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    khoock got a reaction from jayschool in OT: NBA Restart   
    From there, I prefer the World Cup Knockout Round format for the quarters. With this, you preset the quarter finals and let the chips fall where they may.
    G1 Winner v. G2 Runnerup
    G4 Winner v. G3 Runnerup
    G3 Winner v. G4 Runnerup
    G2 Winner v. G1 Runnerup
    For example, lets say the group stage goes chalk (which obviously wouldnt really happen), here are your quarterfinal matchups:
    - Bucks v. Jazz
    - Clippers v. Nuggets
    - Raptors v. Celtics
    - Lakers v. Heat
    Alright, thats all i got. Hopefully you enjoyed my posts. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas. I love talking NBA!!!
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    khoock got a reaction from jayschool in OT: NBA Restart   
    The NBA's plan for a restart should be getting announced within the next week (NHL just released theirs). I wanted to share my favorite restart template and invite the boards avid NBA fans to to share their thoughts.
    Here is my favorite template:
    - Do not restart regular season or attempt to finish any games from regular season
    - Take the top 20 teams and rank them 1-20 based off of what the record was when the hiatus began. These 20 teams advance to the post season. Twenty teams makes it so the teams that were just outside the playoffs but still in the hunt are included (since they wont get a chance bc of the last 20ish regular season games are being canceled). This also means the bottom ten teams can focus on the off season since they had no realistic chance of making the playoffs anyway
    - From here take your top 20 teams, once again ranked from 1-20 based off record at date of hiatus, and snake draft them into four groups of five teams each. Conference affiliation will be disregarded
    - The playoffs will begin with group play. Each team will play every team in their group twice (8 games total for every team)
    - The top two teams from each group, based off of group play record, move on to what would be the quarterfinals. The remaining three teams from each group are eliminated
    - Quarters, semis, and finals would all be best of 7
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    khoock reacted to The Polish Rifle in Think Yvan as slimmed   
    @GATA has you covered up above. Yvan definitely has added some BOUNCE. 
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    khoock reacted to 49r in Think Yvan as slimmed   
    @GATA posted the tweet upthread  ^^^
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    khoock got a reaction from Red Don in Fast forward a year   
    HCFH has adamantly stated that he will start the five most skilled players and work from there. And he has backed that up by playing games with no one taller than 6'7. 
    Thats just something to keep in mind. If Eduardo Andre is starting from day one that means we got an absolute steal in the 2020 recruiting class imo.
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    khoock got a reaction from dustystehl in Fast forward a year   
    Im rolling with:
    Kobe Webster
    Dalano Banton
    Teddy Allen
    Shamiel Stevenson
    Yvan Ouedraogo 
    Thorir Thorbjarnarson 
    Derrick Walker
    Lat Mayen
    Eduardo Andre
    Akol Arop
    Will adjust as/if sit-out guys become eligible.
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    khoock reacted to Norm Peterson in Fast forward a year   
    I don't know shinola about the players who haven't suited up for us yet, except for the well-informed gossip on this board. And if that's all I have to go on, and assuming we have 3 sit-out transfers, I think I'm going to agree with what @khoock just said above about Arop, Mayen and Andre having the least chance of starting (or being in the rotation, frankly.)
    So, starters ...
    Banton (too much smoke around his name to doubt there's fire there)
    Webster (someone has to be your primary ball handler and with Mack gone ...)
    Allen (he got his 4th star for good reason: the kid is a baller who can score at 3 levels)
    Thor (there might be a lock down in Iceland, but Thor can find a basketball hoop and launch 1,000 treys a day if he wants; he'll be ready)
    Walker (I'm going with Derrick over Yvan because of athleticism and rumors about his developing offensive game)
    That's just a wild-ass guess.
    After that, I've got:
    Shamiel (is our 6th man)
    Yvan (gives us good rebounding presence in a reserve role)
    Wait, there aren't a lot of guards to bring in off the bench if we don't get at least Kobe King cleared. So ... Lat Mayen because he can hit threes?
    Having said all of this, probably Lat Mayen comes in, takes the world by storm, has us all saying "who the hell is this guy and how did he fall into our laps?" and gives us 13 and 8. OK, probably not, but ya never know.
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    khoock reacted to Navin R. Johnson in OT Baseball   
    It was put in place a few years ago to make the game more competitive.  It really didn't work and it continued to be a game to get everyone an at bat and the stars were in and out of the shower by the 6th inning.  Doubt Pete Rose likes the All Star game very much today.
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    khoock reacted to Klas3131 in OT Baseball   
    They stopped doing the winner of the All-Star game giving that league home field advantage in the World Series several years ago....
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    khoock reacted to Blackshirt83 in Burke Gone!   
    Burke is done as far as college goes. He signed with an agent.
    Most likely he's not really looking at actually being an NBA draft candidate, he's looking to garner interest for the international scouts. Meaning he decided it's better to go overseas and make money now than spend a year in a small conference where he isn't likely to improve his value by much anyway. 
    Frankly, he's probably not wrong.
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    khoock got a reaction from basketballjones in OT: Omaha's Finest   
    Looks like a bunch of former college players from the Omaha area are putting together a team for the TBT basketball tournament. Its a 64- team single elimination tourney. Played 5 on 5 for a 2 million winner take all prize. They will be playing under the team name, "Omaha's Finest".
    Here is the official 10-man roster:
    - CJ Carter (Omaha Benson/UNO)
    - Tra-Deon Hollins (Omaha Central/UNO)
    - Nick Billingsley (Omaha Central/UTSA)
    - Dylan Travis (Omaha Gross/Florida Southern College)
    - KJ Scott (Omaha Central/Texas Southern)
    - Tyrone Criswell (Omaha Benson/Neveda)
    - Greg Smith (Ralston/Colorado State)
    - Tre'Shawn Thurman (Omaha Central/UNO-Neveda)
    - Akoy Agau (Omaha Central/Lousiville-Georgetown-SMU)
    - Justin Patton (Omaha North/Creighton)
    Most of these names are probably familiar to you if you follow high school hoops. Dylan Travis won a D2 national title in college and Greg Smith played under Tim Miles.
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    khoock reacted to TheKamdyMan in 2021 PF Gabe Wiznitzer   
    Reclassifying has been a thing for quite awhile. I think we are hearing about it more because of the kids we are in on being possible options for it. 
     Still doubt you see many guys redshirting. 
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    khoock reacted to AuroranHusker in OT: Omaha's Finest   
    Yeah, it's an intriguing idea (to me). I would love to speculate on teams from my hometown, as well... That's all I meant: the possibilities are, really, endless.
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    khoock reacted to 49r in OT: Omaha's Finest   
    Roby, Shields, Petteway and Palmer all on the same team?  Yes, please!
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    khoock reacted to AuroranHusker in OT: Omaha's Finest   
    Intriguing idea.... Omaha has pumped out a lot of very, very good players over a long period of time.
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    khoock got a reaction from NebrasketballJake in 2021 C Adama Sanogo   
    I think that information will suffice.
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    khoock got a reaction from Norm Peterson in 2021 C Adama Sanogo   
    I think that information will suffice.
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    khoock reacted to Norm Peterson in 2021 C Adama Sanogo   
    Sorry, man. Premium content.
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    khoock reacted to Norm Peterson in 2021 C Adama Sanogo   
    One local sports reporter is apparently advancing the theory that another local sports reporter's recent coverage of Nebraska basketball (was used for negative recruiting purposes and) sabotaged our chances with Mr. Sanogo.
    Here's a hint:
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    khoock got a reaction from OmahaHusker in OT: Omaha's Finest   
    I think its a very solid group. Probably too small on the wing to have a legitimate shot (TC, KJ, and Billingsley are only about 6'4).
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    khoock reacted to TheKamdyMan in 2021 C Adama Sanogo   
    wilhelm Breidenbach decided to stick with his original class of 2021.
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    khoock got a reaction from Nebrasketball1979 in 2021 C Adama Sanogo   
    On the Half Court Press Podcast, Heady said the article was in response to fans who had been emailing him to express how badly we need Adama Sanogo and how he would help immensly in turning around our rebounding defecit. He also said that Sanogo would be a nice piece but he is not the "missing" piece and that the staff feels they have addressed their rebounding needs by bringing in B1G bodies on the wing and having Lat and Derrick Walker in addition to an older Yvan Ouedraogo. FWIW.
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    khoock reacted to Red Don in Fast forward a year   
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    khoock got a reaction from jayschool in Fast forward a year   
    Adama Sanago's decision and Kobe King's eligibility seem to be the only two things we are waiting on. With the roster as is here is my guess:
    PG: K. Webster --> D. Banton
    W: D. Banton --> T. Thorbjarnarson
    W: T. Allen --> T. Thorbjarnarson
    W: S. Stevenson --> L. Mayen --> A. Arop
    F: Y. Ouedraogo --> D. Walker
    My ideal scenario is we land Sanago and King is eligible. In this case, I really hope we could redshirt Arop. I think it is the smart move for both Arop and the coaching staff. For Arop, he gets a full year to develop his game while still staying close to home. He also creates another year of separation between Shamiel, Lat, Walker, and Ouedraogo (this increases his chance of playing time as an upperclassmen). If worst comes to worst he can transfer the following year, likely without having to sit out a year, giving him three years to play at wherever he lands immediately. That also gives HCFH and Co. a year to another year to evaluate Arop and see if he is approaching the potential they see in him. Everybody wins!!!!
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    khoock reacted to thrasher31 in Fast forward a year   
    I started thinking that back half of the regular season
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