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  1. Looks like the NBA has zeroed in on the template they would like to use to restart there season. This will be voted on by team owners tomorrow and is expected to pass.


    They will be bringing back 22 teams. All 16 teams currently in the playoff field plus any team that is within 6 games of the eight seed. That equates to one team from the East (Washington Wizards) and five teams from the West (New Orleans Pelicans, Portland Trailblazers, Sacramento Kings, San Antonio Spurs, and Pheonix Suns).


    All 22 teams will play 8 regular season games. The conclusion of those games will finalize the 1-7 seeds in both conferences. If the 8 seed is 3.5 games or more ahead of the 9 seed than their berth is secured. However, if the 9 seed is within 3 games of the 8, a play-in series will be conducted. With the play-in tournament it is double elimination for the 8 seed and single elimination for the 9 seed. 


    Very inclusive/creative idea as they are definitely trying give bubble teams opportunity to make up for the loss of the last 20ish regular season games. I fear they are doing too much, given the fragile state we are on with the pandemic. We shall see how it plays out.

  2. The general managers voted on the restart model and prefered a play-in round over group stages (75%-25%). This shouldnt really be a shocker as GMs have more of a stake in how the team performs. If im the Bucks, Lakers, or any other high seed obviously I want to play the Magic-Grizzilies in the first round and only them compared to being grouped with four other teams of ranging ability.


    The owners vote will prob be based more on whichever model will be more lucrative for them.

  3. If we take the six schollie guys who were on the roster last year against the six that could be suiting up for us this year? Trevor Lakes is not included as he has no intentions of getting a waiver for immediate eligibility.


    Red Team: Akol Arop, Yvan Ourdraogo, Thorir Thorbjarnarson, Derrick Walker, Shamiel Stevenson, Dalano Banton


    White Team: Kobe Webster, Kobe King, Trey McGowens, Teddy Allen, Lat Mayen, Eduardo Andre

  4. 1 hour ago, Handy Johnson said:

    Let’s just have the Bucks play the Lakers in a traditional 2-3-2 format & call it “good”!

    No way. I have to completely disagree. After four years of LeBron-Warriors im overly excited for an NBA Playoffs with multiple contenders. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, 49r said:

    so...just about a month to do this?

    Im hearing July 21st-ish for the start of games and, early on, NBA officials have said they would like to be finishing up the week of labor day (if thats since changed idk).


    Since you are completley eliminating travel, im sure the games will be more condensed. Which means teams are probably playing every other day. Maybe even some back to backs.

  6. From there, I prefer the World Cup Knockout Round format for the quarters. With this, you preset the quarter finals and let the chips fall where they may.


    G1 Winner v. G2 Runnerup

    G4 Winner v. G3 Runnerup


    G3 Winner v. G4 Runnerup

    G2 Winner v. G1 Runnerup


    For example, lets say the group stage goes chalk (which obviously wouldnt really happen), here are your quarterfinal matchups:

    - Bucks v. Jazz

    - Clippers v. Nuggets

    - Raptors v. Celtics

    - Lakers v. Heat


    Alright, thats all i got. Hopefully you enjoyed my posts. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas. I love talking NBA!!!

  7. Here is how it would look:

    1. Milwaukee Bucks

    2. LA Lakers

    3. Toronto Raptors

    4. LA Clippers

    5. Boston Celtics

    6. Denver Nuggets

    7. Utah Jazz

    8. Miami Heat

    9. OKC Thunder

    10. Houston Rockets

    11. Indiana Pacers

    12. Philadelphia 76ers

    13. Dallas Mavericks

    14. Memphis Grizzlies

    15. Brooklyn Nets

    16. Orlando Magic

    17. Portland Trailblazers 

    18. Sacramento Kings

    19. New Orleans Pelicans

    20. San Antonio Spurs


    G1: Bucks, Heat, Thunder, Magic, Blazers

    G2: Lakers, Jazz, Rockets, Nets, Kings

    G3: Raptors, Nuggets, Pacers, Grizzlies, Pelicans

    G4: Clippers, Celtics, 76ers, Mavericks, Spurs


    Each group plays double round robin within their group. Top two teams from each group advance to the the quarters.

  8. Once you have your particpants for the quarterfinals, you have two options on how to conduct them:


    1. Reseed the quarterfinals. The top two teams each group get seeded based off of their regular season records. The playoffs continue from there. This ensures that the #1 seed still has an advantage earned from being the #1 seed, which is an easier path.


    2. Soccer style quarterfinals. Have preset quarter final matchups regardless of how group play turns out. Ex --> Group 1 winner v. Group 4 runner up. 


    Option 1 has the best odds of ensuring that the NBA finals is a matchup of the top two teams, regardless of whatever crazy upsets happen in group play. This is probably what they want in order to maximize ratings and revenue.


    Option 2 allows for more of a Cinderella run as its possible an unlikely team wins its group and paired against a lesser second place in a predetermined matchup. Resulting in one of those two teams advancing all the way to the semis atleast.



    The NBA's plan for a restart should be getting announced within the next week (NHL just released theirs). I wanted to share my favorite restart template and invite the boards avid NBA fans to to share their thoughts.


    Here is my favorite template:

    - Do not restart regular season or attempt to finish any games from regular season

    - Take the top 20 teams and rank them 1-20 based off of what the record was when the hiatus began. These 20 teams advance to the post season. Twenty teams makes it so the teams that were just outside the playoffs but still in the hunt are included (since they wont get a chance bc of the last 20ish regular season games are being canceled). This also means the bottom ten teams can focus on the off season since they had no realistic chance of making the playoffs anyway

    - From here take your top 20 teams, once again ranked from 1-20 based off record at date of hiatus, and snake draft them into four groups of five teams each. Conference affiliation will be disregarded

    - The playoffs will begin with group play. Each team will play every team in their group twice (8 games total for every team)

    - The top two teams from each group, based off of group play record, move on to what would be the quarterfinals. The remaining three teams from each group are eliminated

    - Quarters, semis, and finals would all be best of 7

  10. 1 hour ago, busticket said:

    Also, I am now in the camp of Yvan is 6’7” ish.  Gotta defer to the guys who have seen them up close.

    I believe when Yvan popped up on HCFHs radar he was being touted as 6'7 and then magically jumped to 6'9 in a very short period of time. Everybody seemed to be okay with it bc he had just turned 17 so he was very young. Plus our fanbase craves that elusive big man so 6'9 sounds much better than 6'7.



  11. Will never happen, but with COVID-19 and the fear of spreading through travel now would be the perfect time to scrap these ridiculous conferences and go back to ones based solely off of geography.


    Imagine this:

    - Nebraska

    - Iowa

    - Iowa State

    - Kansas

    - Kansas St

    - Missouri

    - Colorado 

    - Oklahoma

    - Oklahoma St


    Everyone is fairly close and you get to play every team in your conference every single year. Im 24yo btw, not just some old head.

  12. 28 minutes ago, huskerrandy said:

    Sorry, Andre starts day one unless someone else shows they can block shots and not bobble the ball at the rim.

    HCFH has adamantly stated that he will start the five most skilled players and work from there. And he has backed that up by playing games with no one taller than 6'7. 


    Thats just something to keep in mind. If Eduardo Andre is starting from day one that means we got an absolute steal in the 2020 recruiting class imo.

  13. *Without Kobe King

    PG: K. Webster - D. Banton

    W: D. Banton - T. Thorbjarnarson 

    W: T. Allen - T. Thorbjarnarson 

    W: S. Stevenson - L. Mayen - A. Arop

    F: Y. Ouedraogo - D. Walker - E. Andre


    *With Kobe King

    PG: D. Banton - K. Webster

    W: K. King - T. Thorbjarnarson 

    W: T. Allen - T. Thorbjarnarson 

    W: S. Stevenson - L. Mayen - A. Arop

    F: Y. Ouedraogo - D. Walker - E. Andre

  14. I think Akol Arop, Lat Mayen, and Eduardo Andre have the least chance at starting. This whole pandemic thing is really going to benefit the more experienced, veteran players aside from the uber talented recruits.


    Yvan Ouedraogo and Thorir Thorbjarnarson both have atleast a years worth of experience under HCFH and playing B1G ball

    Dalano Banton, Shamiel Stevenson, and Derrick Walker all have a year under with HCFH and are experienced collegiate athletes

    Kobe Webster has a lot of experience and is clearly intelligent (or at the very least studious) since he graduated in 3 years 

    Teddy Allen is a hooper. That is that.

    Kobe King, if eligible, is experienced not only in high major bball but also in the B1G


    Assuming all summer bball workouts and conditioning sessions get wiped out (will they be made up?) veteran/experienced players will have a upper hand come opening tip imo.

  15. Not a fan of MLB or baseball in general really. However, I always found the DH rule to be fascinating. I also am a fan of how they use the all-star game to dictate home field advantage in the World Series. The all star game outcome in MLB has the biggest impact since you are essentially playing for home field and house rules.


    I also like how they are considering temporarily grouping teams bc region, regardless of the league.


    But I will be mainly following in hopes the NBA is able to gather info on how to properly restart and finish the season (playoffs).

  16. 32 minutes ago, HuskerFever said:


    I just don't see schools forking over $1.2M for a scrimmage that doesn't count towards a 'W' in the win column. Especially when even some P5 schools are already getting PPP loans from the government.

    The payment would definitely have to be adjusted if it were to happen

  17. 43 minutes ago, aphilso1 said:

    As for Eduardo, I saw someone comment that they thought he was a potential redshirt candidate.  That doesn't seem to be the case though.  Fred clearly was pushing hard to get another big for this year, which tells me he sees that as an immediate need.  

    I really hope this means we can RS Akol Arop. I think it would benefit both Arop and the coaching staff. No inside info here, just my hope.


    Anyways, congrats to Eduardo Andre! Excited to see how he fits in with Yvan, Lat, and Derrick.

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