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  1. noahjb24

    2019 Recruiting

    Lets get him, a year of development and not like we have much else or are closing in on any other bigs.
  2. noahjb24

    2018-2019 KenPom Rankings Thread

    How in the world is UConn still down at 77th and Syracuse is 10th? System is a joke
  3. I hope the white haired guy gets fired and works at a bank for the rest of his life personally.
  4. noahjb24

    2018 CBE Classic Schedule

    Can you show us the email??? That'd be interesting
  5. noahjb24

    Next 10 Games

    If we beat seton hall this week I think we should be ranked by the next time the polls come out Monday
  6. An Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, and Wisconsin win would be a dream come true
  7. noahjb24

    The Top 25 thread

    Nebraska coming in at 15...
  8. noahjb24

    2019 SF David Roddy -> Colorado St

    Good for CSU, they're on the come-up
  9. Why do I have to come on the site and see this just to make me sad
  10. noahjb24

    The rotation this year

    I hope Nana plays well tonight, obviously we aren't in practice so its a grain of salt but idk why Miles seems not to like him much
  11. noahjb24

    There's Always This Year

    I don't think next year will be as bad as you think. If Roby stays, Thomas, Nana, and Amir get comfortable, then add Jervay and Daichon into that mix?? We get a somewhat decent big man recruit or grad transfer and we are in business.
  12. noahjb24

    2021 SG Kendall Brown

    Ty Berry, Ben Carlson, now this kid... we shooting for the fences now and I for one love it.