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  1. 26 minutes ago, OmahaHusker said:


    We'd have to take off players under NBA contracts, right? So Roby would be out. 



    Not sure how that works. Some lower tier NBA players did it last year. But they could have just finished a contract and not yet signed a new one for the following season. Not sure how the logistics work.

  2. 11 hours ago, AuroranHusker said:

    Intriguing idea.... Omaha has pumped out a lot of very, very good players over a long period of time.

    Just to be clear, it is more than an idea. The 10 players from above are the official Omaha's Finest roster and are entered in the TBT. Not sure if there are qualifying games or if they just automatically start in the field of 64. Have heard that they are in the Wichita region but nothing confirmed. 


    I hope this continues in future years as this is the next best thing unless a Husker Alum team ever gets put together....


    Which leads me to my next talking point in this thread: Whats your 10-man roster for a Husker Alum team in the TBT? This isnt a super team, remember its 2020 so age and physical condition should be a factor. Also consider real life events (i.e. Andrew White prob wouldnt be a part of the this team given the circumstances of his departure).

  3. 1 hour ago, Navin R. Johnson said:

    Who is the shooter in the group?  Travis maybe, don't remember him very well.  Scott was an okay shooter if I remember correctly.

    Dylan Travis was a 37% shooter from deep in college. KJ, Nick Billingsley, and Greg Smith were all at that 34-35% range. Everyone else was 30% or below sans Patton who was a 55% shooter from deep on a very small 3PA per game.


    Not a good shooting bunch. Unless they have improved during their post-college careers.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Norm Peterson said:

    One local sports reporter is apparently advancing the theory that another local sports reporter's recent coverage of Nebraska basketball (was used for negative recruiting purposes and) sabotaged our chances with Mr. Sanogo.


    Here's a hint:


    Well we know the local sports reporter being accused is Chris Heady. Care to share who the other local sports reporter is?

  5. Looks like a bunch of former college players from the Omaha area are putting together a team for the TBT basketball tournament. Its a 64- team single elimination tourney. Played 5 on 5 for a 2 million winner take all prize. They will be playing under the team name, "Omaha's Finest".


    Here is the official 10-man roster:

    - CJ Carter (Omaha Benson/UNO)

    - Tra-Deon Hollins (Omaha Central/UNO)

    - Nick Billingsley (Omaha Central/UTSA)

    - Dylan Travis (Omaha Gross/Florida Southern College)

    - KJ Scott (Omaha Central/Texas Southern)

    - Tyrone Criswell (Omaha Benson/Neveda)

    - Greg Smith (Ralston/Colorado State)

    - Tre'Shawn Thurman (Omaha Central/UNO-Neveda)

    - Akoy Agau (Omaha Central/Lousiville-Georgetown-SMU)

    - Justin Patton (Omaha North/Creighton)


    Most of these names are probably familiar to you if you follow high school hoops. Dylan Travis won a D2 national title in college and Greg Smith played under Tim Miles.





  6. Hoiberg feels really good about what we have. Sanogo would have been a great addition no doubt. But our rebounding will improve with some combination of Walker, Ouedraogo, and Mayen. Also we will be much more physically imposing on the wing with Teddy, Shamiel, and Kobe King compared to Haanif, Jervay, and Dachon.


    Wasnt there another big mentioned? Cool name, possibly reclassify to 2020

  7. 20 minutes ago, Norm Peterson said:


    Calling Sanogo a "nice piece" is a little bit damning with faint praise. He's more than a "nice piece." He's a top 50 player and we've never recruited one of those out of HS since the founding of Rivals.  I wouldn't call him the "missing piece" either, because that implies we're set everywhere else. We're not. And he might not be a guy who can step out and nail the 3. But he's strong and long inside, with some solid athleticism for his size, and some ability to catch and finish. He's not as raw as Yvan offensively. And I think he's more explosive. I would see him as being our Day 1 starter. That's a lot more than just being a "nice piece." That's a player who could put a couple of Ls in the W column.

    Dont shoot the messenger 

  8. 2 hours ago, Nebrasketball1979 said:


    I really hope we land him but I'm not as optimistic as I was several weeks ago.  It feels like every team's fan base in his final six all feel confident that Sanogo will land at their school.  Yesterday the OWH put out the article below.  The timing of the article seems ironic considering what Hoiberg said today.  Myabe I'm reading too much into it but I wonder if Heady has some inside information and that Sanogo is likely going to land elsewhere.  If we find out next week that is the case, Heady looks pretty smart and can point to the article he just wrote about why we don't need a big man in Hoiberg's system - which, I actually agree with.  Anyways, I hope I'm wrong as this kid seems like the unique big that runs the court in a way that would be very conducive to Hoiberg's system.



    On the Half Court Press Podcast, Heady said the article was in response to fans who had been emailing him to express how badly we need Adama Sanogo and how he would help immensly in turning around our rebounding defecit. He also said that Sanogo would be a nice piece but he is not the "missing" piece and that the staff feels they have addressed their rebounding needs by bringing in B1G bodies on the wing and having Lat and Derrick Walker in addition to an older Yvan Ouedraogo. FWIW.

  9. 2 hours ago, Art Vandalay said:

    Theythink they have a good case for McGowins also, so we are waiting on that. I do like your point that if they allow a one time transfer it could lead to some kids to redshirt so they don’t have to save it to avoid losing a year.

    I think after about two or three years of the new rule, rosters will be more stable than they currently are.

  10. Adama Sanago's decision and Kobe King's eligibility seem to be the only two things we are waiting on. With the roster as is here is my guess:


    PG: K. Webster --> D. Banton

    W: D. Banton --> T. Thorbjarnarson

    W: T. Allen --> T. Thorbjarnarson

    W: S. Stevenson --> L. Mayen --> A. Arop

    F: Y. Ouedraogo --> D. Walker


    My ideal scenario is we land Sanago and King is eligible. In this case, I really hope we could redshirt Arop. I think it is the smart move for both Arop and the coaching staff. For Arop, he gets a full year to develop his game while still staying close to home. He also creates another year of separation between Shamiel, Lat, Walker, and Ouedraogo (this increases his chance of playing time as an upperclassmen). If worst comes to worst he can transfer the following year, likely without having to sit out a year, giving him three years to play at wherever he lands immediately. That also gives HCFH and Co. a year to another year to evaluate Arop and see if he is approaching the potential they see in him. Everybody wins!!!!

  11. On 4/21/2020 at 8:32 PM, GoBigFred said:

    Bumping this. I took a lot of grief for saying Cross would probably leave...

    I assumed he would be gone once we got a better idea of who we were bringing in and what their talents were. Not saying he couldn't have earned playing time for the 2020-21 (bc we all saw his flashes and future potential) but he definitely wasn't going to be gifted 20 MPG like he was this year. And imo, he wouldnt have played over Shamiel and Lat. 


    Best of luck to him. Im interested to see where he lands!

  12. 6 hours ago, Bugeaters1 said:

    Plenty of posters on here literally chalked it up to just your typical attrition in bball and nothing more.


    Plus she doesnt owe any media person anything. Theres nothing to suggest that shes doing anything other than being professional and mature about her situation.


    You are giving off a huge douchey "im right and all of you are wrong" vibe in regards to this topic, when its not really warranted.

  13. 11 minutes ago, hhcmatt said:


    I'd wager Walker plays more minutes than Sanogo

    I tend to agree bc big guys tend to take longer to be ready and Fred prefers skill over size. Which is why I dont see how we would be in the lead for Sanogo as a '20 recruit (but dont get me wrong, im not complaining as he seems to be very talented). I just cant think of a scenario where Derrick Walker, Yvan Ouedraogo, and Adama Sanogo are all three on the roster AND all three part of the rotation.


    I think its pretty well accepted that HCFH is typically gonna roll with 8 guys. Cant see 3/8 of the rotation taken by guys who will play the same position and rarely, if ever, be on the court together.


    Sanogo picking us as a '21 recruit makes much more sense to me, as Ouedraogo (Jr.) and Walker (Sr.) would both be upperclassmen. 


    The only other thing I can think of (which to me is unlikely especiallyafter Matt A's interview) is if they have plans of a Walker/Ouedraogo/Sanogo front court pairing. That would be unprecedented size for a Hoiberg team, but maybe a necessary adjustment to compete in the B1G (who knows? Not me lol).


  14. 1 minute ago, thrasher31 said:

    I can also see Walker grad transferring after the year, but that's WAY too far in the future. I'm sure Fred has a plan for all 3. 

    Has crossed my mind a time or two. But yes, definitely way too far in the future.


    I keep thinking Walker has a history of injury problems. Do you or anyone else know if that is correct? I know he missed the Italy trip bc of one but am not familiar enough with his time at Tennessee. It just sounds familiar, like something I had heard/read before.

  15. If we land Adama Sanogo, I really question what role Derrick Walker will play on the team next year. 


    Yvan Ouedraogo is definitely part of the plan moving forward (right?) and I cant see Sanogo coming here to sit on the bench.


    Would Derrick Walker be able to play the four, which in HCFH's offense is essentially another wing? Nothing I have seen or read about him in indicates to me that he can. But then who knows how he has improved his skill set during his sit out year.


    Cant wait to see how it all shakes out!

  16. 7 minutes ago, hhcmatt said:


    This would imply that Cross and Arop are gone.  Note this has not actually happened yet.

    But is Arop really considered as in the rotation. He played vary sparingly throughout the season and his role only increased out of necessity (Kavas injury, Burke and Mack suspension).


    Could Rothstein just have overlooked them and accidentally forgot?


    I know Im probably taking his wording too literal, but just a thought.

  17. 12 minutes ago, hhcmatt said:



    So this tweet implies that Kevin Cross is transferring, as he played every single game this season and was clearly "in Nebraska's rotation".


    Would you include Charlie Easley or Akol Arop as "in Nebraska's rotation"? Easley was definitely in the rotation for over half of the season. Easley started a few games and played more than Arop in both game appearances and MPG.

  18. 19 hours ago, thrasher31 said:

    Looks like next year


    A couple questions maybe someone on here can answer:


    1. When the rule is enacted, does anyone know if it is a completely fresh start for everyone? For example, if you have already transferred and sat out your year, would you now be able to use your one time transfer w/ immediate eligibility? 

    2. Does this impact the grad transfer rule? Is it just one a one time transfer with immediate eligibility and thats it regardless of your academic status? Or could you, theoretically, use this one-time transfer w/ immediate eligibility and later down the road still be a graduate transfer? 

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