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  1. Hey guys. I'm glad we got to play you guys early. I think there's a good possibility you'll be pretty tough starting around February. Your length was a real problem for UW in the first third of the game. I hope you don't mind me saying that I really didn't like Allen getting his fourth foul and walking straight to the locker room. Maybe he had to take a bio break and I'm completely misinterpreting, but it was a bad look. He seems selfish. It was also telling that no teammate or coach tried to go over to calm him down. Anyway, that was my negative impression of that guy - he's got
  2. Oh yes, I faintly remember (and may be misremembering) a minor uproar because Ferragamo got to wear #5 which had been Hornung's retired number.
  3. Good write up. The only minor quibble I'd have is that Wahl and Reuvers (who went to the same high school, but 2 years apart) aren't quite the same skill set. Reuvers is more skilled shooter, and Wahl is more of an athlete/energizer bunny. Wahl can also guard just about any position - he's a handy guy to have, except for shooting.
  4. I live in the Twin Cities now and have for a long time. I don't think Schmidt is still around, is it? None of my cohort would say Starr led seamlessly to Favre. I remember the David Whitehurst era. Also, I have a #12 Packers jersey - but I got it when that was Lynn Dickey. Didn't the pack have a Nebraska QB once? Jerry Tagge, maybe?
  5. Great information. Bo Ryan was an early adopter of using points per possession as the key metric, going back to his D3 days at UW-Platteville. How well do you think the squad - and particularly your guards - will be able to be patient? I'm of the belief that it's much easier to dictate a slow tempo than fast, and fast teams can sometimes get frustrated with that.
  6. I have questions for you. What are your thoughts on: Transfers vs recruits (no judgment-UW plays two transfers); Teddy Allen's usage rate is high with a middling offensive rating; Dalano Banton is the most complete player on the squad; Pace is 28th fastest vs. UW 324th. (note the use of semicolons)
  7. The bad times make the breakthrough sweeter. I know from experience. I have been to Car Henge. Does that get me any 'braska cred? Does anybody spend more than 10 minutes there?
  8. Well, I'm not gonna win over 49r... It does give me a little jolt to hear our fanbase described as hyper-entitled. Cue Barry Manilow: "LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT" (note the correct usage of the full colon). A sense of humor and thick skin are wonderful things... (note the use of an ellipsis)
  9. Well, the opposite of love is indifference, not hate. I hate every B1G team to varying degrees except one whose colors are red and white and is situated in the state capitol named after a president. And is on a lakefront.... Also realize that people over 50 like me grew up with teams that sucked for decades, including our pro teams like the Packers. We appreciate where we are now. The people under about 40 have a different perspective.
  10. Kaminsky, and it's not all that close. No swipe at Happ intended as he was great for what he was, but Frank was NPOY. The second pair is harder, but you have to go Devin, who was clearly the more talented player. However, I had Jordan Taylor as my avatar for several years. As for Husker players that stood out, I don't remember many before you joined the league - Tyronn Lue, but no one else springs to mind. Petteway is the first guy I think of, though, and wasn't there a Shields with him? Also Ed Morrow because he ended up with Marquette. Sorry if my lack o
  11. Very good question. They said he was injured during the telecast against Louisville. He had been the 9th man in the early games, and doing fairly well against the inferior opponents. He did not do so well against the bigs of Marquette, however, and hasn't played a lot since. He seems like he needs to hit the weight room a bit, which is not uncommon for a freshman big. We have a second, even skinnier, freshman 7-footer from MN named Crowl who can eat 5-6 minutes, if needed. Both of those guys have bright futures, but they're playing behind experienced and talented bigs, and most opponents go sm
  12. Just FYI, there's no (2nd) d in Davison (well, no 3rd d if you count his first name) . He does have a reputation.
  13. Um, I don't know. I guess I should've added "about UW basketball" after the "ask me anything" part, but I thought it was implied...
  14. Finley. Though I should probably say Tracy Webster...
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