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  1. One thing that will make it easier, is when you can start your recruiting pitch with the phrase "You remind me of my old player.. (Jimmy Butler, Zach Lavine, Lauri Markkaken, etc.)
  2. You wanna win, put Stello in
  3. This is kind of random but I'm feeling pretty nostalgic with the game yesterday and such. For the game Wednesday what if we had a watch party at Buffalo Wings and Rings downtown or the one on 68th & O? Could get a bunch of husker fans wearing red, send a picture over to Tim, and get it nice and loud with cheers in there?? Send some good karma to our boys.
  4. Except of course that Xavier was committed already, so the mention of Zion really makes zero sense.
  5. Honestly, I agree. If Moos has a guy already lined up that is going to be huge (Hoiberg, Woj, etc.) then sure go with it, but if not keep Tim. If you think about it, he should have made the tournament 3 times in 7 years. 1 in 2014, 2 last year when we got screwed out of our minds (13-5 seriously), and 3rd this year had the AD given him a reasonable extension and Kenya/Xavier stayed.
  6. I've heard that we've reached out to 4-5 guys and we won't go for a mid major coach until they all tell us no. If i had to guess who they were i'd say... Hoiberg Altman Matta Ed Cooley? Steve Alford?
  7. This thread is only for news/rumors/ideas etc. for the new coach if we need one. Not for criticism of the current coach.
  8. I chose my words carefully as not to say something that'd seem like a funeral. "Thanks for all the work you do" (not did), and "We Love You Tim"
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