher. Had Mr. Dymacek and Mr. Childress also. Sorry to hear of his loss. Yeah, I missed this post altogether. Better late than never i guess.
  8. Congrats to MSU! Way to bounce back after losing the first in a not close game.
  9. I think this move will probably be for the better, esp. during the summer months when there is not a lot- or as much- Husker news to discuss.
  10. And not necessarily for the better from a fans perspective. However, there are other resources for that info, incl. KNTK 93.7FM. It will be interesting to hear the new format over time and get a feel for its entertainment and information value.
  11. Right on to everything you said here, Kendall!! Perhaps if we went to Columbia or similarly seeded team, we would be celebrating a Regional win.
  12. I think Kopps made us a little too antsy at the plate.
  13. I feared this game was setting up for this kind of an ending. Really sucks. It still has been a great season, just ending painfully.
  14. Good call. That's probably it right there.
  15. Too late in the eve. for me to think that hard that quickly.
  16. Just figured that last inning wouldn't look pretty. Spence sucks it up and gets it done. We have given Arkansas a lot and yet so far we have gotten a split on their field. What an awesone season this has been, whatever happens tomorrow. GO BIG RED!!
  17. I want to be positive but SHEESH!!!
  18. Hard to say which is worse, or if they're equally bad. Both are pretty atrocious.
  19. Obviously the way the B1G handled scheduling was counted against. A two seed that was counted last among two's and two #3 seeds. Perhaps they couldn't resist also pitting Bolt against Van Horn, but our bid esp. was a total diss. I trust the Huskers will all have their big boy pants on. But their reaction when they were announced tells it all.
  20. Way to go Red! Just excited to win the series. Wish we would have kept the shutout, but oh well. Save a couple of innings perhaps, was a really well pitched series by both teams- tournament caliber. Now we wait for Monday's announcement. Go Big Red!!
  21. Thank goodness! I hope that turns out to continue to be the case. Let's keep after them. I really like the resiliency this team continues to show.
  22. Awesome to get a win in what was really an incredible pitcher's duel. A big play here on "O" and another there on "D" makes the difference in a game like this as we saw. Let's go get the series win tomorrow. GBR!!
  23. Good seats to have your heart ripped out of you in the top of the 9th.
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