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  1. Derrick will probably play quite a bit since Yvan won't be and we are so thin down low.
  2. Got mine! Lets pack the house everybody they are literally free. Maybe make it a great place for recruits to visit.
  3. I know that Kevin Cross and Jervay are here. I think Derrick Walker and Dalano Banton are too.
  4. Seems strange to me we are going after so many wings/guards for 2020 when we have two signed up and Samari only a freshman this year. Assuming Thor leaves we have one schollie for next year open and that needs to be a big man like Dainja hopefully
  5. Hoiberg's team would win by a lot against the starting lineup of Tom, Dachon, Jervay, Nana and Brady.
  6. Anyone know where I can get this jacket Fred is wearing?
  7. The real reason they let Thor stay and Amir leave isn't that difficult. Amir has 3 years left for Fred to have to commit to while Thor there is already wind of maybe leaving to go play internationally this year, let alone the year after.
  8. Cam, Jervay, Dachon, and Shamiel already secured for 2/3 years would be insane.
  9. If we land Jayce and Shamiel on top of securing Jervay, and Mack/Cheatham/and Kevas, not too worried about the other two, I am giddy as a school girl.
  10. Something to keep an eye out for
  11. Keep these coming, i like them. @Gmaw
  12. BIggest thing to me about this kid is where his work ethic is at. If he's disciplined and will come in and work and get his conditioning and weight room stuff figured out he could be a force.
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