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  1. noahjb24

    Dedoch is N

    You're still my best friend
  2. noahjb24

    Dedoch is N

    That is from 3 point
  3. noahjb24

    Jordy Gone

    Any insight on us getting a big transfer??
  4. noahjb24

    Player First Looks

    Costello is a good shooter but more like a Nebraska high school basketball good shooter, will be a good player to have for practice. Tanner and Brady went back and forth the whole time, Brady can actually shoot a bit outside but he's just SO skinny. Neither are very developed.
  5. noahjb24

    Player First Looks

    I didn't hear anything about Roby, but since we aren't too deep barring any injuries I definitely feel this can be the team. Palmer is maybe an all-American candidate, Glynn plays back to form and Roby and Copeland do their thing... sprinkle in some Thomas allen 3's and quality Amir Harris time off the bench I feel this year is going to be so exciting. Biggest ? marks are big depth and Nana playing that 8th man role. Hoping we get a transfer big soon.
  6. noahjb24

    Player First Looks

    He mainly finished around the rim and took a few threes, not really much mid range off the dribble. He took some threes as the games got more competitive and he kind of had to carry his team, and got a little hot at one point making three in a row. His shot isn't like really bad form or anything, he jumps straight up and down which is good, and his elbow is tucked in and everything, but it looks a bit like an 8th grader shooting by how he kind of puts it on his side and over exaggerates the flip of the wrist. Think Glynn freshman year but a little more exaggerated?
  7. noahjb24

    Player First Looks

    Played pick-up basketball for over two hours tonight with Palmer, Thomas Allen, Nana, Amir Harris, Tanner Borchardt, Brady Heimann, and Costello.. Here are my thoughts in case you're as ready for the season to start as i am... 1) Palmer is best player i've ever played with. He was guarded by Nana and Amir mostly the whole time and he does not miss from 25+ feet, even contested. Not kidding he probably shot 75% from three shooting a lot for more than two hours, it was insane. 2) Amir Harris is the real deal, he will be a solid backup PG for us this year and is every single bit of 6'5. I don't feel like his handles are as recognized as they should be by the media, fans, etc. this dude had the best handles of anyone there and can finish around the rim. 3) Thomas Allen has the shot to be our starting two guard for sure, and I'm not just talking spot up threes.. Shooting off the dribble using his quickness and handles, and shooting going left or right. He was the second best player there behind Palmer. 4) Nana is just a gym rat, and I'm really rooting for him to finish his game at the college level. You can tell he wants to be a spot up shooter and he is a freak athlete, but he was the last one to leave even after all the other players left and he was just playing with our motley crew.
  8. noahjb24

    Jordy Gone

    FWIW, senior year in H.S. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=djery+baptiste+youtube&view=detail&mid=D4F111621BC45CE0158AD4F111621BC45CE0158A&FORM=VIRE
  9. noahjb24

    Jordy Gone

    If you think Heiman is a better option to play than Borchardt this year you're insane.
  10. noahjb24

    Jordy Gone

    Potential Grad Transfers we could look at: Djery Baptiste, 6'10 C from Vanderbilt.. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/_/id/3911624/djery-baptiste about it
  11. noahjb24

    Jordy Gone

  12. noahjb24

    What type of kid should we recruit?

    I like winning recruits like Glynn Watson, Thomas Allen, etc. Crafty guards with national recognition that we win over big schools and give us some offseason hype and can contribute right away there freshman year some.
  13. noahjb24

    2018-19 Roster Player Rankings

    Karrington and Dachon much too low
  14. noahjb24

    18-19 depth

    I like Amir Harris already, feel like he could show serious flashes of Tai.
  15. noahjb24

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Lets goooooo. I would LOVE to keep a Brewster connection.